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Why Does Phyllis Hate Diane on Y&R? — Michelle Stafford Speaks Out!


The minute that Diane resurfaced on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Phyllis saw red. And as Diane has wormed her way back into life in Genoa City, Phyllis has grown more and more determined to send her packing and get her out of everyone’s lives once and for all. However, while Phyllis has had plenty of rivals over the years, Diane is one that she legitimately hates!

“It’s very specific to me, as an actor, to be aware of all of the different personalities of these women,” Michelle Stafford explained to Soap Opera Digest. “I really never felt Phyllis hated Sharon. I felt Phyllis knew that she had done Sharon wrong by sleeping with Nick, so I never felt there was hate there. There was a lot of jealousy and other stuff, but not hate.

“I feel a similar thing with Cricket because Phyllis did Cricket wrong by going after her husband,” the actress continued. “So Cricket was trying to take Phyllis down all of the time and she was just trying to save face. But Diane is a different kind of jealousy. Phyllis hates Diane. She really gets to Phyllis and I feel she’s just at war with Diane. All Diane has to do is walk into the room and Phyllis comes undone.”

Y&R Phyllis Diane park
“This park isn’t big enough for the two of us, Diane!”Howard Wise/

Since revealing that she hadn’t died all those years ago but had been in hiding and getting her act together, Diane has made inroads with some, including Kyle and Jack. However, Phyllis refuses to believe that Diane has changed one bit. “People don’t really change their spots,” Stafford argued. “They grow, they mature, they get older and can have some sort of introspection on their life You can change your ways and stop doing things that hurt people, but people are still who they are.”

At least Phyllis isn’t completely on her own in her war against Diane — Nikki and Ashley are also interested in getting rid of Diane. “I’m really glad they added them in the story, actually,” Stafford revealed. “I would do it anyway but it’s hard to play everybody against you, and when what your character is saying is really logical and other people who are somewhat logical don’t buy it, it’s hard. When I heard Nikki and Ashley were going to team up to take Diane down, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s kind of a cute story point. That’s cool.’”

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this trio will be able to team up and take Diane down or if their schemes will just blow up in their faces. Keep watching Y&R to find out!

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