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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 7/14/21: “Mike” Makes A Promise!

According to these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, revelations are being made all over the place today! Laura tries to smooth things over between Spencer and Nikolas, Ava finds out that she’s been trumped by someone else, Austin stakes a claim on his birthright, Maxie unloads on Nina, and “Mike” vows to help Phyllis and Lenny! Plus, Finn wonders if Anna’s received news about Peter, and Brook Lynn predicts a major shake-up is ahead!

Ask and you shall receive? Just as Nikolas finished telling his mom that he’d wished so often during this whole stalker ordeal that Spencer was home, the teenager himself appeared at Wyndemere! To say that things have been tense between Nikolas and Spencer lately is an understatement, and Laura is determined to help her son and grandson reconnect. “Don’t you have something to say to your son?” she prods Nikolas while trying to mediate things between the two.

Meanwhile, Ava is just about moved out of Wyndemere, but was planning to do one last walk-through before officially moving in with her pal, Nina. Unfortunately for Ava, she can’t get back to Spoon Island because the ferry boat isn’t available! “Who has more right to that launch than I do?” she angrily says while on the phone. Is Ava about to discover that Spencer is back in town?

At the Quartermaine mansion, the family received quite a shock when Austin crashed the meeting and introduced himself as Austin Gatlin Holt — Jimmy Lee’s son! Yep, Austin is another of Edward’s grandsons, and he wants his piece of the family business. Especially since his father didn’t receive an inheritance when Edward passed away. “What was rightfully his,” Austin tells his newfound family members, “is now rightfully mine.” Will the Q clan welcome Austin with open arms? And what has Brook Lynn musing that a big shake-up is ahead? “They better head for the hills,” she warns someone, “’cause this is nothing.”

Finn wonders if Anna’s received any news about Peter.ABC

Over at General Hospital, Anna receives a message while speaking with Finn, whose curiosity gets the better of him. (After all, as long as Peter hasn’t been found, Finn is safe from a murder charge!) “Is that about Peter?” Finn asks his ex. Meanwhile, Maxie is desperate to get out of town. She wants to be around “Bailey” all the time and knows that it’s bordering on unhealthy. But when she turned to Nina for help, Maxie slipped up by saying that she wants to bring Bailey home where she belongs! Will Maxie come clean to her former sister-in-law about what really happened to baby Louise? “How much of this do you have a problem with?” Maxie angrily asks a shocked Nina.

In Pennsylvania, “Mike” is upset to learn of Lenny’s health complications and wishes that he could help his boss and Phyllis the way that they helped him. But how? “I don’t know,” he vows, “but I’m gonna find a way!”

Watch the teaser below for an exciting new episode of GH!

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