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THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Recaps — Phyllis Confronted Billy!

A lot can happen in a day in Genoa City, so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

Phyllis continued to argue with her daughter over Summer’s threat to tell Billy about her tryst with Nick. As the fight escalated, the two dredged up their complicated mother-daughter history. Finally fed up and furious, Phyllis slapped the young vixen! Summer vowed to retaliate by getting Billy into her bed! No fool, Phyllis tricked Sum- mer into thinking that Billy was waiting for her on JaBoat. While her wild child raced off, Phyllis confronted Billy over whether he was attracted to Summer. Billy insisted that he had no interest in the younger woman, but admitted to keeping her advances a secret. Sensing he’d lost his sweetheart’s trust, Billy offered to move out. Instead, Phyllis suggested they both move into the Abbott mansion, which only served to annoy Abby, Ashley and Kyle!

Is Lily Going to Jail?

Lily braced herself for the sentencing hearing, admitting to Abby that she was afraid that she’d never survive prison! Disturbed, Abby and Nate joined forces in an attempt to convince Devon to speak to the judge on his sister’s behalf. Alas, their efforts infuriated Devon even more, with him vowing to ask the judge to throw the book at Lily! But despite his outward show of anger, the billionaire began to question whether he should soften his stance against his sister.

The Young and The Restless Rey Sharon

“Wait, you don’t want to play ‘Handyman and Cafe Owner,’ do you?” (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

In Other News…

Nikki worried that the J.T. situation was getting to Victoria. She enlisted Nate’s help, confessing that Victoria had been physically abused by her ex. Not surprisingly, Victoria refused their help, but her stress level continued to rise when Paul questioned her again about her missing ex. When Victoria started lashing out at everyone, Nikki quizzed her daughter, who admitted that she’d quit seeing her therapist! Across town, Mariah fretted about Tessa’s absence, which had Sharon warning her that the singer might have dumped her! Meanwhile, Abby was shocked when she learned that the new hunk in town was Arturo’s brother, Rey. When Rey attempted to reconnect with his brother, he got nothing but the cold shoulder from Arturo, who later explained to Abby that they had a “complicated” history. Later, Victoria and Nikki became suspicious of Rey when they found out he was asking questions about J.T. At Crimson Lights, Sharon struck up a friendship with the handsome newcomer. Hoping to keep tabs on Rey, Victoria encouraged Sharon to get closer to him. To that end, Sharon invited Rey to dinner with her and Mariah. While there, he revealed that he was a debt collector tracking J.T.’s credit card use. Both of the women were shocked when they were alerted to an intruder on the ranch, and Rey whipped out a gun to go and investigate! They were even more stunned when he returned having captured the supposed prowler… Tessa! At the Abbott mansion, Dina’s deteriorating health prompted Jack to renew his efforts to discover the identity of his father. Kyle tried to sabotage Billy by luring him back into gambling, but failed when his uncle resisted temptation!

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