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What Happened to Charlie on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Charlie Dale on DAYS OF OUR LIVES had a brief but twisted run on the soap, so if viewers need some filling in, we’ve got your back! The character first appeared in the Oct. 6, 2020, episode and was played by Mike Manning. The actor might be familiar to viewers from his roles on TV series like THE REAL WORLD: D.C., TEEN WOLF, and THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS, or from the Disney movie Cloud 9. Unfortunately, his run on DAYS came to a violent end in February 2021… though he has risen from the grave multiple times since then to continue haunting Salem with his evil!

Charlie was introduced as the new intern at Titan, who found himself caught in the middle of the power struggle between Philip Kiriakis and Xander Kiriakis. When the struggle grew physical and Xander accidentally elbowed Charlie, it spilled the protein shake he was bringing Philip all over his shirt. Xander gave him money for a new shirt, but after he went to buy one and had changed, he accidentally ran into Claire Brady, who spilled her drink all over him!

DAYS Claire Charlie
Charlie was super awkward but ended up charming Claire anyway!XJJohnson/

After this meet-cute, Charlie tried asking Claire out, but she was hesitant having just gone through a particularly rough patch. But she eventually gave in and they began dating. Charlie also found himself in a sticky situation as he began working for Xander to spy on Philip, and when caught, agreed to spy on Xander for Philip!

Charlie eventually opened up a little to Claire, admitting he’d grown up with his father in Philly and has a brother, though they are not in touch. Then his story took an interesting turn when he got a call from Ava Vitali summoning him to meet! She then accused him of being the one who raped Allie Horton, not Tripp Dalton. Charlie was stunned by the idea until she told him about the DNA evidence and noted that he and Tripp share DNA since they’re brothers! Pressed by his mother to confess, Charlie finally admitted that he had slept with Allie while she was drunk but he regretted his actions. When Ava wanted him to confess to clear Tripp’s name, Charlie accused her of playing favorites, then knocked her out and abducted her!

DAYS Charlie Claire
Charlie turned out to have a dark side!XJJohnson/

Charlie drugged his mother so when Rafe rescued her, her claims would be suspect, but others in Salem learned the truth about Charlie and the walls began closing in. Although he denied all the accusations, Allie underwent hypnosis and remembered her rape. Horrified, Claire dumped Charlie, who did not react well. She then pretended to want him back to trick him into confessing to the rape, but he caught on and deleted the recording.

But things took a turn when Charlie opened his door to someone who shot him and left him for dead! And with a great many people in Salem hating the guy, there was no shortage of suspects. Sami Brady confessed to the crime, but only to protect her daughter, Allie, who she suspected of being guilty. Later, Belle Black was arrested because a button found at the scene of the crime matched her coat, but it was actually Jan Spears who had woken up from her coma and framed her longtime rival for Charlie’s murder!

Later that year, on Halloween, Marlena Evans, possessed by the devil, resurrected Charlie from the dead. First, he visited Ava — saving her by stabbing Carmine to death before he could kill her — and after sending his terrified mother running off into the night, showed up at Allie’s door looking for his son! Tripp arrived to defend her and after a struggle, Charlie disappeared once more. Though he resurfaced in May 2022 for a brief visit as he tried to help the devil get its hands on Ben and Ciara’s baby.

DAYS Charlie Ava
Ava was haunted by Charlie’s spirit.Peacock

On Halloween in 2022, Charlie’s spirit began appearing again, this time to Ava as he urged his mother to take revenge on EJ DiMera. He got into her head and tried to turn her against everyone else, insisting he was the only one she could rely on.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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