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Explosive DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview!

At the annual Day of Days fan event, DAYS OF OUR LIVES premiered a trailer full of spoilers that promised to blow viewers’ minds, and it is so jam-packed full of action, romance, excitement, and surprises that you’re going to need to watch it at least twice to make sure you didn’t miss anything! But here are the highlights of what fans can expect to see in the coming months!

First, you’ve got Gabi and Stefan yelling about how much they hate each other, but there’s a thin line between love and hate! Plus, a bomb goes off in Salem and it looks like the church was the target… but why? And who was inside when the explosion occurred? 

Chanel has been arrested for murder, and now it’s time to reveal exactly what happened in her dark past! “I can still hear her screaming,” she admits as she recalls the fateful event. “She was lying there in a pool of blood.” Allie looks uncomfortable as she supports her girlfriend through this ordeal, but Abe and Paulina look stunned as Sloan confronts them about the alleged murder. “Your precious little Chanel killed my mother,” she reveals.

DAYS Kayla Marlena Kate heaven
Will all three women make it back from the other side?Peacock

Eric and Nicole were on the verge of reuniting when he learned that Jada is pregnant with his child. “Why would you want to have a baby that ties you to him?” Nicole asks the expectant mom. Jada snaps: “Just shut the hell up!” and Eric is also upset with Nicole for sticking her nose in where it’s not wanted. “This pregnancy is none of your damn business,” he angrily informs her. 

Kristen is horrified when she discovers that someone stole the orchid that she was using as leverage to force Brady to stay with her. Of course, that orchid is also important to Kate, Marlena, and Kayla, as it’s the only thing keeping them alive! “If anything happens to those three women,” Brady hisses at Kristen, “their blood is gonna be on your hands!” And sure enough, without the antidote provided by the orchid, Kate, Kayla, and Marlena all succumb to the poison in their systems! But when the trio crosses over to the other side, they encounter an unexpected surprise!

Meanwhile, John and Steve go on the hunt and encounter a surprise of their own — Hope! And that’s not the only surprising return, because Ciara is back, too! And she’s certainly not happy to see her mother kissing Harris Michaels! “What the hell is going on here?” she demands to know. But what none of them realize is that Megan Hathaway has managed to revive the presumed-dead Bo! “You’re conscious!” she exclaims with delight. “Oh, my love, can you say something?” Unfortunately, she’s disappointed when Bo’s first words are “Where’s Hope?”

Check out this wild trailer for the twists and turns to come on DAYS and don’t miss a single episode!

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