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The Young & The Restless

What Happened on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS?

As the soap prepares to return with all-new episodes on Monday, Aug. 10, some fans might find themselves wondering, “What happened on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS?” Well, we’re here to help refresh your memories, seeing as how the last new episode aired back on April 23 and CBS has been broadcasting theme weeks of classic shows since then! Here’s what you’ll need to know before the drama starts back up!

What did Adam do?

Nick was upset when Victor named Adam CEO of Newman Enterprises, not realizing his brother had blackmailed their father into doing so. Victor was trying to keep secret what had really happened back in Kansas, but not because he was trying to cover up his own guilt — because Adam was the one who’d killed A.J. Montalvo! Nikki spilled the truth to Victoria, who goaded Adam into confronting Victor and the truth was finally exposed! When he was 11, Adam had killed A.J. to protect Hope, and Victor covered it up. With no memory of the crime, Adam accused Victor of lying. Victoria tried to convince Alyssa to publish the true story of her father’s murder, but she wanted nothing more to do with any Newmans and beat a hasty retreat! Victor reinstated Victoria as CEO but declared she’d lost his respect. When she admitted she could live with that, he was crushed.

What happened to Theo?

After using Kendra to spy on Kyle and Summer, Theo stole the rebranding idea he thought was theirs and presented it at a Jabot meeting. Jack was unimpressed, as the idea was one of his old ones, and Kyle fired his old friend. Mariah and Theo bonded a bit as they discussed caring for an ill parent. Theo then eavesdropped on Billy and Lily’s plans for Chancellor’s new media division and was immediately intrigued by their plans for social media.

Y&R Sharon Faith Mariah
Thankfully, Sharon has had the full love and support of her family during her health crisis.Howard Wise/

What’s going on with Billy and Amanda?

Amanda went on her first date with Nate, keeping things fun and casual, and the pair shared a kiss. She tried to avoid Billy but found herself drawn back into his orbit when Lily offered her a job working as an attorney for Chancellor’s media division. She eventually accepted once she and Billy agreed they would keep things professional.

How is Sharon’s health?

Struggling with what the outcome might be, Sharon was relieved when her doctor recommended a lumpectomy instead of a full mastectomy. Rey whisked her off to the Grand Phoenix for a romantic evening before she was scheduled for her surgery. Sharon asked Nick to take care of the kids if anything happened to her but asked Mariah to be in charge of her healthcare proxy in case anything went wrong. 

What else was going on?

Chelsea threw a baby shower for Chloe and happily accepted her offer to be the baby’s godmother. Phyllis was upset that Abby and Chance had destroyed the evidence that could bring down Adam and Abby tried to convince Chance to lure Adam into another recorded conversation. But he didn’t want to trap the guy who saved his life, so Abby turned a little chilly towards him.

That should bring you up to speed so you’re all set to dive right into Y&R when the drama picks up right where it left off!

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