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What Happened to Rex on DAYS OF OUR LIVES


Longtime fans remember Rex Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES as an alien, but now he’s just Roman Brady’s son. And if that’s not weird enough, the character returned to the soap, but played by the actor who used to play Brady! Don’t worry, we’ll help it all make sense for you… Rex was originally played by actor Eric Winter starting in July of 2002 until his departure in July of 2005. The character returned to DAYS in October of 2018, now portrayed by Kyle Lowder, who viewers will remember as Brady Black from 2000-05. (The role of Brady has been played by Eric Martsolf since 2008.) It was just a short stint, with Rex leaving town again in August of 2019, but the character has continued to resurface for visits to Salem in the years that have followed.

The character of Rex was introduced alongside his twin sister, Cassie, back in July of 2002 when there was a meteor shower and they were discovered wearing foil outfits on the side of the road by Belle Black and Shawn-Douglas. Nicknamed the “Gemini Twins,” the pair were originally believed to be aliens as they also spoke no English. However, they quickly learned, and Rex wound up having quite a superior intellect.

Days of Our Lives Rex Shawn Belle
Rex’s arrival in Salem was… unique to say the least!Jesse Grant/JPI

After a while, genetic testing revealed that they were the twin offspring of Tony DiMera and Marlena Evans, conceived through scientific means. Rex struck up a relationship with Mimi Lockhart, and she was there to support him when he learned the real truth about his parentage. It turns out that Rex and Cassie were actually created from the sperm of Roman Brady and an egg from Kate Roberts! 

The revelation changed Rex’s attitude, and he became moody and violent, worrying his friends. And when people started dying around Salem, he became the prime suspect. Tragically, he was then devastated when his twin, Cassie, became one of the Salem Stalker’s victims. Thankfully, all the murdered Salem residents turned out to be alive on an island and it was all just an elaborate charade.

Days of Our Lives Rex Mimi
Rex couldn’t handle Mimi’s betrayal.Paul Skipper/

Rex broke up with Mimi when he discovered that she had aborted his baby without telling him, and then left town with his sister. The twins were mentioned briefly in late 2017 as part of Dr. Rolf’s mad experiments, but in 2018, Rex returned home to Salem once more, revealing his engagement to Sarah Horton. But that engagement was broken off when Sarah found out that Rex had cheated on her with Mimi, and the baby Bonnie was passing off as her own was actually Rex and Mimi’s! When Mimi and her daughter left town, Rex went with them, but he soon returned, begging Sarah for another chance. She had become smitten with Eric, but when he lied that he wasn’t that into her, Sarah forgave Rex and they became man and wife.

However, she was still very much drawn to Eric and ultimately gave in to her feelings for him so a heartbroken Rex quit his job at the hospital and left Salem in 2019 to move to Chicago and start over. But less than a year later, Sarah didn’t realize she would later run into her ex in Paris, of all places! Realizing she’d abducted Kristen DiMera‘s daughter who she’d believed to be her own for a year, Rex tried to convince her to do the right thing. But Sarah tied him up and refused to listen, abandoning him to be rescued after she’d tried to leave the country!

DAYS Xander Sarah Rex
Kristen managed to destroy Sarah’s life leaving Xander and Rex none the wiser!XJJohnson/

In 2021, Sarah was about to marry Xander Kiriakis, and Rex was startled when she threw herself at him, not realizing it was actually Kristen in disguise! He was caught with “Sarah” by Xander, who blew up and attacked Rex. “Sarah” claimed she still loved Rex, but he was later heartbroken when she dumped him, too, and left Salem again.

Rex came home in December 2021, pleasantly surprised to find Kate and Roman reunited and enjoying a romantic dinner together. However, everyone seemed confused when he explained he had no idea where Sarah was! As he returned to Chicago after the new year, Rex still had no idea that Sarah had been kidnapped by Kristen. He also missed out on her return and believing she was Renee Dumonde for a time. Though Rex did step in to confirm Sarah’s alibi when she was suspected of murdering Abigail.

When Kate, Marlena, and Kayla all fell deathly ill in September, Rex returned to Salem in the hopes of helping save their lives. He suspected their illness was the same that Roman had suffered previously and asked Dr. Rolf for help in developing a cure but he was unable to assist. Rex next visited at Christmas to follow up with Kate and make sure that she was definitely cured. Tragically, the three women relapsed and Rex sadly declared Kate dead. After having rebound sex with Rex, Sarah confessed she was having Xander’s baby and he offered her a job at his hospital in Chicago which she quickly took.

DAYS Rex Sarah
Rex offered Sarah a job and a daddy for her baby!XJJohnson/

Unfortunately, in May 2023, when Bonnie went to the Windy City for a visit, she saw Sarah’s baby bump and didn’t believe Rex’s claims that the child was his!

Stay tuned to DAYS to see what Rex does next!

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