Cyrus Renault on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

As soon as the name Cyrus came up on GENERAL HOSPITAL, fans were as desperate as Jason and Sonny to know more about this new villainous threat in Port Charles! The role of Cyrus Renault is being played by actor Jeff Kober, who has quite an extensive resume in film and television including roles on FALCON CREST, CHINA BEACH, SONS OF ANARCHY, and NCIS: LOS ANGELES. He was meant to debut at the end of January, but preemptions pushed his first air date back a bit and Kober made his daytime debut on Feb. 6.

Cyrus Renault is a Pentonville inmate who was challenging Sonny Corinthos‘ authority in Port Charles. When Sonny found himself attacked by gunmen in Brooklyn at the same time that his wife, Carly, came under fire at the Corinthos Coffee warehouse and Michael Corinthos was shot at on the docks, he knew that someone was out to take him down. After spending some time interrogating one of the gunmen, Sonny left it up to Jason Morgan, who found himself involved in yet another gunfight which left the shooter bleeding to death so Jason was able to get him to name his boss: Cyrus!

GH Sonny Henchman Goon
Sonny wanted to know who was after him and his family!XJJohnson/

Cyrus is a drug runner from the Northwest who has been running his operations from prison for the past decade. But when Sonny had Brick look into him, they discovered he’d recently been transferred to Pentonville. Paying the convict a visit, Sonny warned Cyrus that he wouldn’t allow him to run drugs through his town. Cyrus tried to cut a deal, offering Sonny a cut of the profits, but he refused.

Sonny prepared for war and had Jason attack one of Cyrus’ warehouse, blowing it sky-high. But the drug runner was also part of the mysterious deaths of Jordan Ashford and Marcus Taggert‘s fellow officers, out for revenge after Jordan went undercover in his organization to put him in prison. He had his men abduct Taggert’s daughter, Trina Robinson as well as Cameron Webber, and when Taggert was shot during the rescue, he later died in the hospital. Mayor Laura Collins had Cyrus moved to solitary in an attempt to keep him from running his business from behind bars, but it doesn’t seem to have done enough to stop the villain abducted Jordan’s son, TJ Ashford!

GH Sonny Cyrus
Looks like Cyrus wasn’t actually after Sonny in the end!ABC/Nick Agro

Soon, it was revealed that Harmony was working for Cyrus as his “man” on the outside, ensuring his instructions were obeyed, such as Jordan using her authority to redirect officers and allow Cyrus to transport drugs through Port Charles safely. Then he used the kidnapped TJ as leverage to force Jordan to help him escape from prison by making her admit that her team of DEA agents falsified evidence to put him in prison! Jordan contacted Internal Affairs and had Cyrus’ conviction overturned, and once he was free, the villain kept his word and released TJ… though the young man was a little worse for wear!

Once freed, Cyrus attempted to set himself up as a “legitimate businessman” in Port Charles society, though no one was really fooled by his act. When ELQ didn’t come through with the necessary funds, Cyrus made a sizeable donation to the hospital that made him chairman of the board, allowing him to fire Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer among others.

GH Cyrus Brando Laura
Laura didn’t appreciate Cyrus’ interest in her and her family.ABC

With Jordan still under his thumb, Cyrus hired Brando Corbin to work as his bodyguard, not realizing the guy was actually working as a mole for Sonny. Jordan and Curtis investigated Cyrus’ past and ran into Laura, who was horrified to learn that the villain had been investigating her past murder of David Hamilton. Cyrus manipulated Julian Jerome into planting a bomb at the Floating Rib to take out Jason, but tricked him into setting it off early, killing Dev and Dustin and seriously injuring Lulu. Then it was revealed that Cyrus also has a mysterious connection to attorney Martin Grey — the two are brothers!

Stay tuned to GH to find out just how dangerous Cyrus really is!

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