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What Happened to Britt on GENERAL HOSPITAL


When Britt Westbourne debuted on GENERAL HOSPITAL, she quickly became a fan-favorite character. The schemer first appeared on GH back in September of 2012 played by Kelly Thiebaud, who has brought her alter ego back to the soap for multiple visits over the years. Her most recent stint, which began in September 2020, seemed like it might be more permanent, but in August 2022, it was announced she would be exiting once more by the end of the year, though her final scenes actually aired in January 2023. And sadly, it was her exit that was permanent.

As soon as Dr. Britt Westbourne began working at General Hospital, she began crushing on fellow physician Patrick Drake, who was grieving the loss of his wife, Robin. Britt enlisted Nurse Sabrina Santiago to babysit Patrick’s daughter, Emma, so she could move in on the doc, but he started to develop feelings for Sabrina instead! Jealous, Britt tried to blackmail Maxie into ruining Sabrina’s career, but Frisco Jones stepped in to defend his daughter, and Britt backed off.

General Hospital Patrick Britt Sabrina Felix
”But Patrick… she’s wearing glasses!”Howard Wise/

However, Britt soon got some help from her equally-devious mom, Dr. Liesl Obrecht. And it was also revealed that her dad was none other than legendary GH supervillain Cesar Faison! At her mother’s urging, Britt took the stage at the Nurses Ball to reveal that she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby, and Obrecht helped tamper with paternity tests to keep everyone believing her daughter’s lie.

During this scheme, Britt began to fall for Nikolas Cassadine, and finally confessed that her baby wasn’t Patrick’s — Brad Cooper had donated sperm to impregnate her. She gave birth to a baby boy she named Ben, but Obrecht abducted the infant, and Nik and Britt found the child with Faison on Cassadine Island. Jerry Jacks took Britt and others hostage until Robin cured him of his poisoning, and Britt offered to help Robin come up with a solution.

General Hospital Nikolas Britt baby Ben
”I know this baby isn’t yours, Nik… heck, it’s not mine, either!”Howard Wise/

After the dust settled, Britt began a relationship with Nikolas, but then Obrecht blackmailed her daughter to get her out of jail. She threatened to reveal that Britt had actually stolen one of Lulu and Dante’s frozen embryos, making them the real parents of her son! Unfortunately, the truth came out after Nikolas proposed, and he dumped her (Lulu being his sister and all). Obrecht tried to steal Ben and urged Britt to leave the country with the boy, but instead, Britt called the cops on her mom and gave Ben to Lulu and Dante.

Britt resisted her mother’s attempts to make nice and tried to use Spencer Cassadine to help win back Nikolas. The kid pretended to be kidnapped so Britt could look like the hero who rescued him. However, when Obrecht threatened to tell Nik the truth, Britt cut her off at the pass by confessing herself! So not only was that the end of her future with Nikolas, but he threatened to have her arrested! Looking to escape, Britt met with her parents at the docks where they were planning to leave Port Charles. However, when Obrecht decided to stay with her son, Nathan West, who had been shot, Britt left with Faison. 

General Hospital Brad Britt
Sean Smith/

A year later, in 2015, Britt returned briefly to hang out with BFF Brad and snark at everyone at the Nurses Ball on TV. She also caught up with Obrecht and visited Spencer, who was suffering from his burns, then left again. In December of 2017, Sonny and Jason were searching for Faison but found Britt instead. She told them what she knew about her father’s whereabouts (which wasn’t much) and then decided to turn herself into the cops because she was tired of living life on the run.

Anna and Finn visited Britt in Pentonville in 2018 to offer her freedom in exchange for helping bring her mother to justice. While faking an illness to bring Obrecht out of hiding, Britt met her half-brother, Peter August. Once the plan was completed and Britt was free once more, she left her mother a note saying she was leaving Port Charles to start a new life somewhere else.

In 2020, Britt returned to town to offer Brad some support as he went to court for the baby swap, and while probing Julian Jerome for more information on his involvement with the crime, things got heated and the pair had sex! Britt also visited Obrecht in jail and didn’t believe her mother’s claims she had been framed this time around. Later, Liz and Felix were stunned when Britt showed up for work at the hospital, revealing she’d gotten her medical license restored and was temporarily filling Kim Nero‘s old position in OB! Oh, and she also encountered Nikolas, slapping him across the face for how he let Spencer believe he was dead. However, after a few torrid flings with Julian and spreading some more of her patented snark around the hospital, Peter revealed that Britt had left to take a better job in Boston.

GH Britt Finn Portia Liz Epiphany
Britt wasn’t making many fans her first day as chief of staff!ABC

However, in September, Britt showed up at the hospital and everyone was stunned to learn that she was now the new chief of staff! She’d been hired by Cyrus Renault as part of his takeover of the hospital, though she agreed to help work with Jason Morgan to figure out what the drug runner really had planned. But Britt has been experiencing hand tremors and admitted she doesn’t have a lot of time. However, her health problems were the least of her worries as Cyrus began to grow suspicious of her closeness with Jason and investigation into his drug running!

After Jason was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, Carly Corinthos had him stabbed in prison so he would be transferred to the hospital where it would be easier to escape. Britt tried to help but was nearly killed by Cyrus’ men before Jason rescued her. When Jason was shot during the escape, Britt performed emergency surgery on him in a safe house to save his life. As they went on the run to Canada, the pair got closer, and Jason supported Britt as she finally saw a doctor and was crushed to learn she did have the marker for Huntington’s.

This brought Britt and Jason closer together and they made love, but their relationship soon fell apart when he decided to marry Carly for the sake of the family business. This led to Britt having an ill-fated one-night stand with Jasper “Jax” Jacks. Then, she was upset when Monica Quartermaine declared that both she and Terry Randolph would be named co-chiefs of staff at the hospital. After initially blowing up at sharing power, Britt settled down and made amends with those she upset. 

GH Britt Jason
Britt’s heart was broken when Jason was presumed dead during their trip to Greece.ABC/Craig Sjodin

Even after Sonny Corinthos turned out to be alive, negating Jason’s marriage to Carly, Britt was reluctant to take him back. But when Liesl was abducted, Britt and Jason flew to Greece to track her down on Cassadine Island. Unfortunately, while she, Liesl, and Drew Cain survived their escape, Jason was caught in a cave-in and presumed dead. Britt was cheered by news that Brad was out on parole, but his aunt, Selina Wu, warned her to keep her distance from him. Britt also developed a new friendship with Austin Gatlin-Holt and he opened up to her about his brother being on the autism spectrum.

Although Britt tried to get Brad a job at the hospital, he was forced to work with his aunt. After being stood up by a blind date, Britt connected with Drew. During a party for Society Setups, Britt got drunk and ranted about love before a skydiver landed on her and knocked her into the pool! Cody Bell apologized for the accident and after learning about her connection to Faison, asked her out. Their first date was a complete disaster, so he begged for another chance.

After a few awkward encounters, Britt began warming to Cody and agreed when he offered to help her go through the personal things Peter had left her. Finding a safety deposit box key, the pair went to see what was inside and discovered an expensive bejeweled necklace. Britt immediately became suspicious of Cody’s intense interest in the piece and hired Sam McCall to investigate its origins. Unfortunately, at this same time, Britt began to see more and more symptoms of her Huntington’s progressing and feared the worst.

GH Obrecht Britt
Obrecht offered her daughter a shoulder to cry on.ABC

Austin helped arrange an appointment with a specialist, and Britt was upset to learn her time was running out. She confessed the truth to her mother and then privately made arrangements to tie up loose ends with her will as she planned a New Year’s Eve birthday party that would secretly double as a going away party so she could leave town and suffer from her degenerative disease away from prying eyes.

After enjoying her party, Britt slipped away during the countdown to midnight and awaited her boat on the docks to take her out of Port Charles. But when Josslyn was attacked by The Hook nearby, Britt leaped into action to help save her. Unfortunately, during the struggle, Britt was scratched with the hook, and made her way back to The Haunted Star to be with her mother as the venom killed her. Obrecht called for an ambulance, but Britt knew she wouldn’t make it to a hospital in time and died in her mother’s arms.

Keep watching to see how Britt’s friends and family deal with their loss.

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