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Tucker McCall on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need To Know


Tucker McCall hasn’t been on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS for years but his name comes up occasionally, so some newer viewers might not even know who this character is. If you don’t remember, or just need a refresher on the highlights, we’ve got you covered! The character first appeared in December of 2009 and was played by William Russ for just a few weeks before being recast with DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Stephen Nichols. He continued to play the role until Tucker was written out in January of 2013. But in September 2022, Trevor St. John joined the cast of Y&R in a mystery role that was eventually revealed to be Tucker!

High-powered businessman Tucker McCall made a splash in Genoa City starting an affair with Jill Abbott and a business deal with Katherine Chancellor. He secretly took control of Chancellor and revealed he was Katherine’s long-lost son, out for revenge by selling off her legacy piece by piece. Over time, Katherine and Tucker got to know each other and he decided to keep Jabot for himself, giving Ashley Abbott the CEO position.

While in Japan on business, Tucker and Ashley consummated their relationship, but she decided to stay with Neil Winters. However, he dumped her and Tucker happily comforted Ashley as they tried to buy Newman Enterprises subsidiary Beauty of Nature. He also supported Kay when her great-grandson, Chance Chancellor, was presumed dead. Tucker slept with Diane Jenkins, but ultimately proposed to Ashley and they got engaged on Christmas Eve.

Y&R Ashley Tucker wedding
Thankfully, Tucker woke up from his coma, or this wedding would have been awkward!sean smith/

A drunken Abby ran down Tucker, putting him in a coma, but Ashley took the blame for her daughter. Although he had a DNR, Katherine and Ashley kept him from being taken off life support. Kay was left in charge of McCall Unlimited and reversed all of his recent business decisions. Tucker’s living will also revealed a son who would inherit 20 million if he was found. When Tucker woke up from his coma, he and Ashley were married. He was also a suspect when Diane was found murdered. After Tucker fired Devon Hamilton from his record label, the two men were stunned to learn they were father and son. Then, Devon’s mother, Harmony, a former drug addict, showed up in town, and Tucker and Devon slowly began to bond.

Ashley and Tucker’s marriage was already on shaky ground, but when she found him in bed with Harmony, that was the last straw. This also ruined the progress he had been making with Devon. Tucker began advising Sharon Newman in business, which led to pleasure, and the two were nearly married before Victor returned to town to stop the wedding. Tucker then found himself under investigation from the SEC and after Sharon revealed his shady business practices, he was arrested. Sharon recanted her testimony, leading to his release, and Tucker was able to reconnect with Katherine before breaking her heart by announcing he was moving to Hong Kong. When Katherine passed away, Tucker was so devastated, he couldn’t bring himself to return for her funeral.

Y&R Tucker Devon Katherine
There was really no arguing with Katherine… unless you wanted to lose!Paul Skipper/

Tucker’s name was brought up again in 2019 when attorney Amanda Sinclair arrived in Genoa City with a revised version of Katherine’s will claiming Tucker had been involved in altering the will to give Devon her fortune. And in 2021, Devon shared his story of meeting his birth father with Amanda as she struggled with meeting her own birth mother. It was also said that Tucker had given up his riches and gone off the grid.

However, in 2022, Tucker made a splashy entrance back in Genoa City, crashing Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott‘s vow renewal on the Abbott estate in a helicopter! This also upset Diane, who had been hoping to keep her involvement with Tucker a secret after her own return to town. Back in his room at the GCAC, Tucker warned Diane that if she didn’t want her secrets coming out, she’d act as a spy on his behalf with the Abbotts because he had his heart set on reconciling with Ashley.

Y&R Tucker Ashley
Tucker and Ashley were both playing each other!Howard Wise/

Tucker claimed that he’d had a near-death experience in a car crash in Monaco and had re-evaluated his priorities in life and was a changed man. When Ashley met with him, she wasn’t buying it for a second and threw him out. And it turned out he was still up to no good as he was working with Audra Charles to steal Chancellor-Winters when the company goes public and using Diane to dig up information in the hopes of also taking over Jabot! When Ashley gave him another chance, Tucker knew she was trying to trap him but tried to score points with her by revealing Diane’s association with Jeremy Stark.

Tucker reconnected with Devon and finally met his grandson, Dominic. He also tried wooing Ashley and urging her to leave Abbott to start her own business with his help, all the while sleeping with Audra. But after Audra reported Devon had found her out and exposed her double-dealing, Tucker cut her loose. He bedded Ashley, who delighted when Devon confronted his father about using Audra as his spy. When he tried to assure Ashley his feelings for her are genuine, she informed him she never wanted to see his face again and was leaving for Paris.

Tucker continued throwing his weight around Genoa City acting like a big shot, but in reality, his business was in trouble. Ashley surprised everyone bu buying up Tucker’s debt and used the leverage to force him to sell the company to Devon hoping to reunite father and son. When Devon declined, Tucker made moves to sell it to Newman, but pulled the offer after learning Victor wanted Adam to run McCall Unlimited after the sale. He tried proposing to Ashley, but she turned him down. Tucker was then disappointed when Victoria was no longer interested in buying his company and then Devon also turned him down.

Y&R Diane Jack Ashley Tucker
Tucker joined forces with Ashley against Jack and Diane!Howard Wise/

After Ashley rebuffed him again, a frustrated Tucker sold his company to Victor and decided to leave town, but changed his mind when Ashley suddenly invited him to move into the Abbott mansion! Tucker also scored points with Devon when he invited Harmony to attend the dedication of the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. His spending time with his grandson, Dominic, also helped win Ashley over. Tucker was stunned when Ashley suddenly announced that they were engaged to get back at Jack, but then they decided to actually go through with it and even launched a new business venture together. Tucker offered to help Phyllis clear her name if she would help them get rid of Diane.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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