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Eric and Donna on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Everything You Need To Know

Eric and Donna have had quite the roller coaster relationship on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, so some newer fans might not know about their history together. Heck, even some longtime viewers might want a refresher! So let’s go!

Donna Logan first got involved with Eric Forrester while he was still married to Stephanie Forrester. After he divorced his wife to be with Donna, Stephanie wasn’t happy, and tried various tricks to discredit and embarrass Donna to get her out of the picture. Her younger sister, Pamela Douglas, joined in but took things to a more extreme level, trapping Donna in a tanning bed and threatening her with a vicious dog!

Eric and Donna eventually married, but his daughter, Felicia Forrester, joined her brothers in forcing Donna out of Forrester Creations because of the bad press she’d brought the family business. Eric was furious at his children for their actions and even Stephanie encouraged them to accept Donna, if only for Eric’s sake.

B&B Donna Eric
Donna was loyal to Eric right to the end.Aaron Montgomery/

Felicia learned that Donna had given up a child when she was 18 and that baby had grown up to be Marcus Walton, a new employee at Forrester. When she tried to use that secret to ruin Donna, everyone was surprised when Eric chose to adopt Marcus as his own. After Eric suffered a heart attack and was found to have been poisoned, it turned out to have been Pam, hoping to weaken him and make him undesirable to Donna. Off her meds, a furious Pam trapped Donna in a cabin, held her at gunpoint, and doused her with honey before leaving her to a giant bear! (Thankfully, she was rescued before anything terrible happened!)

Donna’s nickname for Eric was “Honey Bear” because they liked to use honey when they were getting intimate, so Pam’s trap was strangely appropriate. When Eric came out of his coma, he did temporarily reunite with Stephanie due to the manipulations of the rest of his family, but quickly returned to Donna when the lies were exposed.

However, once Donna was reunited with her old high school flame, Justin Barber, and he was revealed to be Marcus’ biological father, this sparked the beginning of the end for Eric and Donna’s marriage. After Stephanie accidentally caused the death of Donna’s mother, Beth, Eric convinced Donna not to press charges and she realized he would always be connected to his ex-wife. After their divorce, Donna tried marrying Justin, but that didn’t last for more than a few months.

BB Quinn Donna
Quinn warned Donna to stay away from her husband!Howard Wise/

Later, when Eric was falling for Quinn Fuller, Donna stepped in to compete with the jewelry designer for his heart. Obviously, she failed and Eric ended up marrying Quinn. However, that union has been rife with various problems, and when Eric found himself questioning his feelings for Quinn, Donna stepped in to share a little honey and remind him of how it felt to be in love. But Eric’s arousal didn’t last long enough for him to be with his wife and when Quinn got wind of what Donna was up to, she threatened her and forced Eric to fire her from Forrester. Donna saved him the trouble and quit, but privately admitted to her sisters that Eric was the love of her life.

And while Eric appeared to have made things work with Quinn, it was later revealed that he was cheating on her with Donna! In the end, though, Quinn really wanted to be with Carter Walton, so Eric cut her loose and was able to go public with his relationship with Donna.

Stay tuned to B&B to see what happens next!

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