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Jordi Vilasuso’s Wife, Kaitlin, Suffered a Heartbreaking Miscarriage


Please join us in sending love to THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS star Jordi Vilasuso (Rey) and his wife, Kaitlin, who recently suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. “Thank you for your strength and your vulnerability, my love,” the actor shared on Instagram as he reposted his wife’s photo of their hands touching a sonogram of their unborn child. “Whatever this means to our story, God only knows and I pray your testimony will bring peace to someone who has faced this as well.”

Vilasuso also included his wife’s entire Instagram post where she opened up about the tragic loss. “It’s been a week and one day since I heard ‘Well, I see the baby but I’m not seeing the heartbeat. Oh, wait, there’s a flicker. Oh, there’s another flicker. Yeah, no, that’s not enough.’” Kaitlin recounted. “That’s not enough. My baby. Our baby. The baby my girls had crossed their fingers for at lunch a few weeks ago, completely unaware that just a few days before I had visited my doctor for what I thought was a precautionary cervix check and a chance to see the heartbeat of our third little one.

“But instead I was given the 50/50 odds that my dates were ‘off’ and everything was fine or that it was an ‘abnormal pregnancy that would eventually end in miscarriage,’ she continued. Four long, emotionally, and physically painful weeks later, I clearly got the latter. And I never anticipated that it would hurt this much.”

Jordi Kaitlin Vilasuso sonogram

Kaitlin felt it important to share her story because it’s one that many women go through but feel that they’re going through it alone. “I know that miscarriage has a stigma surrounding it in a sense, with so many women who have experienced it being hesitant to talk about it,” she wrote. “And now, being one of those ‘one in four women’ that I never thought I’d be, I understand it even more. It’s a different kind of hurt than I’ve ever experienced. It is so personal. It — and the little heartbeat that was lost — almost feels too precious and sacred to be talked about. Just for starters.

“I was hoping (even when things went super south) that I was documenting what would be a ‘success story,” Kaitlin added. “That ‘it was a hard road but we kept the faith and it all worked out and here’s a cute maternity picture of the girls holding my belly to announce their new little baby brother or sister!’ (I’m aware that’s not a proper sentence but definitely how my mind is processing things these days.) Instead, I’m here trying to figure out what this story is. And what the point of sharing it is because it just seems… sad. But I know that God doesn’t work like that. I know that there is absolute purpose in every season. That my heart is being molded. That God has a plan for our family far more perfect than I could ever envision. A God who creates beauty from ashes.”

The mother of two daughters, Riley (7) and Everly (4), Kaitlin hopes that sharing this painful experience will help others who have gone through it or are currently going through it themselves feel a little less alone. “A little more ‘normal’ for feeling intense grief over the loss of something she never really ‘knew,’” she mused. “Maybe another momma will see that no, you don’t need to feel ‘guilt’ over how bad it hurts just because you — like myself — have the blessing of previous beautiful, healthy babies before their miscarriages. Maybe one day, someone will come across this post and then scroll through my feed to find pictures of a healthy pregnant belly or a happy family of five and it will give them hope after their own loss. Hope that it’s possible to carry another child after it feels like your body has failed you and your baby. Or maybe they’ll see a momma of two on the other side of grief at peace with the path God has guided her on. A marriage that has gotten even stronger because we’ve weathered another storm together. I don’t know.

“But I do know that for now, I’m going to hold my two girls and be wildly grateful for their beautiful lives and the blessing of getting to be their momma, while at the same time grieving the one I won’t ever get to hold. And that’s okay,” Kaitlin concluded. “I am wildly grateful for the amount of love and support we have had from our family and closest friends in the past few weeks. One friend, Vicky Mena, in particular holding my hand through it all and knowing just the right things to say, having walked this road more than once herself. The kind comments and texts from some of you who didn’t even know what was going on. More on that later, but there aren’t enough words to express how appreciative we are.”

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