DAYS OF OUR LIVES Spoilers: Hot Summer Preview!

Summer is heating up in these DAYS OF OUR LIVES spoilers! Get ready for some surprising returns, emotional reunions, intense romances, dangerous revelations, and a dead body! Salem won’t know what hit it!

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Couples like Gabi and Jake as well as Eli and Lani keep the passion burning, but then there are the unlikely pairings that are cropping up! “Let go,” Xander growls as Gwen grabs his arm to keep him from walking away from her. “Is that what you want?” she asks. Xander pauses for a beat before declaring, “I’ll show you what I want!” and pulling her in for a kiss! Chloe is fantasizing about Philip but when she’s kissing Brady, is that also in her imagination, or is it the real deal?

Sami has found herself unable to resist the pull of her lingering feelings for Lucas but knows she’s doing wrong. “I am married to EJ,” she insists. But Lucas protests: “It’s called magic. That’s what we have. And I want it again.” The couple embraces passionately, but things take a turn when there’s a knock at the door. “Oh my God,” Sami exclaims as she opens the door to her husband. “EJ!” This could get sticky!

DAYS Eric Nicole
Nicole is happy to have Eric back, but worried he’ll find out what she did with Xander!NBC

EJ isn’t the only one coming home to Salem, either! Allie is thrilled to see her twin brother, Johnny, again, and she jumps up from her table to rush into his arms for a big hug. And vowing to fight for his marriage, Ben is stunned to see Ciara again. But has she remembered their love? Nicole is overjoyed when Eric returns from Africa, and they naturally fall into bed together. But he can tell there’s something bothering her. “Nicole?” he asks gently. “Is something wrong?” Will she be able to keep her night with Xander a secret?

Ben and Tripp as soaking up the sun as Claire and Allie rush over to them in terror. “We think there’s a dead body in the lake!” Claire shouts, freaking out. And when Eli says, “Something tells me this wasn’t an accident,” it sounds like the investigation has begun. But who’s dead… and who killed them?

Check out this extended preview for all the explosive drama coming this summer on DAYS!

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