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Jason Morgan has always been a popular character on GENERAL HOSPITAL and fans were devastated when Steve Burton chose to leave the soap back in 2012. Jason returned with a new face in 2014 when actor Billy Miller assumed the role, but in 2017 it was revealed he was actually Jason’s twin brother, and Burton thrilled his fans by reprising his role. And as much as Jason has gone through already on GH, there’s still so much more story to tell!

The character was originally born Jason Quartermaine back in 1981 to Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore. After his mother’s death, Jason moved into the Quartermaine mansion where Monica Quartermaine initially rejected the child but ultimately came to love him and adopted him. Jason and his brother, A.J., were sent off to boarding school and returned in 1991 as adults.

As A.J. struggled with alcoholism, Jason was the golden child and helped Monica through her battle with breast cancer. But in 1995, a drunk A.J. ran his car into a tree, and Jason suffered a traumatic brain injury after being ejected from the passenger seat in the crash. Upon waking from his coma, Jason had no memory and rejected all of the Quartermaines save his grandmother, Lila, and sister, Emily Quartermaine. Turning his back on the family, Jason adopted the last name Morgan, which was Lila’s maiden name.

Jason met Robin Scorpio again and their friendship developed into a romance. After she left for college, Jason asked her friend, Sonny Corinthos, for a job and became his personal enforcer in his mob business. Back from college, Robin was with Jason when he was shot by the Tin Man. He survived, but she begged him to give up this dangerous life. When Jason refused, Robin pressured Sonny to fire him.

General Hospital Brenda Jason
Sometimes Jason’s pretend relationships became real ones.Scott Garfield/ABC via Getty Images

When Carly Benson got pregnant, Jason pretended to be the father of her baby, although it was later revealed that A.J. was Michael’s real daddy. Jason comforted Elizabeth Webber following the presumed death of her boyfriend, Lucky, and that led to a strong emotional connection between the two. He married Brenda Barrett so they wouldn’t have to testify against each other, and later fell in love with Sonny’s sister, Courtney Matthews, but mob life tore their marriage apart. Jason also pretended to be the father of Sam McCall’s baby so Sonny would stay with Carly, and after helping Sam through her miscarriage, the two fell in love.

After Sam was shot and nearly killed, Alexis forced Jason to split up with her daughter. After witnessing Sam sleeping with Ric Lansing, Jason turned to Liz and they consummated their relationship, resulting in the birth of their son, Jake. But after Michael was shot and fell into a coma, Jason and Liz broke up. He found his way back to Sam, who rescued him when he was shot and left for dead by Jerry Jacks.

General Hospital Jason Franco
“I may not know much about art but I know what I like, and I don’t like you, Franco!”Ron Tom/ABC via Getty Images

The crazed artist Franco stalked Jason and those close to him. After surviving being hit by a car, Jason married Sam, but on their honeymoon, Franco drugged the newlyweds and made Jason believe he’d raped his wife. When Sam became pregnant, there was some question as to who the father was, but after a baby switch and much drama, it turned out Danny belonged to Jason. But it was also revealed that Jason and Franco were fraternal twin brothers! Unfortunately, as the truth came out, Cesar Faison shot Jason at the docks and kicked him into the water!

But Jason was really alive, and being held in a hospital by Victor Cassadine who hoped to force Robin to bring his dead family members back to life and wanted her to test the procedure on Jason. He was successfully revived, but when Jason escaped from the hospital, he was hit by Ava Jerome’s car and badly injured. He woke up following facial reconstruction surgery with amnesia and began calling himself Jake Doe. He then wreaked havoc on Port Charles until the chip that Helena had put in his head to control him was removed. Jake fell in love with Elizabeth and prepared to marry her, but on their wedding day, Carly revealed that he was really Jason. Furious that Liz had known the truth and not told him, they split up.

General Hospital Sam Jason Elizabeth
Sam and Liz were fighting over Jason again… except it wasn’t actually Jason!Howard Wise/

Jason slowly started to find his way back to Sam, but she didn’t want to push him. After Jason fell off his motorcycle, he regained his memories and reconnected with his family. He and Sam remarried and had a baby girl who they named Emily. Following the child’s birth, Sam began acting erratically and attempted to kill Sonny. Doctors were able to cure her, but Sam had continued to second guess everything and felt that Jason had changed since he came back from the dead. But he still loved his wife more than anything, and pushing Sam out of the way of a mobster’s bullet landed Jason in the hospital fighting for his life!

As Jason was coming out of his coma, Ava went to a Russian clinic to have her burned face restored and met the mysterious Patient Six. While she didn’t recognize him as having Jason’s old face, it was clear that this man had connections to Port Charles and was desperate to return home. Meanwhile, Franco was trying to uncover details of his own past and soon learned that Susan Moore had given birth to twins, Jason and Andrew. So Franco isn’t Jason’s twin — Drew is! When Patient Six made his explosive return to Port Charles, both men insisted that they were the real Jason Morgan, but eventually, Andre confessed that he had transplanted Jason’s memories into his twin, making Patient Six the real Jason Morgan!

General Hospital Patient Six Jason
Ava helped Patient Six escape the Russian clinic but didn’t recognize his face!ChrisD/

Sam chose to honor her marriage to Andrew Cain, but she has also confessed to Jason that she never stopped loving him. Desperate for the answers behind his kidnapping, Jason continued to investigate Faison’s involvement in it, including heading to Europe for information about his son, Henrik who was later revealed to be Peter August. He also went right back to working for Sonny and protecting his friends and loved ones, even breaking Carly out of Ferncliff when she was wrongly imprisoned in the mental hospital. 

Jason and Sam finally reunited, but then had to put things on hold and pretend to still be apart so she could get in good with Shiloh and find out what he’s up to. Things took a deadly turn when Jason was struck blind by the same affliction that affected other Port Charles twins, but he recovered and got involved in trying to stop serial killer Ryan Chamberlain‘s reign of terror. Jason and Sam finally brought Shiloh down but she was imprisoned for killing the villain and he struggled to get her out on parole.

Once Sam was released, they were unfortunately forced to stay apart as part of her parole conditions and could only see each other when it involved their children. Jason and Sam still met secretly but he eventually told her it had to stop because he couldn’t risk her going back to jail where he couldn’t protect her. And with the villainous drug runner Cyrus Renault instigating a deadly mob war in Port Charles, things were more dangerous than ever!

Shortly after Carly agreed to be in charge of his power of attorney in case of medical emergencies, Jason suffered a terrible motorcycle accident! Stay tuned to see how Jason’s story continues!

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