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General Hospital

What Happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL?

After the soap suspended production in March and ran out of new episodes in May, fans may find themselves wondering, “What happened on GENERAL HOSPITAL?” Well, ABC ran the last two weeks of episodes again before new episodes begin airing on Monday, Aug. 3, but if you weren’t watching or just need a little more of a refresher, we’ve got you covered!

What happened with Wiley’s custody case?

Michael married Willow in the hopes of cementing custody of his son but Nelle had her own plan, showing up at the courthouse in a wedding dress and revealing that she’d married Julian! He wasn’t thrilled by the arrangement but it was the only way to keep Nelle from exposing his involvement in the baby switch cover-up! Nelle took the stand for some emotional testimony and was thrilled when Nina agreed to testify on her behalf, but we left off with Nina being sworn in, so who knows which way she’ll turn?

How is Mike doing?

Sonny’s heart broke to see that his father was sleeping all the time and not eating or drinking much anymore. Elizabeth informed Jason this happens with patients who were ready to go, but Mike needed to hear from Sonny that it was okay. Jason passed this on to Sonny, who struggled to make the right decision for his father even as it tore out his own heart.

GH Sonny Mike

Is Holly really dead?

Robert was floored to receive news that Holly had died, but when Mac gave him the WSB report, he added that Anna found something that indicated things may not be as they seem. Robert was suspicious that it might all be a lie, and reached out to Luke to try and get to the bottom of what really happened to Holly.

What is Cyrus up to?

Trina confronted Cyrus about killing her father, but Curtis intervened and warned the drug lord to keep his distance from Trina and her mother, Portia. Trina wanted Jordan to clear her father’s name, but the cop insisted that she’d told the truth about Taggart framing Cyrus. Cyrus tried to do some business with Ava, but she refused to have anything to do with the man who killed Trina’s dad.

What’s going on over at Crimson?

Nina confided to Jax that she wanted to resume the search for her long-lost daughter but declined his help in doing so. Meanwhile, Nelle keeps playing with her half-heart locket that would seem to indicate that she’s the missing daughter in question! Sasha, the young woman Nina once thought was her kid, was stinging from Michael choosing to marry Willow for the advantage in the custody hearing and turned to drugs provided by Maxie’s assistant during a photoshoot. Meanwhile, Maxie felt dizzy and nauseous so she checked her calendar and made a doctor’s appointment!

GH Peter Maxie

What else?

Alexis was depressed because her license to practice law had been revoked due to her lying about her affair with Neil. Josslyn was stunned when Dev told her Cameron had romantic feelings for her. Olivia consulted a psychic about Dante. After Scott warned him to be careful because Elizabeth and Nikolas had history together, Franco had an encounter with the Cassadine that left him feeling a little jealous and unsure of the stability of his marriage.

That should cover all the major plot developments leading up to GH’s big return on Monday, so you should be all caught up and ready to dive right in as the drama resumes uninterrupted!

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