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Harrison on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need to Know

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Harrison Locke on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS was previously only seen in a picture on his mom’s phone, but that changed when the little boy made his debut in the May 14, 2021 episode of Y&R, with adorable soap newcomer Kellen Enriquez playing Tara and Ashland’s son — well, technically Tara and Kyle’s son! And while Enriquez was written off the soap by the end of the year with his dad, the young star was back in April 2022 along with Kyle. However, in April 2024, the role was recast with young Redding Munsell.

The sweet little boy — look at those adorable curls! — had certainly been a hot topic of conversation even before he arrived in Genoa City in the flesh. Harrison’s mom, Tara Locke, was the married woman with whom Kyle Abbott had an affair while he was living in New York City. At first, Kyle wasn’t aware that his former fling had a child, but after seeing photos of the tyke, he was pretty sure that the little boy was his. Especially since Kyle knew Tara hadn’t been intimate with her husband, Ashland Locke, during the time that they were together! Tara begged Kyle to drop his questions about her little boy — but eventually did confess to her ex that he was, in fact, Harrison’s biological dad!

The situation got messier, of course, when Tara accompanied her husband to Genoa City while Ashland worked on a business deal with Victor Newman. Shortly after their arrival from New York, Tara admitted to Kyle that her husband likely knew about their affair and was probably why Ashland was attacking Jabot. With the Lockes in town, Kyle filled in fiancee Summer Newman on the truth about his affair with Tara, and that Harrison was his son. Fortunately for Tara and Kyle, Ashland had a heart attack before he could do any real damage to either of their reputations. Tara left Genoa City in late April to go back home to Harrison while Ashland recovered from getting a pacemaker. As a parting gift to Kyle, Tara sent him a photo of their son and revealed that “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” was Harrison’s favorite lullaby.

Y&R Kyle Tara Harrison
Tara was happy to finally introduce Kyle to Harrison once she needed something from him!Howard Wise/

Then, in May, Tara crashed Summer and Kyle’s engagement party with Harrison in tow! With Ashland planning to divorce her after learning about their affair, she convinced Kyle to claim paternity of the boy so Ashland wouldn’t be able to steal him away. Kyle moved Tara and Harrison into the Abbott mansion and filled in his family as he had a DNA test run. Once Kyle was confirmed as Harrison’s dad, he and Tara gently explained to the boy that he now had a second father. Little Harrison then became a pawn in Tara and Ashland’s divorce and related schemes. When Kyle confronted Tara about forcing Summer to leave town, she threatened to take off with Harrison, but ended up being arrested. Ashland then agreed to let Kyle take Harrison with him to Italy where they planned to live with Summer.

In October, Harrison joined Kyle and Summer when they attended Ashland and Victoria Newman’s wedding in Tuscany. The little boy acted as ring bearer at the ceremony and Ashland thanked Kyle for taking such good care of him. Then, in April 2022, Harrison was with his father when Kyle returned to Genoa City at Jack’s request. Unfortunately, the little boy was quickly used as a pawn in Victor’s attempts to drive Ashland out of Genoa City.

When Ashland was killed, Kyle and Summer struggled with telling Harrison about it and after Diane Jenkins stepped in to take care of the sensitive situation, a grateful Kyle told the boy that Diane was his grandmother. And as the months went on, Harrison’s bond with Diane inspired Kyle to forgive his mother for her lies. And when Diane had to go into hiding, Harrison secretly spent Christmas with her at the Abbott cabin. 

Y&R Summer Kyle Harrison Diane Xmas
Harrison’s happy little family unit eventually fractured.Howard Wise/

As 2023 began, Kyle objected to Summer’s wish to take Harrison to Europe for his own protection, and she reluctantly agreed to stay in Genoa City. Tensions in the Abbott house caused Kyle, Summer, and Harrison to move into the poll house. But later, Kyle and Summer split up and she moved out, assuring Harrison she would always be there for him.

By 2024, Kyle and Summer had settled into a relatively comfortable co-parenting arrangement with Harrison, but after his nanny had to leave, the boy objected to all of the potential new candidates. When Harrison developed a fondness for Claire Grace, they considered her a possibility but changed their minds after learning about her history. Kyle began to come around after spending more time with Claire, but Summer continued to object to her cousin being anywhere near Harrison.

Stay tuned to see what family drama little Harrison is embroiled in next!

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