GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 3/18/20 — Is Willow Going to Marry Michael?

Things are about to change in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, and not necessarily for the better! Things turn awkward for Cam and Trina, Maxie needs help from Lulu, Jax and Nina are in trouble, Jordan goes after her son, and Sasha makes Willow a shocking proposition!

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Brook Lynn is settling into her new job at ELQ, but it doesn’t seem that Ned is particularly confident that his daughter can handle her new responsibilities. “These are for your eyes only,” he tells her. “Can you do that?” Brook Lynn looks offended at his skepticism, but can she really do it?

After Cameron and Trina’s bonding over their shared kidnapping experience led to a kiss, Josslyn joined her friends on the patio to find them standing far apart and the air full of awkward tension. “What’d I miss?” she asks, looking from one to the other. Will Cam and Trina tell her about their smooch?

GH Maxie Lulu

At the Metro Court, Maxie sits down with Lulu and explains why she called her here today. “I need some super-serious, life-altering advice,” she reveals. But will Lulu be of any help to her BFF? 

Jax visits Nina in her office at Crimson where they have a new crisis to discuss. “I take it you have a contingency plan?” she asks her boss. Is this something to do with their relationship affecting their work, or is it just work-related?

Following a lead on her kidnapped son, Jordan ran off to rescueT.J., running into Harmony on the way. “You’re going to take me to my son in exchange for your life,” she instructs Cyrus’ henchwoman as she holds her gun on her. But does Harmony have an ace up her sleeve?

After Nelle paid a visit to Wiley, Michael is more determined than ever to get custody of the boy away from her and since marrying Sasha wasn’t going to help, he now has a new plan. “What is it you want Willow to do?” Chase asks, concerned. Sasha declares: “Marry Michael.” Can this crazy plan even work? And would Willow even agree to it?

Check out this tease for today’s exciting episode and for more GH preview, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine.

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