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What Happened to Liam on The Bold & The Beautiful


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Liam on The Bold & The Beautiful has been through the wringer since Scott Clifton first appeared as the character back in July of 2010, but he always comes out the other side stronger than before. Every time the going gets tough, fans worry that the tough will get going (meaning Liam leaving B&B) but if you look back at the character’s history on the soap, it’s clear that Liam is one man who never says die!

Liam moved to Los Angeles in search of his biological father and got a job at Spencer Publications as a computer technician. Believing that his father was a Forrester, Liam suspected Ridge, but Bill Spencer and Thorne Forrester were also possibilities because they had dated his late mother, Kelly Hopkins. Although Liam bonded with Thorne, DNA results proved Bill was his dad.

The Bold and The Beautiful Liam Bill
Liam was surprised to learn Bill Spencer was his dad.sean smith/

Liam dated Hope Logan, but after saving Steffy Forrester from drowning, she became smitten with him, and they shared a kiss. But Liam remained devoted to Hope and even proposed. Unfortunately, he later developed feelings for the brunette and after Hope caught them kissing, she called off the engagement. Liam rebounded quickly by proposing to Steffy, and she and Bill worked together to keep Hope from interrupting her wedding to Liam in Aspen. However, when Liam learned of the manipulations, he was furious and demanded an annulment.

Next, Liam married Hope in Italy, but their marriage wasn’t valid in the US, and when they tried to have another ceremony at home, Liam arrived drunk and tattooed on the back of Steffy’s motorcycle, and a furious Hope called the whole thing off. Liam returned to Steffy, who soon became pregnant even though Liam had gone back to Hope yet again. Steffy revealed her pregnancy at Liam and Hope’s next attempt to tie the knot, and Hope had finally had enough.

The Bold and The Beautiful Liam Steffy
Steffy wanted to give Liam the family he deserved.Howard Wise/

Although Liam and Steffy were remarried, she tragically lost her baby in a motorcycle accident and learned she could never have another child. He was crushed when she ended their marriage and went to Paris, but Hope didn’t want to give him another go. Liam was surprised to later find Hope dating Wyatt Spencer and eventually decided to go to Paris to find Steffy. She insisted that he should be with Hope because she could give him the family she was unable to. Liam returned to Los Angeles and reunited with Hope once more.

Liam had to fight Wyatt for Hope, a situation that became even more complicated when the two men discovered they were brothers. Although Liam won the battle for Hope’s heart, Wyatt’s mother, Quinn Fuller, tried to help her son by stabbing Liam with his sword necklace and trying to impale him with the real thing! Unfortunately, Hope was pregnant with Wyatt’s child and broke things off with Liam, who moved on with Ivy Forrester. After Hope miscarried and moved away, Liam agreed to marry Ivy so she could stay in the United States but changed his mind after Ivy blackmailed Steffy with a video that made it seem like she’d murdered Aly Forrester.

The Bold and The Beautiful Liam Quinn
Quinn made up a whole new world for her and Liam!sean smith/

Following a head injury, Liam awoke in a cabin with amnesia not realizing the woman caring for him was Quinn. She claimed they were a married couple named Adam and Eve, hoping to keep him there so that Wyatt could finally make progress getting Steffy down the aisle. Unfortunately, Liam’s memory returned too late to prevent Wyatt from marrying Steffy. But eventually, Steffy left Wyatt and Liam had another chance. They tied the knot once more in Australia with Steffy zip-lining into their ceremony! 

Liam was appalled at Bill’s behavior, lying that Caroline was dying to get Thomas away from Sally Spectra so her fashion house would fail and he could buy the building out from under them to erect his skyscraper. He even arranged for the offices to be torched to try to put them out of business! Liam tried to help Sally get Spectra back up and running, but Bill went ahead and demolished the building not realizing Liam and Sally were still inside when he detonated the explosives! 

Liam survived, but the kiss that he shared with Sally when they thought they were going to die killed his marriage to Steffy. She went running into Bill’s waiting arms, and when she later found out she was pregnant, Liam was horrified to learn she’d taken a paternity test to confirm the babydaddy. Although Liam was named the father, he found it difficult to forgive Steffy for sleeping with his father. When Bill made it appear that he and Steffy were still carrying on an affair, Liam went back to Hope and they nearly got married! Although Liam went back to Steffy after learning the truth, following the birth of their daughter, Kelly, their marriage continued to crumble and once Hope revealed she was also pregnant with Liam’s daughter, Steffy decided to let them be together and strike out on her own for a change.

The Bold and The Beautiful Liam Hope
Liam and Hope’s dreams for the future were crushed.Howard Wise/

After tying the knot, Liam and Hope eagerly awaited the birth of their baby girl, but when Hope went into labor during a storm on Catalina, Liam wasn’t able to be there and by the time he arrived on the island, they were told that the infant Beth had tragically died. The overwhelming grief caused Hope to distance herself from Liam, and Liam worried when she became attached to Steffy’s newly adopted daughter, Phoebe. But neither Hope nor Liam realized that Phoebe was really Beth! Believing his marriage to be solid, Liam went to Paris to visit Steffy and the girls, giving Thomas Forrester the chance to move in on Hope! By the time Liam returned, Hope had come to the decision to end their marriage so that he could be with Steffy and his daughters and nothing he could say or do could convince her to change her mind. 

Drugged by Thomas, Liam slept with Steffy after a party, but when little Douglas revealed that Baby Beth was still alive, Liam was overjoyed to be reunited with the little girl he’d thought he’d lost. However, while Liam wanted to reunite his family, Thomas wasn’t about to let Hope go without a fight! He schemed to trick Hope into marrying him, but she saw through him and exposed Thomas at the wedding.

Concerned about Steffy’s behavior after her motorcycle accident, Liam found out she was addicted to pills and took Kelly to stay with him which helped Steffy realize that she needed professional help. Liam also blamed Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan for Steffy’s situation, but Hope made him realize that Finn loved Steffy and was good for her. When Thomas also started acting twitchy, Liam thought he was obsessed with Hope because he had a mannequin that looked just like her. And when Liam caught the two kissing, he didn’t realize it had been the mannequin and got drunk and slept with Steffy!

B&B Liam Steffy
After a few more drinks, Liam got a lot closer to Steffy than this!CBS

Learning the truth, Liam was overwhelmed with guilt but Steffy convinced him to keep quiet about their night together. But he had to come clean when Steffy turned out to be pregnant and didn’t know if Liam or Finn was the babydaddy! A paternity test revealed Liam was the father, but Thomas found out that Vinny Walker had changed the results and the child’s father was really Finn. Liam’s attempts to woo Hope back hit a snag when he struck Vinny while driving and killed him! Bill got rid of the car and urged Liam to stay silent, but after reuniting with Hope, he told his wife the truth and she pushed him to go to the police. Bill was arrested along with Liam for his role in covering up the crime, and the two went to prison. After Thomas found video evidence that Vinny had committed suicide by stepping in front of Liam’s car, the two men were released. 

Liam was not happy when Deacon got out of jail and wanted to reconnect with Hope. When Steffy and Finn were shot, Liam was at her side when she came out of her coma and had no memory of her husband, thinking she and Liam were still married. They gently broke the news to her about Finn’s death, and Hope grew jealous of how much time Liam was spending with Steffy. But things got back on track when it was revealed Finn hadn’t died and he and Steffy were reunited. When Thomas wanted to share custody of Douglas again, Liam was concerned and began to bond with Brooke over their shared distrust of the Forrester. He tried to convince Douglas to come back home to him and Hope, but the boy wanted to stay with his dad… and Hope!

Liam then found himself joining everyone else in being stunned when Bill announced he was in love with Sheila Carter, which thankfully turned out to be a scam to trick her into confessing to her crimes so they could lock her up in prison! Liam was upset when Hope rehired Thomas to help save her Hope for the Future line and didn’t agree with her that the guy had changed. As Hope and Thomas grew closer, Liam’s jealousy grew, and he was shaken when Steffy suggested that this time around, Hope was the one with feelings for Thomas!

B&B Hope Liam embrace
Liam couldn’t hold on to Hope.Howard Wise/

Although initially choosing not to hover by accompanying Hope to Rome on Forrester business, Liam was convinced to fly over and surprise her there. Unfortunately, when he found Hope, she was kissing Thomas! When Hope returned home, he confronted her and forced her to confess what had happened. Liam then rushed over to Steffy’s and kissed her! Although she insisted she was happily married, Liam admitted he’d never stopped caring about her. And after he and Hope signed their divorce papers, Liam continued to struggle with his feelings for Steffy.

After catching Finn hugging Sheila following her release from prison, he used that against him. And when Steffy took the kids and flew to Europe to protect them from Sheila, Liam supported her. As Finn told him to stay out of his marriage, Liam continued to butt in, leaving Steffy a message informing her of Sheila’s new romance with Deacon, which Finn hadn’t mentioned yet. Although Steffy came home to Finn, Liam still felt he could protect her and the kids better and eventually broached the idea with Steffy but she knocked him back.

As 2024 began, Liam continued to act protectively of Steffy and warned Finn he shouldn’t be taking his wife for granted. After Hope turned down another of Thomas’ proposals, some wondered if Liam and Hope could rekindle things. Liam was delighted to see Ivy back in Los Angeles for a visit and after a stroll down Memory Lane, they shared a kiss. Witnessing this, Steffy interrupted and stole Liam away for a playdate with Kelly. When a DNA test proved that Luna Nozawa was Bill’s biological daughter, Liam welcomed her into the Spencer family.

Stay tuned to see how Liam’s story continues!

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