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Mike on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL— Everything You Need To Know

Sheila wasn’t the only one surprised to see Mike Guthrie on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — fans were, too! And if you’re one of the newer viewers who aren’t familiar with her partner in crime — or if you just feel like you need a refresher — that’s where we come in! The character has always been played by actor Ken Hanes, who debuted back in 1993. He appeared again in 1995, from 1996-98, and then in 2010. In June 2022 the actor was back once more to reprise his role when Sheila needed Mike the most!

Mike Guthrie was introduced as a security guard who caught Sheila Carter in the act of manipulating a paternity test to make it appear that Ridge Forrester was the father of Brooke Logan’s daughter, Bridget. When he threatened to blackmail her, Sheila set a vicious Doberman loose to attack him! But just a couple of years later, Mike had become Sheila’s partner in crime and helped her abduct James Warwick and hold him prisoner in the basement of her house so he wouldn’t reveal her secrets.

B&B Sheila Mike
When committing crimes, it helps to have a guy pretending to be on the right side of the law!CBS

When Maggie Forrester became Sheila’s enemy, Mike once again stepped in to help her by abducting the woman and holding her prisoner in an amusement park. But Sheila, wanting to show James that she had changed, agreed to release her. However, their animosity continued to build over time and after Maggie’s attempt to kill Sheila was thwarted, she returned the favor and had her kidnapped. Mike and his brother, Marty, helped Maggie hold Sheila prisoner in the Psycho house at Universal Studios Hollywood! 

In 2010, Mike resurfaced again, but this time had nothing to do with Sheila. Instead, he sold a gun to Stephen Logan, who wanted revenge on Stephanie Forrester, who he blamed for the death of his wife, Beth. He’d hoped to manipulate Pam Douglas into killing Stephanie for him, but his scheme ultimately fell apart.

After being arrested for killing her son, Finn, Sheila was stunned to discover that one of the prison guards was none other than her old pal, Mike! And sure enough, he helped her break out and later joined her once she discovered that Finn was alive and agreed to help her nurse him back to health. (After some necessary persuasion on Sheila’s part, reminding Mike of what happens when he crosses her!)

B&B Mike Sheila Finn
Mike is always happy to help the woman he loves.Howard Wise/

After Brooke and Ridge informed Deputy Chief Baker about Mike’s history with Sheila, the cop pulled him in for questioning but he kept quiet. He returned to the hideout to warn Sheila, who was furious he’d led the cops to her door. At first, Mike fled to avoid arrest, but soon returned to find that Li Finnegan had turned the tables on Sheila. He knocked out Li and cut Sheila free. She thanked him with a kiss and took off, leaving Mike to be arrested when the cops burst in.

Mike was pleased to see Sheila again when she was finally arrested, and told her to get used to being locked up together, but surprisingly, she was soon set free thanks to Bill Spencer’s scheming. However, that all turned out to be a plot to get her to confess to murder and Sheila soon found herself back behind bars with Mike. He once again professed his love and adoration, but she insisted that she wouldn’t be locked up for much longer.

Stay tuned to B&B to see what happens next!

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