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What Happened to Jordan on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Jordan Ridgeway on DAYS OF OUR LIVES met a tragic fate, but some viewers might not be aware of her history on the soap. The character was introduced in August of 2013 with Chrishell Stause in the role and she appeared until March of 2015. The actress might be familiar to soap fans from her roles as Amanda Dillon on ABC’s ALL MY CHILDREN and Bethany on CBS sudser THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Stause returned to DAYS for a couple more visits to Salem with murder on her mind but wound up the victim instead! The actress has reprised the role for some ghostly visits since then, the most recent in January 2023.

Jordan came to Salem in 2013 at the request of Kate Roberts, who wanted her to help Rafe Hernandez, who was recovering from a violent attack. Originally very closed-off, Jordan began to open up as she treated Rafe. Irritated, a jealous Kate began digging into Jordan’s mysterious past. After sharing a first kiss with Rafe, Jordan backed off and privately checked the lockbox in her apartment that contained a series of ID’s all with different names and different looks for herself.

Days of Our Lives Kate Jordan Rafe
Kate was jealous of Jordan’s bedside manner with Rafe!Paul Skipper/

Since Jordan didn’t want to date a patient, Rafe eventually found a new therapist and they began a serious relationship. her old friend, Sheryl, arrived in town and began stirring up Jordan’s past. Although the two women initially clashed, they agreed to make the best of things. Frustrated she couldn’t get any dirt out of Sheryl, Kate hired another private investigator to continue digging for dirt on Jordan.

Jordan was not happy when her brother, Ben Weston, turned up in Salem because they had gone their separate ways to avoid their traumatic past. Eventually, Kate’s investigation led her to Poplar Bluff, MO where she met a man named Clyde Weston who said he was Jordan and Ben’s father. Kate told him they were both living in Salem, but what she didn’t realize was that not only wasn’t Clyde Jordan’s biological father but he was also abusive, having beaten Ben as a child. When the beatings got so bad, Jordan stole money and ran away with Ben. But they eventually split up so Clyde would have a harder time tracking them down.

The siblings were horrified when Clyde caught up with them in Salem. He claimed he wanted to reconnect with them, but they both rejected him. Jordan’s relationship with Rafe fell apart and she began dating Chad DiMera, who Ben didn’t trust. She was also upset to see Ben getting closer to his father. Terrified, Jordan held Clyde at gunpoint, unable to get past the fact that Clyde allowed her to be raped. Clyde eventually blackmailed Jordan into backing off by threatening to reveal that she caused the accident that killed her and Ben’s mother. Jordan then claimed to support Ben and Clyde’s relationship. 

After learning that Chad had goaded Ben into assaulting him, Jordan broke up with him and accepted a job in England. But before leaving Salem, Jordan warned Clyde that she would expose his involvement in her rape if he ever hurt Ben. In 2016, when Clyde escaped from prison, Rafe contacted Jordan to see if she had any information, but she didn’t. 

Days of Our Lives Ben Jordan Clyde
The Westons gave new meaning to the phrase “dysfunctional family!” Howard Wise/

Jordan returned in February of 2019 to kidnap Ciara Brady, believing Ben to be dangerous. Suffering from a mental breakdown, she also abducted Abigail and Chad’s newborn, Charlotte. When Kate spotted her and tried to call the cops, Jordan stabbed her with a syringe! She tried to set fire to the cabin where she was holding Ciara, but Ben and Hope rescued her. When Jordan showed up at the hospital where Ciara had been taken, she injected Ben, but he recovered and subdued his sister. It was revealed that her mother’s death years ago wasn’t an accident and remembering she had killed her own mother caused Jordan to have a psychotic break. She was sent to Bayview for treatment where she confessed to Rafe that she had a son named David and asked him to bring him to Salem and take care of him. 

When Jordan was released, she claimed to be all better but that clearly wasn’t the case as she still had it out for Ben and plotted to murder Ciara! Unfortunately, her attempt to poison Ciara landed Rafe in the hospital instead. And when time flash-forwarded a year, Jordan was dead and Ben was in prison for her murder! Eventually, Ciara was finally able to prove Ben’s innocence when DNA evidence pointed to David’s father as Jordan’s killer. And when Evan Frears was exposed as Christian Maddox, David’s father, he was forced to confess that when he confronted Jordan about their son, their argument ended with him strangling her to death!

Jordan made an additional ghostly appearance in July 2020 when Ben had a nightmare of his sister reminding him of his sins. And in January 2023, she welcomed Kate to purgatory.

Stay tuned to see if she pops up again!

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