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The Young & The Restless

Naya Benedict on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need to Know

Naya Benedict on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS is a new character with ties to an established character and a much-missed one as well. The role is being played by actress Ptosha Storey, who viewers might recognize from her role as Chyna on FOX’s primetime sudser, EMPIRE. She made her daytime debut in the Dec. 24, 2020 episode of Y&R.

Growing up adopted, Amanda Sinclair knew nothing of her birth family but upon arriving in Genoa City, learned that she had a twin sister, Hilary Curtis, who had passed away. This inspired Amanda to dig into her past and try to find her family. An investigator uncovered the identity of her birth mother, Naya Benedict, and on Christmas Eve, Amanda went with Devon Hamilton to meet her.

Y&R Devon Amanda
Amanda was nervous about contacting her mother.CBS

Amanda had wanted to call ahead to give Naya a heads up about her visit, but after all her attempts went to voice mail, she decided to bite the bullet and just ring the doorbell. Unfortunately, before she could approach the house, a young woman arrived at the building first and called out for her mother to open the door. Amanda had a brief glimpse of Naya as the woman opened the door to let in her daughter.

After seeing her birth mother with the child she hadn’t given up for adoption and had chosen to keep and love and raise herself, Amanda was heartbroken and went home. After a conversation with Lily, she decided to call Naya and introduced herself as the daughter she gave up for adoption and didn’t give to her cousin, Rose. Naya was stunned and couldn’t believe her ears!

Y&R Naya Amanda
Naya’s entire world turned upside down!Howard Wise/

Naya agreed to come to Genoa City to meet, but quickly changed her mind and backed out. After her daughter, Imani Benedict, went to warn Amanda off, the attorney instead showed up at Naya’s door, forcing her hand. Wanting to keep her past a secret from her family, Naya finally agreed to join Amanda in Genoa City to tell her the truth.

During an emotional conversation, Naya confessed that having Amanda and Hilary was a mistake and her religious family forced her to give the babies up at birth. When she sadly revealed that the father, Richard, had died in a car accident a year after the twins were born, Naya was crushed to learn that Hilary had also died in a car accident. After things settled down, Naya reached out to Amanda again, looking to make a connection as mother and daughter, but Amanda refused when Naya wanted to keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the family.

Eventually, Naya and Amanda were able to get to know each other a little better, but then she reached out to the attorney to ask her to represent her father, Sutton Ames, who was being accused of causing the car accident that killed her father, Richard! Amanda ultimately agreed to take the case, but will it bring her into the family or alienate her from them forever?

Stay tuned to Y&R to see how Naya continues to play a part in Amanda’s life!

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