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What Happened to Carrie on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Carrie Brady hasn’t been on DAYS OF OUR LIVES for a while so it’s understandable if viewers might need a bit of a refresher on the character’s history in Salem. First introduced back in 1982, Carrie was originally played by Andrea Barber until 1986 when Christie Clark assumed the role. Aside from a brief period in 1992 when Tracy Middendorf played Carrie, Clark has returned multiple times over the years for stints of various lengths and has been confirmed to be reprising the role in 2021 for the DAYS spinoff BEYOND SALEM.

Carrie is the daughter of Roman Brady and Anna Fredericks, although he didn’t know he had a daughter until Anna showed up with a four-year-old little girl and left Carrie in Roman and Marlena Evans’ care. As a child, she was abducted by Stefano DiMera and nearly drowned during a storm. As a teen, Carrie fell for hunky Austin Reed, and they began dating. She also grew to be close friends with his sister, Billie Reed, and they became roommates. 

Austin’s career as a boxer put a strain on their relationship, but it was when Carrie was splashed with acid in an attack meant for him that things really fell apart. Carrie pushed Austin out of her life, giving her sister, Sami Brady, the opportunity to pursue him herself. Lucas Roberts had a crush on Carrie, but after she had plastic surgery to restore her beauty, Carrie reunited with Austin and they finally made love. 

DAYS Carrie Sami
Carrie hijacked her sister’s wedding and took the groom for herself!John Paschal/JPI

Sami continued to pursue Austin, however, and after she drugged him, they slept together so that Sami was eventually able to crash Carrie and Austin’s wedding to reveal she was pregnant with his baby! Although Sami soon learned that Lucas was really baby Will’s father, she tried to keep the lie going as long as possible. Sami and Austin had to get married overseas to regain custody of their kidnapped son, but when they tried to have a ceremony in America, Carrie interrupted to reveal she’d learned Will’s real paternity! Austin and Carrie married instead, but she grew jealous of the time he kept spending with Will, and therefore, Sami. Spending more time at work at the hospital, Carrie’s friendship with Mike Horton turned into an affair. After divorcing Austin, Carrie married Mike, and they moved to Israel together.

In 2005, Carrie returned to the U.S. having split up with Mike and Lucas found her running a company called High Style in Los Angeles. Still holding a torch for her, Lucas convinced Carrie to come home to Salem, but Austin was also there and their feelings rekindled as well. Sami schemed to upset Carrie by having Austin buy her company out, and blackmailed Dr. Lexie Carver into lying to Carrie that if she and Austin had kids, they would be born with serious birth defects.

Turning to Lucas, Carrie still had feelings for Austin, and when Lucas caught them together, he kicked her to the curb. Learning how far Sami went to split her and Austin up, Carrie lashed out at her sister and then got Lexi fired. Eventually, Carrie disowned Sami and married Austin so they could move to Switzerland together.

DAYS Austin Carrie Lucas
Lucas just couldn’t compete with Austin for Carrie’s heart!Paul Skipper/

In 2011, Carrie returned to Salem with Austin and revealed she’d become a lawyer after her company was forced to shut down. She then agreed to defend John Black and worked with Rafe Hernandez to prove his innocence. The pair worked so well together they opened their own firm and eventually their friendship deepened into romance and she found herself torn between Rafe and Austin. When she and Rafe were trapped with a bomb by Stefano, they confessed their love for each other. Later, Carrie learned she was pregnant and Austin assumed it was his child. Rafe urged Carrie to be with Austin, arguing they would never work out. Carrie urged Rafe to reconcile with Sami and then returned to Switzerland with Austin.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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