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Residents of Port Charles are living under a shadow of fear as two people have been attacked and one victim is dead. And the question on everyone’s mind is: Who is The Hook on GENERAL HOSPITAL?

After Ava and Brando were both attacked by a dark figure wielding a giant hook, the police have determined that Sonny is the most likely link between the two assaults. However, while Brando was the one attacked, The Hook was actually targeting Josslyn before he got in the way.

Ava survived her attack, but Brando wasn’t as lucky. Although he pulled through surgery and appeared to be on the mend, he suddenly took a turn for the worse and there was nothing the doctors could do to save his life. After the toxicology report came back, it was revealed that he had actually died of a poison The Hook had laced their weapon with. So it would appear that they learned their lesson when Ava survived and made sure that wouldn’t happen again!

Like the characters on GH, viewers are also throwing all kinds of theories around as to who The Hook could be. Let’s break down the most likely suspects and then you can share your opinion in our online poll at the very end!


GH Dex Kristina

Some fans were already suspecting Dex of being The Hook even before the evidence started pointing to him. He’s clearly a shady character, working for Sonny as a double agent so that Michael can take his father down. We know he has no problem with violence, but is he a killer? Brando heard a jingling sound like bracelets clanking together when he was attacked, and Dex’s dog tags make the same kind of sound… but could that be too obvious? Also, why would he want to attack Josslyn, who he clearly has a crush on?


GH Rory

Ever since Rory first showed up as the rookie cop with a heart of gold who charmed Trina, there were a number of viewers who suspected he was too good to be true. Could the officer be hiding a dark secret behind his badge? Both Ava and Josslyn are connected to Trina, so perhaps Rory wants her all to himself?


GH Esme

Although her body was never found following her fall from the Wyndemere parapet, enough people have survived that particular tumble in the past that fans are positive she’s lurking out there waiting to take her revenge. Esme was fighting with Ava when she went over the ledge, and she also hates Josslyn, so right now she’s definitely one of the prime suspects.


Whenever there’s a spate of violent murders in Port Charles, serial killer Ryan Chamberlin is always first in mind when making a list of suspects. However, even if he was attempting to avenge Esme’s supposed death, it seems rather unlikely that he’d try to kill Ava, given his obsession with her. So he might actually be in the clear on this one… for a change!


GH Liz

When the first attack occurred, Elizabeth was experiencing yet another one of her fugue states and couldn’t account for her whereabouts during Ava’s attempted murder. However, even though she had originally tormented herself and even bonked Chase over the head while suffering her fugue states before, actual murder — and with a giant hook — seems a bit of a stretch. Especially since there would be no reason for her to go after Ava or Josslyn.


GH Victor

Although it seems unlikely that Victor Cassadine would get his hands dirty by hooking victims around Port Charles, it is possible that he could have hired someone to do it for him. But while he might want to take Ava out of the picture, what would Victor have against Josslyn?

It may take another victim or two before the connection between the attacks points to a definitive suspect and as the clues continue to pile up, they could wind up implicating a suspect no one has even considered yet. But for now, let us know who you think is The Hook by voting below!

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