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Due to issues between CBS and Time Warner, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL were not being aired in several markets. To help those impacted, we’ll be offering daily recaps.

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Friday, August 30

Jill framed the drawing of Katherine that she’d found in the safe. She noticed that Katherine was holding a copy of Pride & Prejudice, and pulled the book out from the bookshelf. When a bookmark fell out with the initials G.R., she realized that G.R. was Katherine’s first husband, Gary Reynolds. Across town, Chloe and Chelsea admired Connor. When Chloe wondered why Chelsea had helped Adam against Melanie’s rape charges, Chelsea insisted that had been the right thing to do. Later, Chloe went to the Chancellor mansion, and saw the drawing that Jill had framed. She mentioned that she’d never notice the necklace in the sketch before, prompting Esther to inform them that the necklace had been from Katherine’s first husband, Gary. At Jabot, Kyle confronted Jack about pressuring Summer to get to know him better. Jack insisted that he’d done nothing of the sort… but that didn’t stop him from later pressuring her to accompany him to Georgia to visit Phyllis. While she agreed, Kyle tracked her down and suggested she turn down the trip with his dad, believing Victor would go ballistic if he found out about it! At Billy’s house, Dylan inspected the bookcase Billy had made and jokingly suggested that it might be easier for him to scrap it completely and build another one. Billy, however, said that since he’d built it with his daughter, Delia, he’d keep it forever. Later, Dylan accompanied Chelsea to take Connor in for a check-up. Chelsea and Dylan were stunned when the doctor informed them that Connor was likely to develop Retinitis Pigmentosa and could eventually go blind! Chelsea was even more horrified when she realized that the disease had been inherited from Adam! Meanwhile, Victor pressured Adam to tell him who his mystery investor was. When Adam balked, Victor told him that he could not consider taking over Chancellor Industries without that information. Adam then told Victor that some of his investors were Harvard buddies, prompting Victor to remind Adam that he didn’t even finish high school, so he wasn’t impressed with Harvard guys. Furious, Adam accused Victor of never giving him a chance and stormed out. Victor ordered his P.I. to bug Adam’s apartment and follow him until he learned the identity of Adam’s secret investor. At the GCAC, Adam called his secret investor — Jack!

Do you think Jill will be in for a surprise when she finally figures out what Katherine is trying to tell her? And is Victor crossing a line by bugging Adam’s place? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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