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What Happened to Cyrus on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Cyrus Renault on GENERAL HOSPITAL started off as a mysterious new villain but over time grew into a more complex character and even now has family in Port Charles! The character is being played by actor Jeff Kober, who has quite an extensive resume in film and television including roles on FALCON CREST, CHINA BEACH, SONS OF ANARCHY, and NCIS: LOS ANGELES. He made his daytime debut in the role in February 2020 and wrapped up his run on GH in June 2021. But like the proverbial bad penny, Cyrus kept popping up for additional appearances in late 2021, spring 2022, and fall 2022. Then, in June 2023, Kober was back on the canvas again for a new storyline!

Cyrus Renault was introduced as a Pentonville inmate who was challenging Sonny Corinthos‘ authority in Port Charles. When Sonny found himself attacked by gunmen in Brooklyn at the same time that his wife, Carly, came under fire at the Corinthos Coffee warehouse and Michael Corinthos was shot at on the docks, he knew that someone was out to take him down. After spending some time interrogating one of the gunmen, Sonny left it up to Jason Morgan, who found himself involved in yet another gunfight which left the shooter bleeding to death so Jason was able to get him to name his boss: Cyrus!

GH Sonny Henchman Goon
Sonny wanted to know who was after him and his family!XJJohnson/

Cyrus is a drug runner from the Northwest who has been running his operations from prison for the past decade. But when Sonny had Brick look into him, they discovered he’d recently been transferred to Pentonville. Paying the convict a visit, Sonny warned Cyrus that he wouldn’t allow him to run drugs through his town. Cyrus tried to cut a deal, offering Sonny a cut of the profits, but he refused.

Sonny prepared for war and had Jason attack one of Cyrus’ warehouse, blowing it sky-high. But the drug runner was also part of the mysterious deaths of Jordan Ashford and Marcus Taggert‘s fellow officers, out for revenge after Jordan went undercover in his organization to put him in prison. He had his men abduct Taggert’s daughter, Trina Robinson as well as Cameron Webber, and when Taggert was shot during the rescue, he later died in the hospital. Mayor Laura Collins had Cyrus moved to solitary in an attempt to keep him from running his business from behind bars, but it wasn’t enough to stop the villain from abducting Jordan’s son, TJ Ashford!

GH Sonny Cyrus
Looks like Cyrus wasn’t actually after Sonny in the end!ABC/Nick Agro

Soon, it was revealed that Harmony was working for Cyrus as his “man” on the outside, ensuring his instructions were obeyed, such as Jordan using her authority to redirect officers and allow Cyrus to transport drugs through Port Charles safely. Then he used the kidnapped TJ as leverage to force Jordan to help him escape from prison by making her admit that her team of DEA agents falsified evidence to put him in prison! Jordan contacted Internal Affairs and had Cyrus’ conviction overturned, and once he was free, the villain kept his word and released TJ… though the young man was a little worse for wear!

Once freed, Cyrus attempted to set himself up as a “legitimate businessman” in Port Charles society, though no one was really fooled by his act. When ELQ didn’t come through with the necessary funds, Cyrus made a sizeable donation to the hospital that made him chairman of the board, allowing him to fire Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer among others.

GH Cyrus Brando Laura
Laura didn’t appreciate Cyrus’ interest in her and her family.ABC

With Jordan still under his thumb, Cyrus hired Brando Corbin to work as his bodyguard, not realizing the guy was actually working as a mole for Sonny. Jordan and Curtis investigated Cyrus’ past and ran into Laura, who was horrified to learn that the villain had been investigating her past murder of David Hamilton. Cyrus manipulated Julian Jerome into planting a bomb at the Floating Rib to take out Jason, but tricked him into setting it off early, killing Dev and Dustin and seriously injuring Lulu. Then it was revealed that not only is Martin Grey Cyrus’ brother but Laura is their sister!

With Sonny presumed dead, Cyrus made moves on his territory, so Carly had his mother, Florence Grey, hidden away in a secure location to use as leverage against him. Cyrus then teamed up with Peter August to help get Jason out of the picture by framing him for Franco’s murder. Eventually, Carly lost her leverage when Cyrus persuaded Nikolas Cassadine to rescue Florence in exchange for his promise his Aunt Alexis wouldn’t be harmed in prison.

Cyrus paid Gladys Corbin to lie that Jason had shot and killed Franco, and when Carly took over the Corinthos empire in Sonny’s absence, she tried to force Gladys to tell the truth. So Cyrus had Gladys abducted and tested Brando’s loyalty by ordering him to shoot his mother! When Brando turned his gun on the villain it turned out to be empty and Cyrus shot Gladys! Later, meeting with Carly on the docks to arrange for Gladys to be exchanged back to him, Jason arrived and Cyrus was hit in the ensuing shootout. Escaping, he hid in Portia Robinson‘s house to force the doctor to stitch him up! Laura exchanged herself for Portia and Trina as his hostage, and when the situation turned violent, Cyrus was shot by Jordan and taken into custody!

GH Laura Jordan Cyrus cops
No one was really sorry to see Cyrus go.ABC

Once the villain had recovered in the hospital, Jordan informed him he was being shipped to a federal penitentiary in the midwest where he could no longer be a threat. But Cyrus vowed that he would always be in Laura’s head. Even behind bars, Cyrus remained a threat. He warned Sonny about Joey Novak making a move against him and later taunted Sonny when Jason was presumed dead. Laura and Martin also went into protective custody due to Cyrus’ threats on their life, and an assassin managed to catch up with them! (She failed, thankfully.)

Laura visited Cyrus in prison and was skeptical of his claim to have found religion after a bout of pneumonia. And the following year, when Laura found herself under attack by the “Friends of Port Charles,” she visited Cyrus again, this time in Pentonville, where he’d been transferred to. He insisted he was trying to change his ways but it was difficult and admitted he was behind the organization. Cyrus was stunned to tears when Laura declared she forgave him.

Cyrus showed up again in Pentonville to rescue Spencer Cassadine from another inmate who was attacking him. Cyrus continued to spout religion and offered Spencer his help, though the young man wanted nothing to do with the guy. When Book threatened Spencer again, Cyrus stepped in and planted a shiv on the guy so he’d be sent to solitary. When Spencer questioned how that fit into his new lifestyle, Cyrus said God was still working on him.

GH Spencer Cyrus
Cyrus offered Spencer protection… and advice.ABC

After Laura visited Spencer, Cyrus told her that they’d become acquainted and she warned him to stay away from her grandson. He then warned his sister that Anna Devane should stay on the run because if she ended up in Pentonville, Olivia Jerome was waiting for her. When Victor Cassadine paid Spencer a visit, Cyrus introduced himself and said he was also Spencer’s family. He also let Victor know that he was aware he’d tried to have Laura and Martin killed, which surprised Spencer. Before leaving, Victor warned Spencer to watch himself around Cyrus. In December, Cyrus offered Spencer an early Christmas present, and although reluctant, he accepted it and found it was two turtle doves. Cyrus suggested he could give one to Trina and keep the other for himself.

In June 2023, Cyrus was seen again, informing a guard that a new prisoner was coming to Pentonville, named Drew Cain, and that he was a “friend.” Drew was wary of Cyrus’ welcome, but when he suffered a heart attack, Drew helped save his life. Awakening in the hospital, Cyrus declared he had a new mission in life and called Martin to arrange to give away all of his money to charity. But then it was revealed that Cyrus was Mason Gatlin’s mystery boss! Austin Gatlin-Holt visited Cyrus in prison to tell him he was through helping him and Mason, but it wasn’t that easy. Cyrus reminded Austin how he helped put him through medical school and he owed him. And Cyrus collected by forcing Austin to testify in a hearing to secure early release from prison for medical reasons!

Having had Mason kidnap Ava Jerome to force Austin’s hand, Cyrus ordered his minion to bring her home but Mason defied him and tried to kill her! Cyrus let Mason know how disappointed he was in him but allowed him to be sent back to prison instead of meeting a more permanent fate. After discovering Cyrus had been released from prison, Portia was furious and warned him to stay away from her family. The convict insisted that he was a changed man, but no one really believed him, though Laura reluctantly decided to give her brother a second chance. When Austin was killed before he was able to give the police evidence on Cyrus, Ava immediately feared he was behind the murder.

Stay tuned to see what Cyrus might do next!

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