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What Happened to Patrick Drake on GENERAL HOSPITAL


It’s been a while since fans have seen Patrick Drake on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but he’s still remembered by viewers… and the characters on the show! The doctor was introduced back in December of 2005 when Jason Thompson joined the cast, although he technically wasn’t the only actor to play the role. For a week in 2008, Ethan Erickson stepped in as a temporary replacement when Thompson had to have minor surgery! Unfortunately, Patrick left Port Charles when Thompson left GH in 2016, but while the doctor may be gone, he’s certainly not forgotten!

Dr. Patrick Drake is the son of Noah and Mattie Drake, and first came to Port Charles when Robin Scorpio sought him out to perform surgery on Jason Morgan after Noah was unable to do it. When he was introduced, Patrick was an arrogant doctor with a womanizing streak, and he even had a fling with Carly! But after being exposed to HIV during an operation, Patrick grew closer with Robin as the HIV-positive doc stood by him while he waited for the results of his tests. He eventually professed his love and they were relieved when he was shown to be HIV-negative.

General Hospital Robin and Patrick and Baby Emma
Emma was Patrick and Robin’s little miracle!ABC/Adam Larkey

Robin wanted to have a family and Patrick didn’t, but after a one-night stand, she found herself pregnant and he decided to propose. While Robin initially turned him down, the pair tried to marry before she gave birth. It didn’t work and Robin went into labor during the ceremony, giving birth to their daughter, Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake. Patrick soon discovered his father had another son, Matt Hunter, who was also a doctor. The two brothers bonded and Matt acted as best man when Patrick and Robin finally wed on Dec. 26, 2008.

The first big test of their marriage came in the form of Patrick’s ex-girlfriend from college, Dr. Lisa Niles, who got a job at GH and clearly wanted to get back together with him. Patrick assured her she had no chance because he was in love with Robin, but as their marriage became strained and Robin left on a trip to Africa, Patrick impulsively slept with Lisa. He immediately regretted it, but it was too late — Lisa became dangerously obsessed with splitting Patrick and Robin up permanently. 

General Hospital Lisa Takes Hostages
Lisa didn’t take rejection well.Howard Wise/

Although the affair split them up temporarily, Patrick was able to win Robin back, and they worked together to put a stop to Lisa’s schemes. Even though Lisa wound up in jail, she broke out and terrorized them during a hospital lockdown. Later, when she tried to go after them again on a yacht, Lisa wound up dead and Patrick was suspected as the killer. (It was actually his brother, Matt, who did her in.)

After Robin was presumed dead in a hospital lab explosion, Patrick grieved and became addicted to pain-killers. After Lulu and Maxie got him cleaned up, Patrick began dating Dr. Britt Westbourne, but dumped her after she was mean to Emma. He then took nurse Sabrina Santiago to the Nurses Ball and they began seeing each other. Britt claimed to be pregnant with his baby, but it was a lie. Despite the return of her ex, Carlos Rivera, Patrick and Sabrina were eventually engaged to be married, but Robin made a dramatic return during their wedding ceremony!

General Hospital Patrick and Sabrina's Wedding
Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding had an uninvited guest!Howard Wise/

Patrick decided to return to Robin, and Sabrina graciously stepped down, even claiming that the baby she found she was carrying was Carlos’. But after Robin left town again, Sabrina came clean and she and Patrick anticipated the birth of their baby boy. Tragically, they were involved in a car accident that caused Sabrina to go into early labor and the son they named Gabriel Drake Santiago died.

Hiring Sam McCall to investigate the car crash and find out who was responsible brought him into her orbit, and the two began getting closer and closer. Eventually, they made their relationship official and moved in together, but Sam hesitated when Patrick eventually proposed because it was the anniversary of her anniversary to Jason. She finally did accept, however after Jason was revealed to be alive (even though it was actually his twin brother, Drew Cain, at the time), Patrick came to realize he couldn’t compete and broke things off with Sam.

General Hospital Patrick and Sam
This wasn’t quite the reaction Patrick was expecting when he proposed!Howard Wise/

After learning that Robin had only left her family because the Cassadines forced her to, Patrick forgave her. The couple remarried and left Port Charles to start their lives over somewhere far away from so much drama. Robin has continued to return to Port Charles with updates, and the couple welcomed their second child, a son named Noah Scorpio-Drake, in July of 2017. (But if Patrick ever returns, they’ll have to recast, given that Thompson is busy playing Billy Abbott on CBS sudser THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS!)

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