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What Happened to Robin on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Over the years, GENERAL HOSPITAL fans have watched Robin Scorpio Drake grow up from a little girl into a capable young woman. The role has always been portrayed by Kimberly McCullough ever since her introduction in 1985. And because the actress still returns to GH occasionally, newer viewers might find themselves curious about Robin’s history in Port Charles. Well, that’s where we come in — because she’s been through a lot!

Robin arrived in Port Charles when she was 7, believing that Anna Devane was her aunt, not her mother. Her father, Robert Scorpio, was also surprised to learn that he had a little girl. During her childhood, Robin’s grandmother was killed, and she found herself caught up in her parents’ adventures and threatened by villains like Cesar Faison, Grant Putnam, and Olivia St. John. When Robert and Anna were presumed dead in an explosion, Robin was raised by her uncle, Mac Scorpio, and his wife, Felicia Jones.

In 1993, a teenaged Robin met Michael “Stone” Cates, and they began dating against the wishes of her Uncle Mac, who didn’t approve because Stone was a street kid working for Sonny Corinthos. In 1995, after making love with Robin, Stone learned he was HIV+ and eventually contracted AIDS. Robin was devastated to learn that she was also now HIV+ and heartbroken when Stone eventually succumbed to the disease.

GH Robin and Stone - ABC/Getty
Years later, Robin was comforted by Stone’s ghost in her time of need.Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DATG

Robin was at Jason Morgan’s bedside when he awoke from a coma following a car accident, and the two bonded and began dating. Jason helped her cope with Stone’s death and she helped him deal with his memory loss and introduced him to Sonny, who hired him. But Jason’s work for Sonny and the mob caused Robin to break up with him and she left Port Charles. When she returned, Robin befriended Nikolas Cassadine and reconciled with Jason. They moved in together to raise baby Michael, but when Carly moved in, too, things got complicated. Eventually, Robin told A.J. that he, not Jason, was Michael’s father. Heartbroken, Jason split up with Robin, who moved to Paris.

In 2005, Robin returned to Port Charles to save Jason’s life and brought Dr. Patrick Drake to town to operate. Although the two doctors initially bickered, Patrick and Robin eventually fell in love. But since she wanted to have a child and he didn’t, they split up. After Georgie’s death, Robin went to Patrick for comfort and when they slept together, she got pregnant! Though she tried to keep the truth from him, Patrick found out and eventually proposed. Their wedding was cut short, however, when Robin went into labor and delivered their baby girl, Emma. After an initial scare, it was determined that Emma was not infected by Robin’s HIV. The proud parents finally tied the knot the day after Christmas.

GH Robin, Emma, and Patrick - ABC/Getty
Robin and Patrick with Baby Emma in 2009.Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images

After a bout of postpartum depression, Robin went to Africa to work with an AIDS program and Patrick was upset he wasn’t included in her decision. As their relationship continued to fracture, Patrick slept with Lisa Niles, who quickly became dangerously obsessed with him. She concocted all kinds of crazy schemes to eliminate Robin, but thankfully failed and was ultimately locked up. Eventually, Robin and Patrick found their way back to each other and she was even was appointed chief of staff at General Hospital. But after helping save Jason’s life again, Robin was presumed dead in a lab explosion!

Later, it was revealed that she was being held captive by Duke Lavery, who was actually Cesar Faison in an elaborate mask! After Faison was arrested, Liesl Obrecht tried to kill Robin, and while Robert prevented that, the villainess still took Robin to Jerry Jacks on Cassadine Island. Jerry trapped Anna and Robert to force Robin to cure the disease that was threatening to kill him! After the villains were defeated, Robin rushed to the church where Patrick was marrying Sabrina Santiago and reunited with her family.

GH Robin and Faison - JPI
“Can you put the mask back on?”Paul Skipper/

Later, Robin was contacted by Victor Cassadine, who wanted her to revive Helena and Stavros, offering her the chance to bring Jason back to life as well. Patrick found Robin at the Crichton-Clark Clinic, but she lied to him about what she was doing and said her work was more important than family and wouldn’t be coming home. After Robin’s formula successfully revived Jason, he helped get them both out of the clinic before it blew up. But Helena caught up to Robin and forced her to lie to Patrick and Anna that she was moving to Paris.

Eventually, Patrick and Emma feared Robin was in danger and began looking for her. Jerry was holding her prisoner again and forcing her to continue refining her research that brings back the dead. With the help of one of the guards, Robin faked her death and was finally reunited with her family. Patrick and Robin were re-married and left town with Emma for a fresh start.

Gh Jason and Robin - JPI
“Sorry, wrong brother!”XJJohnson/

Robin has returned since then, usually for the Nurses Ball AIDS benefit. She also came home in 2017 to tell Anna that she and Patrick were expecting another child, but found herself kidnapped by Olivia and almost killed! Thankfully Jason helped rescue her and later in the year, Robin gave birth to her son, Noah. Robin also returned to Port Charles when Jason turned up very much alive to help fill in some blanks about the Jason she’d brought back to life who turned out to be his twin brother, Drew Cain!

She also returned to support her cousin, Maxie, after the sudden death of her husband, Nathan, and then again for the 2018 Nurses Ball, where she met her half-brother, Peter August, though she didn’t know it at the time. When Anna told her about Peter, Robin was upset, but later understood and forgave her mother for not telling her sooner. In 2021, Robin joined family and friends in saying goodbye to Sean Donely only to find his memorial turn into a mystery!

Will Robin ever stick around for longer than a few days? Keep watching GH to find out!

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