GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 12/9/20: The End of Sam and Jason?

Everything is falling apart in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! Curtis is keeping secrets, Sasha and Willow have an awkward chat, Epiphany warns Jordan, Laura and Cyrus clash as Sonny questions Martin, Michael can’t forgive Carly, and Jason wonders if Sam is kicking him out!

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As expected, the glow from Curtis and Jordan’s happy anniversary has already faded as they get mixed back up in the drama surrounding Cyrus and his criminal empire. “I wouldn’t tell the police commissioner,” Curtis advises someone. And after Trina’s interrogation, Epiphany goes to Jordan to warn her. “The wheels are coming off of your cover-up,” she reveals. How much longer can they possibly keep their secret?

By the time Willow and Michael learned that Chase and Sasha had lied to them about sleeping together, the couple had already developed genuine feelings for each other. As they struggle to decide whether to make their marriage of convenience something real, they need to figure out how everyone feels about each other. “That’s a… loaded question,” Sasha admits to Willow. And unfortunately, Michael is also still reeling from the revelation and the fact that his own mother had been keeping the secret from him. “I asked you to forgive me,” she begs. But Michael coldly replies: “I can’t.”

GH Epiphany Jordan
Epiphany doesn’t want to be caught in the fallout when Taggert is found alive!ABC

Cyrus has a run-in with Laura which naturally leads to another tense exchange as she remains determined to put the drug runner back in prison where he belongs. And whatever he suggests to her, she responds: “I want that with every fiber of my being.” Meanwhile, up in the Metro Court, Sonny continues digging to find out how Martin is connected to Cyrus. “I’m just gonna assume you were involved,” he muses.

Sam already appeared to be having some issues with her life with Jason, but it was Danny’s complaints about not having a normal life that seems to have pushed her over the edge. When she caught Jason packing to leave on a job for Sonny, she informed him that she can’t do this anymore and when he leaves, he shouldn’t come back. “Are you asking me to move out?” he wonders, stunned. Is this the beginning of the end for Jason and Sam?

Check out this tease for today’s emotional episode of GH!

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