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What Happened to Jeffrey on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Don’t feel bad if you’re not quite sure who Jeffrey Bardwell was on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Although the character appeared from 2007-2014, actor Ted Shackelford had also earlier portrayed his twin brother from 2006-2007 so it’s understandable if even longtime fans have trouble distinguishing the two apart. Oh, and for a brief period in 2011, GENERAL HOSPITAL actor Kin Shriner took over the role of Jeff temporarily, which could also cause some confusion! But here’s what you need to know about the guy…

Jeffrey Bardwell showed up in Genoa City for the funeral of his identical twin brother, William Bardwell. But while William was an attorney, Jeff was nothing but a con man who immediately set his sights on his brother’s widow, Gloria Fisher. He began wooing her to get his hands on the money she’d inherited from his brother, and after finding out she was behind the tainted face cream at Jabot, blackmailed her into marrying him so he could freely spend her money.

Y&R Gloria Jeffrey
“No, this scheme was your idea, remember?”Aaron Montgomery/

When Gloria suddenly inherited half of Abbott Manor, she and Jeffrey moved in and were forced to share with Sharon and Jack Abbott. Kevin Fisher helped his mother cook up a scheme to make it look like Jeffrey was poisoning her, but he caught on and called their bluff. Jeffrey teamed with Sharon and Jack to hire an actor to impersonate the late John Abbott to scare Gloria into leaving, but she figured out their scheme as well. Ultimately, Gloria felt bad and returned the mansion to Jack and dumped Jeffrey when his Korean mistress, Kyon, arrived at the mansion and she caught them together. Jeffrey became involved with Jill Abbott and demanded a divorce.

Left penniless by the split, Gloria was stuck working at the coffeehouse and decided to prank Jeffrey and Jill by putting hot sauce in their drinks. But Jeffrey was highly allergic and was rushed to the hospital where Jill told Gloria he’d died. She was relieved to find he was still alive, and the pair ultimately reconciled, remarrying in Vegas. They then schemed to buy up shares to get a controlling interest in Jabot. The return of her wanted criminal ex-husband, River Baldwin, made Jeffrey jealous and he turned him into the feds. When Gloria disobeyed him and testified on River’s behalf, Jeffrey exposed her part in the tainted face cream scandal and they split up again.

Y&R Anita Jeffrey Chelsea
“You know what? I’m not even sure I really need parents anymore.”sean smith/

Eventually, Gloria and Jeffrey teamed up for another failed attempt to take over Jabot and reconciled. But then he disappeared and appeared to have gambled away all of Gloria’s money in Vegas. But in reality, mobster Angelo Veneziano had kidnapped him to steal the fortune. Jeffrey eventually resurfaced with no memory of the recent months, and Jill brought him home to an angry Gloria, who became engaged to Angelo. After regaining his memories, Jeffrey interrupted the wedding to reveal the truth. Then things got even more complicated when Chelsea Lawson claimed Jeffrey was her father and Anita Lawson revealed they were still legally married!

Over time, Jeffrey accepted Chelsea as his daughter, and very much approved of her relationship with the wealthy Adam Newman. After Adam was presumed dead in a car crash, Chelsea accused her father of only being after his money. In 2014, he resurfaced to try and sue Genoa City Memorial Hospital for fraud, but it was all a scam and he backed off once Chelsea had paid him off herself. In December 2016, Gloria returned to Genoa City to reveal that she and Jeffrey had finally split up in France where he had finally lost all their money. Might he resurface on Y&R again? Only time will tell!

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