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What Happened to Nathan Hastings on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Nathan “Nate” Hastings was on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS back in the ’80s and ’90s, but his presence is still felt today in his namesake son who is on the soap today. But if you don’t remember him, we’ve got you covered. The character was introduced to Y&R back in 1984 and was played by Nathan Purdee until 1992 when the role was recast with Randy Brooks. In 1994, Adam Lazarre-White took over until the character’s tragic death in 1996.

When attorney Tyrone Jackson and his brother, Jazz, teamed up with PI Andy Richards to take down a Genoa City crime syndicate, they were assisted by one of the crime boss’ men, Kong, whose real name was Nathan Hastings. For his help, Nathan was granted immunity from his crimes. Upon learning that he was illiterate, secretary Amy Lewis secretly taught him to read and write while also falling in love with him. Unfortunately, she eventually left town and they split up.

Having reformed, Nathan became a private investigator and joined Paul William’s agency. While working security at Fenmore’s Department Store, he nabbed a shoplifter named Drucilla Barber. Learning the runaway was illiterate as he once was, Nathan got the court to release her into his custody so he could help her. Dru quickly became smitten and tried to steal him away from his girlfriend who turned out to be her sister, Olivia Barber. But Dru soon turned her attentions elsewhere and Nathan and Olivia were married in 1991. The couple welcomed a son, Nathan “Nate” Hastings Jr., though the birth risked Olivia’s health as she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the time.

Y&R Olivia Nate
Olivia and Nate were rarely as happy as they were in this photo.Archive Photos/Getty Images

Nathan and Olivia’s marriage was threatened when Olivia developed feelings for Neil Winters. Also, Olivia’s mother, Lillie Belle, came to live with them and her behavior caused friction between the couple. After Walter reconciled with his wife and she moved out, things got even worse because Nathan began an affair with Keesha Monroe. She ultimately left him for Malcolm Winters, but when he learned she’d slept with Nathan, he dumped her anyway. Malcolm, Neil, and Dru all agreed to keep Olivia in the dark, but that became impossible once Keesha learned she was HIV+. Dru found out and decided her sister needed to know the truth. Furious that Nathan had cheated on her and potentially exposed her and their son to HIV, she threw him out and forbade him from seeing Nate.

Nathan, Olivia, and Nate all tested negative, but Keesha developed full-blown AIDS and married Malcolm on her death bed. Desperate to see his son, Nathan abducted little Nate, but soon came to realize that a life on the run was no way to raise a child and decided to return him. Tragically, as he was doing so, Nathan was hit by a car and later died of his injuries after a final visit from Olivia and Nate.

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