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What Happened To Gabi on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Gabi Hernandez on DAYS OF OUR LIVES keeps getting into trouble and every time a scheme blows up in her face, fans fear it’s the end for her! But this young lady has bounced back from all kinds of sticky situations in the past. Introduced in 2009, Gabi was originally played by actress Gabriela Rodriguez for a year before Camila Banus took over for her in 2010. She departed in June of 2014, but returned in September of 2015 to continue Gabi’s adventures. Although she left again briefly in the summer of 2020, Banus was back by the end of November. Sadly, in May 2023, the actress announced her decision to leave DAYS.

Gabi moved to Salem to live with her older brother Rafe Hernandez and sister, Arianna. She befriended Will Horton, and when Arianna was killed in a hit-and-run, she leaned on him for support and they shared their first kiss. Their romance deepened, but they later split up when he admitted he was gay. Gabi developed a crush on Chad DiMera, and schemed to break him and Melanie Jonas up, even pretending to have a stalker to gain his attention! When Chad found out the truth, he was furious, and Gabi returned to Will for comfort. They regretted their subsequent one-night stand, even more so when Gabi turned out to be pregnant!

Days of Our Lives Gabi Will
Gabi and Will made such a cute couple at the prom!Paul Skipper/

Since she was in a relationship with Nick, everyone agreed that he would pretend that he was the father, and when Gabi gave birth, she named her daughter Arianna after her sister. But after Nick came clean to her about what had happened to him in prison and what he did to Will, she left him and moved in with Will. But Nick refused to give up on her and tried to rape her. She thought she’d killed him in self-defense, but then Nick showed up alive at Arianna’s christening! He wanted to reconcile, but in the end, a terrified Gabi shot and killed Nick, getting 20 years in prison.

Due to an error in her sentencing, Gabi was released early and was happy to be reunited with her family in Salem. After being devastated by Will’s brutal murder, Gabi then had to contend with the return of her estranged father, Eduardo. Later, Gabi dated JJ Deveraux for a little while, but that came to an end when he cheated on her with Lani. When Abigail Deveraux was presumed dead, Gabi began a relationship with Chad, but that was spoiled when she returned! Although Chad confessed his love to Gabi while they were kidnapped by Deimos Kiriakis, he still wanted to make his marriage to Abigail work. Unfortunately, when he tried to cut Gabi out of his life, Deimos poisoned Gabi and Abigail and gave Chad only enough antidote for one woman! Thinking fast, Chad split the antidote in half between the ladies, keeping them both alive long enough to get medical attention.

days of our lives gabi chad eli
“Of course I’d have to get stranded with you both,” sighed Gabi.XJJohnson/

Gabi started a relationship with Eli Grant, but still had feelings for Chad, and while stranded on a desert island, they gave in to passion. Also, Abigail wasn’t a problem because she had married Gabi’s brother, Dario. But he was tricking her into marriage, and after Abigail nearly died saving Chad’s life, Gabi had no choice but to step aside. And while she got back together with Eli and was thrilled when Will turned up alive and well, Gabi also struggled when she had to step in to keep JJ from killing himself. Her staying with him that night gave Eli the wrong idea, and he retaliated by sleeping with Lani!

After Andre DiMera was found dead, the evidence pointed to Gabi, who was arrested and put on trial for the crime. During the trial, Lani admitted to sleeping with Eli and later confessed that the baby she was carrying was his. But even worse, Abigail — in her alternate Dr. Laura personality — took the stand and claimed that Gabi had admitted to the crime! Gabi was convicted and sentenced to prison where she was assaulted by another inmate out for revenge. After the truth that Abigail had killed Andre was revealed, Gabi was released but she was devastated to learn that the injuries she’d suffered behind bars meant she might not be able to have another child.

Days of Our Lives Abigail Chad Gabi
Gabi definitely didn’t have a merry Christmas that year!XJJohnson/

To take revenge on Abigail, Gabi switched the paternity results to make everyone believe that Stefan DiMera was the father of her baby, not Chad. Abigail had undergone therapy to integrate her personalities, but Gabi drugged her and made her believe she was turning back into Gabby again. To finish the scheme off, Gabi made it appear Abigail had physically attacked her and Chad had Abigail committed. But Abigail turned the tables on Gabi by pretending to be Gabby so Stefan would get her out of the hospital and enlisted Julie’s help to uncover the truth. When Julie found the real paternity results, Gabi considered silencing her forever, but couldn’t go through with it. And when everyone learned the truth, Gabi raced to cover her tracks. But while Abigail and Chad were mad, it was Stefan she really had to worry about!

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and Stefan and Gabi crossed it repeatedly, finally giving in to their passion while locked in the DiMera wine cellar by Kristen. They also got married so they could run DiMera together, but things took a tragic turn when Stefan was shot to death by Lani while protecting his mother, Vivian. A grieving Gabi agreed to donate Stefan’s heart to an ailing Julie after Lani got down on her knees and begged, but then had a special pacemaker installed so that she could control Julie’s heart via an app on her phone and used that as leverage to force Lani to dump Eli at the altar!

DAYS Gabi Eli Wedding Chaos
Gabi and Eli’s wedding took a “shocking” turn!XJJohnson/

After a year, Gabi was in a relationship with Eli and accepted his marriage proposal. However, Lani returned to Salem and with JJ’s help, learned about the app and interrupted the wedding to expose her. Backed into a corner, Gabi zapped Julie’s heart a couple of times as she admitted Lani’s accusations were true, but it turned out Julie was faking in order to expose her!

Gabi was able to avoid going to prison by striking a plea deal in exchange for donating her bone marrow to save Mackenzie’s life. She was later startled to meet Jake Lambert, who was a dead ringer for Stefan! After desperately trying to prove he was actually Stefan with new memories, Gabi learned that Jake was actually his twin brother. Although she began to grow close to Jake — and even slept with him — Gabi eventually had to go into hiding with her family when her father, Eduardo Hernandez, showed up and said they were all in danger!

DAYS Jake Gabi kiss
There’s no denying chemistry!XJJohnson/

Gabi was stunned to return and find Jake with Kate Roberts and when he decided to remain with his new lover, she left town again to get her head together. When she returned, she tried to use Gabi Chic to reconnect with Jake but he wasn’t interested in business or pleasure. She distracted herself for a while helping Abigail plot against Gwen, but soon decided to back out of her increasingly wild schemes. Gabi tried dating Philip, but was still in love with Jake and after Kate dumped him (though it was actually Kristen in disguise), they reconnected and made love. When the real Kate was found, she claimed to be blind to keep Jake from being with Gabi, but that ruse didn’t last long!

Gabi worked with Jake to take over Titan, installing spyware on Philip’s computer. When he countered by trying to blackmail her, Gabi realized Ava was behind Philip’s actions. They turned their focus to DiMera, but things got complicated when Gabi and Jake tried to rope Johnny DiMera into their scheme, not realizing he was possessed by the devil at the time! The devil masqueraded as Jake to make Gabi believe she was being cut out of the deal, so she teamed up with “Johnny” to take over DiMera and oust Jake instead! 

After Gabi found out the truth about what the devil had done, she went to Jake, who was now with Ava and refused to give her a second chance. After arranging to get Ava arrested, Gabi rehired Jake at DiMera and kicked off a romance with Li Shin. When EJ DiMera called a board vote hoping to dethrone Gabi, Kristen interfered to keep her in power. And when Jake was shot dead by a mugger over the engagement ring, Gabi was heartbroken but quickly told Ava to claim she and Jake were already married so she could retain his stock. 

DAYS Gabi Li Stefan
Li tried to make sure Stefan wouldn’t even want to steal Gabi away from him.XJJohnson/

Although suspicious when she saw Li meeting with Dr. Rolf, Gabi accepted his marriage proposal. Which is when she was stunned to see Stefan alive again! Although she was overjoyed, he wanted nothing to do with her and insisted he was in love with Chloe. Gabi confronted Rolf and learned that he’d brainwashed Stefan on Li’s orders, but then the mad scientist brainwashed her to forget! Naturally, her memory returned right ever she exchanged vows with Li, and she was horrified!

Finding Stefan with Chloe, Gabi revealed the brainwashing, but he still didn’t want to know her. So she kidnapped him and ordered Rolf to deprogram Stefan. Unfortunately, he awoke in love with both women! Eventually, Stefan came around but Gabi couldn’t be with him because if she cheated on her husband, Li would get her DiMera shares. Eventually, Li gave in and let Gabi go and she was finally free to be with Stefan once again, even moving into the mansion with him.

Stay tuned to DAYS to see what happens next!

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