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What Happened to Li Shin on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Li Shin turned into quite the power player on DAYS OF OUR LIVES before meeting a violent end. The character first appeared in the DAYS digital series “Chad & Abby in Paris” back in 2019, and then actor Remington Hoffman brought Li over to DAYS proper in April 2020. After some sporadic recurring appearances, he then became involved in some front-burner romance and scheming until the character was killed off. Here’s what you need to know…

Determined to follow in the footsteps of his father, Wei Shin, Li Shin became the newest board member of DiMera Enterprises. After Juliet and her assistant, Sylvie, accused Chad DiMera of assault, Li fired him, producing evidence that looked pretty damning. However, when Chad found evidence proving his innocence, he won his way back onto the board and had Juliet fired.

Li arrived in Salem in April 2020 to decide whether Chad or Gabi Hernandez would become CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Gabi was upset when he picked Chad and even more upset when he removed her as head of GabiChic. A few months later, he came back and worked with Gabi on a deal while Chad was out of town. She offered to help him close a deal with an investor but needing a blood DiMera, they worked with Jake Lambert. Li took a shine to Jake and when Chad was involved in a public scandal for cheating on his wife, Li replaced Chad with Jake in the CEO chair.

DAYS Gabi Li Stefan
Li was willing to do whatever it took to keep Gabi from going back to Stefan!XJJohnson/

When EJ DiMera came back to town, he took control at DiMera and shared the CEO position with Chad, forcing Li to remove Jake. After some musical chairs in the CEO office, Gabi was reinstated to the position, and Li turned his casual flirting with her into something more. Although it began as a casual sexual relationship, he soon popped the question, determined to make her his wife.

When Li found out that Dr. Rolf had resurrected Stefan DiMera, he tried to delay it while he persuaded Kristen DiMera to get the mad scientist to scramble Stefan’s memories so he had no memories of his love for Gabi. When Stefan was awakened and returned to society, Li was pleased to see him brush Gabi off… though less pleased to see Gabi continuing to try and jog his memories! Things became further complicated when his younger sister, Wendy Shin, arrived from Alaska demanding a better job at DiMera in Salem!

Li managed to get Wendy a promotion as he tried to cover his tracks with Rolf, but his sister found out and he begged her and Johnny DiMera to keep quiet. He continued to romance Gabi and even planned a New Year’s Eve wedding. When she found out about what Li had done, he had her memories erased as well, but unfortunately, they came back at the wedding and she tore into him! 

DAYS Li Gabi wedding
Too late, Gabi remembered what her new husband had done!XJJohnson/

Still obsessed with Gabi, Li offered her his DiMera shares if she delayed their divorce. Because of their agreement, Gabi had to secretly sneak around with Stefan and when Li found out, he was furious. He let her go, but kept his shares. Li then teamed up with Megan Hathaway to brainwash Harris Michaels into killing Stefan. Their plan failed, and ultimately Megan took the fall. Li found himself on a blind date with Melinda Trask and they formed an unlikely connection. He wooed her in the hopes of her not trying to prosecute him for his many crimes, but she caught on pretty quickly.

Li went to therapy and spoke with Dr. Marlena Evans about his obsession with Gabi and began to suspect that losing his first love when he was younger had impacted his future decisions. So he was easily tricked by Gabi into confessing that he’d been involved in the plot to kill Stefan. They used the recording to force him to hand over his DiMera shares, and he was crushed. But then, Li was found stabbed in the back and though rushed to the hospital, he died of his wounds. And Gabi was arrested for his murder!

Could this really be the last we see of Li? Death in Salem isn’t always permanent!

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