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The Bold & The Beautiful

What Happened to Hollis on The Bold & The Beautiful

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Il Giardino waiter Paul “Hollis” Hollister on The Bold & The Beautiful, was played by actor Hollis W. Chambers until the character met a tragic fate. And if the guy looked kind of familiar, it could be because you recognize him from previous appearances on the soap where his character was going by his real name, Paul. The actor also appeared on B&B as a waiter for two episodes back in 2016 and 2017. You might also have seen him in primetime in episodes of Animal Kingdom, Will & Grace, Station 19, and Shameless.

Paul “Hollis” Hollister first appeared back in December 2021 when he informed Deacon Sharpe that Il Giardino was going to be visited by the health inspectors and the boss wanted the kitchen scrubbed top to bottom, including the bathrooms. As an employee of Il Giardino, he would also show up occasionally when people ate at the restaurant. And when a red-headed woman showed up and started making eyes at Deacon, Paul urged him to go for it… not realizing that the woman in question was actually Sheila Carter! He also popped over to Deacon’s apartment with his niece and nephew to trick-or-treat on Halloween.

In February 2023, Paul approached the table where Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes were sitting for lunch to wait on them. Hitting on Brooke none-too-subtly, he introduced himself as Paul Hollister, “Hollis” to his friends. He even managed to get Brooke’s phone number so he could text her the receipt since the printer was broken! Later, Taylor ordered takeout from Il Giardino and made sure that Hollis would be the delivery guy so he could flirt with Brooke and even ask her out on a date! Although she had been enjoying being single again, Brooke accepted. But after a romantic date in her home and sharing a kiss with the younger man, she declared she wasn’t ready to start dating again. A few months later, Hollis made another move on Brooke, trying to get another date, but despite their heated kiss, she turned him down. 

B&B Hollis Brooke
Brooke was flattered by the younger man’s attention.Howard Wise/

In June, after Deacon was also knocked back by Brooke, he and Hollis put their heads together and realized that Taylor was trying to get Brooke hooked up with another guy so she could have Ridge for herself. Hollis continued working at the restaurant, and in October, when Deacon hired Sheila Carter to work there, he was instructed to keep an eye on the new employee. 

As 2024 began, Hollis was still working hard at Il Giardino, and in April, helped Deacon organize a memorial service for Sheila after she’d been killed by Steffy Forrester. However, it hadn’t really been Sheila who had been killed, and once Deacon found and rescued Sheila, they were married. In June, Deacon also hired Tom Starr, the homeless man who helped him locate Sheila, to work at the restaurant. Hollis befriended the new employee and asked him about his music career back in the day. Hollis was also shocked when Tom collapsed and died from an overdose during his performance at Il Giardino!

Hollis remained suspicious about the circumstances behind Tom’s death and discovered a bunch of letters in Tom’s backpack that he found in the restaurant’s storage room. He wanted to discuss them with Sheila, but she told him it was disrespectful and to throw the nasty bag away. That night, when the power went out at Il Giardino, Hollis retrieved the bag and saw someone he wanted to discuss its contents with. But the next morning, when Deacon and Sheila arrived for work, they found Hollis dead!

Stay tuned to see who is behind the murders!

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