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Cassadine Island Chaos!

You have to give it to Helena Cassadine: The woman knows how to entertain guests. Sure, she could have provided some snacks and beverages for Jason, Nikolas, Sam and Elizabeth, given how far they’d come to see her. But she was dressed for the occasion in those cute pajamas, and she certainly put on quite a show.

Pressed for answers, Helena warned Jason that he might not like everything he was about to hear, but he was determined to have answers. And with each word Helena spoke, you could see Liz and Nikolas cringing in fear that his not-so-beloved granny might reveal their complicity in keeping Jason in the dark about his identity!

Helena took great pleasure in taunting her guests. And of course, this being Helena, she got in more catty remarks than the BIG BROTHER Zingbot. “If your taste runs to the insipid,” she quipped to Jason, “it’s easy to see how you could fall for Elizabeth all over again.” And lest you think Sam got off easy, Helena cursed her! That’s right, the old broad broke out the word-for-word curse she’d placed on Luke and Laura back in the day!

By hour’s end, Helena’s guests had become bored with her party tricks and demanded that she cough up answers. Elizabeth reminded everyone that Helena had done the whole mind-wipe thing before with Lucky. And so, as the episode closed, we were left with one big question hanging in the air: Did Helena know how to restore Jason’s memory? Actually make that two questions, because we were also left wondering if, even if she could, she actually would!

In other news, Morgan took Kiki to a remote (read: cellphone unfriendly) cabin where he worked hard to prevent her from finding out what was going on with Franco back in Port Charles. What Morgan didn’t know was that Nina had convinced her brother to check into the facts surrounding Carly’s accident. Armed with proof that Kiki, not Franco, had caused the accident, the hunt was on for her and Morgan. And as Morgan’s behavior became increasingly erratic — he even suggested they might spend the winter there — Kiki began to suspect all might not be right in their world. That was definitely confirmed when a sound outside prompted the tempermental hunk to grab a gun and vow to protect Kiki! Epiphany took Sonny to the gym for a therapy session and some tough love.

So as we head into the weekend, let’s do some wild speculation, shall we? Do you think Helena might be able to restore Jason’s memory? Do you think she will? Sound off below with your comments about this week’s episodes and remember to join us at @soapsindepthabc at 3 p.m. EST as we live-tweet each episode!

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