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Selina Wu on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

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Selina Wu on GENERAL HOSPITAL is a dangerous woman who doesn’t suffer fools lightly! The role is being played by actress Lydia Look, who debuted back in August 2015. She made sporadic appearances in a handful of episodes that year, then another in 2017. In August 2021, Look returned to GH for more, popping up in various episodes over the next few months and continuing to recur to this day.

Ms. Selina Wu is the leader of the Wu Family, one of the major crime families in Port Charles. At a 2015 meeting of the Five Families, Sonny Corinthos declared there was a traitor among them and she demanded he explain. After Sonny accused Serge and got him to admit he’d gotten an offer from the Jerome family, Sonny shot him. When everyone else pulled out their guns, Ms. Wu ordered them all to stand down and explained that Serge betrayed his alliance and Sonny was within his rights to take justice.

At another meeting, Michael Corinthos took Sonny’s place as he’d been shot and wanted to know who was responsible for it. Ava Jerome was there having recently assumed control of the Jerome family and Ms. Wu forced her to tell everyone what she knew. Ava lied that it was Carlos Rivera who went rogue and was responsible. Michael was skeptical and Selina had to negotiate a cease-fire between the Corinthos and Jerome families. In 2017, Ms. Wu was skeptical when Sonny announced his intention to retire and split his territories up among the other families.

GH Ms Wu Sonny
Ms. Wu and Sonny have a mutual understanding.ABC

In 2021, Ms. Wu was concerned when Carly Corinthos attended a Five Families meeting to face off with Cyrus Renault. And months later, irritated when Jason Morgan showed up in Carly’s place. Selina considered Carly a liability, but Jason announced that they were going to be married to run the Corinthos family together. Later, at the wedding, Ms. Wu warned Jason that Vincent Novak and Charles Buscema were planning something, and Jason arranged for the two mobsters to be killed by the same bomb they tried to plant under Carly and Jason’s wedding limo.

When Sonny returned to Port Charles alive and well, he met with Selina and offered her half of the Novaks’ holdings as thanks for helping to save Carly and Jason’s lives. Instead, she asked him for help getting her nephew, Brad Cooper, out of prison. Given how Brad kept Wiley from his true family for so long, Sonny refused to actively help him get parole, but promised not to interfere if he gets paroled himself. He also agreed not to retaliate against Brad as long as he stayed away from Michael and Wiley. Ms. Wu agreed to the terms and called them even.

Selina met with Britt Westbourne to warn her to stay away from Brad when he was paroled because she felt she was a bad influence on her nephew. And while Ms. Wu was happy when Brad was released from prison, she was not thrilled when Britt didn’t heed her warning! When Britt tried to rehire Brad at the hospital, Selina informed them that Brad already had a job… working for her. (Whether he liked it or not!)

GH Curtis Selina

Selina approached Curtis Ashford about using The Savoy to host her high-stakes poker games, but he declined. She had better luck convincing Sonny to let her use the waterfront as long as she agreed to play by his rules. However, he wasn’t pleased when she later revealed her plans to expand into gambling. Because Selina finally managed to convince Curtis to let his club host her poker games in exchange for some information about his father. 

Selina was furious when Cody Bell crashed one of her poker games and won too much money so she had one of her goons beat him up and take back his winnings. She also continued to diversify by becoming an investor in Deception and even interceded to stop Haven de Havilland from taking legal action after Sasha Gilmore’s disastrous appearance on Home & Heart. When Cody asked to join another poker game, Selina decided to hire him as a ringer to help squeeze other players for their cash. She also allowed Gladys Corbin to join in the games, but warned her not to let Sonny know. Oh, and she also found time to help Holly Sutton escape Victor Cassadine’s clutches by drugging the villain’s drink!

When Gladys began racking up serious debt from her poker losses, Selina demanded payment and Gladys was forced to sign her late son’s garage over to her. She also began slipping Selina information about Sonny’s dealings to help knock down the amount she owed. After learning Cody had been intentionally losing games, Selina forced him to play up. When Curtis was paralyzed after being shot, Ms. Wu offered to buy The Savoy from him but he refused to even consider it. She was further frustrated when Marshall took over managing the club and shut down the games. Sonny was upset to learn about Gladys’ gambling debts and blasted Selina for not keeping him in the loop.

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