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What Happened to Jerry Jacks on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Jerry Jacks has been one of GENERAL HOSPITAL‘s most popular villains, which is probably why he keeps coming back for more! When the character first appeared from April 1998 to December 1999, he was played by actor Julian Stone. GH recast the role with Sebastian Roché in 2007 and he has made various appearances over the years, his most recent being in 2015.

Jerry Jacks first arrived in Port Charles to meet his brother, Jasper “Jax” Jacks, and his fiancée, Brenda Barrett. He wasn’t planning on sticking around but he fell in love with Bobbie Spencer and they eventually planned to tie the knot. Although he claimed his criminal past was behind him, he was arrested for money laundering during the wedding. Jax posted his bail and Jerry skipped town.

In 2007, Jerry returned, but no one knew who he was at first because he had undergone plastic surgery and was calling himself James Craig. He and a team of masked gunmen took the Metro Court Hotel hostage in an attempt to steal a briefcase from the vault. He tormented Bobbie and Carly Corinthos and shot Robin Scorpio to prove he was serious, forcing Emily Quartermaine to perform life-saving surgery on the scene. During the ordeal, Alan Quartermaine suffered multiple heart attacks and later died of his injuries.

GH Jax Jerry
“You like my new face? I could probably get you a deal if you’re interested…”ABC/RON TOM

A short time later, he showed up at Wyndemere calling himself James Brosnan and injected Nikolas Cassadine with a neurotoxin only he could cure to force him to create a new identity for him. While he was ruining Nikolas’ life, James’ true identity was revealed when he watched Jax and Carly’s wedding from afar and his mother, Jane Jacks, realized who he was even with a different face. Jerry began a fling with Alexis Davis and worked with Russian mob boss Andrei Karpov. When Sam McCall tried to expose him, Jerry tried to kill her on multiple occasions. Although he was presumed dead in an explosion he’d set for Sam, Jerry survived and continued to torture the people of Port Charles. In 2010, The Balkan put out a hit on Jerry and he was shot dead but his body was never recovered from the harbor. 

In 2012, Jerry resurfaced and poisoned the town’s water supply, hijacking the local TV station to broadcast his message to everyone, demanding a hefty payout for the cure. When Jerry tried to leave town in a boat, it was shot at and exploded. Although the villain was believed dead, the antidote he’d injected into Alexis and Josslyn was used to create a cure for everyone. Jerry popped up again holding Robin hostage for Cesar Faison, and again when Luke Spencer and Holly tracked him to Corinth.

In 2013, Luke found Jerry on Cassadine Island where he was using Robin to research a cure for polonium poisoning. Since Luke was suffering from the same poison, Jerry planned to use him as a guinea pig to make sure Robin didn’t try to trick him. But after the doctor synthesized the antidote, Tracy Quartermaine forced him to give the entire cure to Luke. After a rooftop fight with Luke, Jerry fled the city with the help of Julian Jerome.

GH Anna Robert Jerry
“You won’t get away this time!”ABC

Jerry made another appearance in 2014 when he tricked Tracy into giving him shares of ELQ in exchange for her missing husband. She agreed, thinking it would be Luke, but it was actually Larry Ashton. He then resurfaced on Cassadine Island again in 2015 holding Robin prisoner demanding she create a way to stay alive forever. When she couldn’t come up with what he wanted fast enough, he decided to have her killed, but he was arrested by Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane and sent to Steinmauer Prison. Although in 2019, it was revealed that Jerry had escaped, so who knows if he might come back to cause more trouble!

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