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Who Was Brandon Walker on DAYS OF OUR LIVES?

Recent mentions on the soap have some fans wondering who is Brandon Walker on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. The character first appeared back in 1999 and was played by actor Matt Cedeño until his exit in 2003. He then returned for additional appearances in 2004 and 2005. If you don’t remember the guy, well, that’s where we come in!

Brandon Walker came to Salem to visit his younger sister, Nicole Walker, and was immediately smitten with Sami Brady. She insisted that she only loved Austin Reed, but Brandon wasn’t deterred. He helped come up with a plan to help Sam get custody of Will Horton away from Lucas Horton, and they became close friends. Though he remained completely in love with her and would do anything for her.

Meanwhile, Brandon was also angry at Abe Carver, who he blamed for his father growing abusive towards the family after discovering his wife had cheated on him with Abe. Brandon was there for Sami when Austin dumped her at the altar, and they grew even closer. After a brief romance with Jennifer Horton, Brandon finally began a romance with Sami, but her scheming and lies kept driving him away.

DAYS Brandon Sami
“Sami, why aren’t you attracted to me? Have you seen me?”Paul Skipper/JPI

Brandon couldn’t resist going back to Sami over and over again, though. (With a brief dalliance with Lexie Carver in the middle there.) They eventually got engaged and even tied the knot. But on their wedding day, Brandon discovered that Sami had switched the results of the paternity test on Lexie’s baby. Not only was Brandon Lexi’s babydaddy, but Abe was Brandon’s real father! Thankfully, Lexie anticipated Sami’s interference and Theo Carver was actually Abe’s son. However, learning Abe was his father changed things and after reconciling with his dad, Brandon left Salem.

After a time, Brandon returned to town at the request of Kate Roberts, who offered to help him with his charity work. Although insisting that he still hated Sami, he clearly still loved her. And then they discovered that due to a technicality, they were still married! But seeing how happy Sami was with Lucas, he made sure their split was official and wished the couple well before leaving again.

In 2005, Brandon came home again to visit an ailing Abe. However, it was part of Kate’s manipulation to interfere in Lucas and Sami’s wedding. She drugged Sami and Brandon who woke up in bed together where they were found by Lucas, who was naturally upset. Brandon quickly left town again, leaving Sami to face the music on her own!

Stay tuned to DAYS to see if Brandon ever comes back again!

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