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What Happened to Jake on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Jake Lambert on DAYS OF OUR LIVES is a bit of a complicated character, but let’s run down what we know so far! The character is played by actor Brandon Barash, who previously played Stefan DiMera on the soap. But while Stefan died in October of 2019, Jake made his debut on April 23, 2020. When Barash announced his return to Salem, he was naturally coy about exactly what the storyline would entail. But soon enough, fans got to know a lot more about the newcomer!

Gabi Hernandez thought she saw Stefan reflected in the window of her boutique in Salem Plaza. But when she turned around, he was gone. Later, as Gabi laid flowers on Stefan’s grave, Ben Weston went to a garage to see about getting a job — and parts to fix Ciara’s bike — and was floored when the mechanic looked exactly like Stefan! Jake informed Ben he’d already taken the job, although he did admit he was a little overworked and offered to put in a word with his boss. 

DAYS Ben Jake
“Did this Stefan guy look as hot in a pair of coveralls?”XJJohnson/

When Gabi saw Jake in the square, she fainted dead away, and he’d already gone by the time she came to. At work, Jake told Ben he could work there as his assistant, and opened up a little about his ex who he couldn’t get out of his system. Ciara came to check on Ben and was equally stunned by the sight of Jake. They filled the mechanic in on Stefan and how he died. As Ciara thought someone should warn Gabi, Stefan’s widow ran into Jake in the park! He offered his sympathy for her loss but Gabi insisted he was Stefan and slapped him, angrily demanding to know why he was lying to her. Later, Jake had been reading up on Gabi online when she stopped by the garage intent on proving he was really Stefan — by kissing him! Meanwhile, Ben was assaulted by a couple of thugs who mistook him for Jake demanding he hand something over.

Jake was horrified when Gabi tried to inject him with a drug she said would restore his memories and continued to insist he wasn’t Stefan. He confided to Ben and Ciara that the mob was after a book that his girlfriend, Gwen, had taken from them, and they tracked her down to try and get it back. Meanwhile, Gabi was so determined to prove Jake was really Stefan that she secretly ran a DNA test, and he was shocked when the test results came back a match!

DAYS Jake Gabi kiss
Jake and Gabi had a complicated relationship!XJJohnson/

Jake continued to be confused, especially after meeting his supposed mother, Vivian Alamain, and reluctantly took the memory-restoring serum Gabi got from Dr. Rolf. But it had no effect, and the mechanic was stunned to find out from Ivan Marais that he wasn’t Stefan back from the dead, but his previously-unknown twin brother!

He then moved into the DiMera mansion with Gwen, who tried to make him jealous by kissing Chad. He countered by sleeping with Gabi and they split up. After Gabi left town, Jake flirted with Kate Roberts and they started a secret affair that blew up when Gabi came back and caught them in bed together! But Jake actually chose Kate, and she helped coach him when Li Shin hired him as CEO at DiMera. In return, he invited her to work there as well. Things were going okay until Kate dumped him out of the blue, and Jake had no idea it was really Kristen DiMera in disguise! Although Jake blamed Gabi for splitting up him and Kate, they ended up in bed together!

When Jake found Kate unconscious, he rushed her to the hospital and had to put his relationship with Gabi on hold as Kate was blind. But she was only faking it, and Jake ended up with Gabi in the end. She enlisted Jake in her scheme to take over at Titan, installing spyware on Philip Kiriakis’ computer. He also got arrested for Abe’s shooting, but once the victim recovered, he cleared Jake’s name. 

DAYS Kate Jake
Jake and Kate’s affair was passionate but brief.XJJohnson/

Jake and Gabi then teamed up to take over DiMera and enlisted Johnny DiMera, not realizing that he was possessed by the devil at the time! He tricked Gabi into betraying Jake and taking over the company with him instead. After the truth came out, Jake cut ties with Gabi and moved back into his old apartment. He allowed Ava Vitali to move in with him and ignored warnings to stay away from the mob princess. Gabi rehired Jake at DiMera and after maintaining control of the company thanks to Kristen, both agreed they’d moved on from each other. Jake eventually slept with Ava and they made plans for the future.

Unfortunately, after buying a ring for Ava, the couple were confronted by an armed thug outside the jewelry shop, and Jake was shot in the stomach! After the cops took out the gunman, Jake was rushed to the hospital where Ava was heartbroken to learn he didn’t make it! However, Kristen and Dr. Rolf stole Jake’s body and the mad scientist transferred his heart into Stefan’s body to bring him back to life!

Keep watching DAYS to find out what happens next!

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