GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 6/9/21: Will Nina Leave Sonny?

One shocking revelation after another is made in these exciting GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! Maxie fills in Britt on the baby switch, Obrecht reaches out to Anna, and Finn has a breakthrough in finding a cure for Chase! Plus, Michael turns the tables on Jax, and Nina considers returning home, but doesn’t want to say goodbye to “Mike!”

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Now that she’s back in Port Charles, Britt checks in with Maxie, wondering if her sister-in-law was able to follow through with the scheme they concocted to keep baby Louise away from Peter. Sitting on Maxie’s hospital bed, Britt asks her, “Did you go ahead with your plan?” Settle in, Britt, because Maxie has much to tell you!

Over at Wyndemere, Nikolas and Ava returned home from their day’s business to discover that her stalker has struck again: a photo of them had been destroyed. But the disturbing picture isn’t the only thing that Ava’s stalker left behind. Convinced that her psycho ex is behind the increasingly creepy “gifts” she’s been receiving, Ava tells Nikolas, “Ryan’s left us another note.”

Gh Chase hospital
Has Finn finally found a way to save Chase’s life?ABC

The past few weeks haven’t been easy for Anna, but she’s about to find help where she least expects it. Bumping into Liesl at the hospital elevator, Anna gets an offer that she just may not be able to refuse! “If you feel like breaking something,” Obrecht tells her nemesis, “I can help.” Meanwhile, now that Finn has had a breakthrough in having figured out a way to trick Chase’s body into accepting the treatment he needs to recover, it’s time to share the good news with his patient and his loved ones. In Finn’s lab, Liz makes an important phone call, informing the person on the other end that “Finn would like you to meet us at the hospital right away.” And in Chase’s hospital room, Finn excitedly tells his shocked son that he’s found a cure. “This is real, Chase,” the doctor promises, as the detective’s eyes grow wide with hope.

Over at the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael was pushed into a corner by Jax when the businessman blackmailed him into letting Nina be a part of Wiley’s life. After reluctantly making the phone call to Nina granting her a visit with her grandson, Michael turns the tables on Jax, adding a few stipulations of his own. “Nina has a choice,” Michael angrily tells his former stepdad, “because you took mine away from me.” And over in Nixon Falls, Nina is thinking about returning home to Port Charles after Michael’s phone call — just as she and “Mike” considered giving the growing feelings between them a chance! As she mulls over Michael’s offer with “Mike” at the Tan-O, and what it means for their own future, Nina wonders if she can possibly have a relationship with Wiley in New York and with Mike in Pennsylvania. “Does this have to be goodbye?” she asks Mike.

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