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What You Missed On Yesterday’s Y&R!

Due to issues between CBS and Time Warner, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL are not currently being aired in several markets. To help those impacted, we’ll be offering daily recaps.

Tuesday, August 27

Michael comforted Lauren after she had a nightmare about Carmine. At the police station, Kevin blasted Alex for sending Carmine’s computer to the FBI. Alex, however, revealed that his FBI buddy had traced Carmine to a rented apartment in Chicago. A skeptical Kevin suggested that Carmine was setting them up. Michael and Lauren arrived, with Michael demanding that Alex find Carmine and lock him up! While the couple went to Crimson Lights, Carmine broke into their apartment, and turned on the gas. When Michael and Lauren arrived home, Carmine knocked Michael out in the kitchen, as he turned off the gas! Back at the GCPD, Kevin searched Carmine’s computer files. At the Chancellor mansion, Cane and Esther remembered Katherine. When Cane spotted the drawing of Katherine, Esther revealed that the matriarch had left that for Jill, and they both wondered at its significance. Across town, Hilary posted a suggestive photo of her and Cane that Mason had taken. Mason wondered at her scheme for revenge but she countered by saying her mother had been a good person, and she wanted to make sure Neil’s family suffered! When he wondered if Hilary/Ann was using him, she insisted they were partners, and made love to him! At Crimson Lights, Lily told Devon that she was increasingly suspicious of Hilary. Later, she saw the scandalous photo of a shirtless Cane and Hilary, and Devon warned her not to flip out. When Cane arrived, she showed him the picture of him and Hilary, and told him that Hilary was up to no good! At the ranch, Neil visited Nikki, worried that Katherine’s death might send Nikki back to the bottle. She insisted that she was fine, and the two discussed dying with a clean slate, prompting Nikki to think about her secret. Paul arrived, and revealed that the number she’d given him had been disconnected. When he said that he’d continue to dig around, Nikki wondered if this might be a sign that she shouldn’t continue her quest! At the GCAC, Summer ran into Victor. He suggested that she leave town, and relax somewhere away from the craziness — and the Abbotts! Overhearing, Jack confronted Victor, and the two got into an argument. Summer blasted both of them, saying that she wished she wasn’t an Abbott or a Newman! Upon arriving, Nick tried to reach out to Summer, but she stormed off. Nick angrily pointed out that Jack and Victor’s animosity was only hurting Summer! After Jack left, Victor told Nick that Katherine’s death made him realize nothing was more important than family, and wished that Nick would open up his heart to Adam. Nick, however, insisted that while Adam may be Victor’s son, he didn’t consider him a brother! Later, Summer called Courtney, revealing she was considering leaving town. At the Abbott mansion, Nick warned Jack to back off. Jack refused, saying that Nick had cost him enough time with his daughter! Meanwhile, Neil went to see Mason, wondering if he knew Ann Turner. Hilary/Ann went to Crimson Lights and spotted Lily and Cane kissing. Devon saw her reaction, and wondered if her plan wasn’t working out as she’d hoped!

Do you think Hilary/Ann has a right to be angry at Neil and his family? And is Carmine crossing a line that he can’t come back from? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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