What Happened to Sasha on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Sasha on GENERAL HOSPITAL has some fans curious about the true identity of the woman and her portrayer, Sofia Mattsson. However, Sasha Gilmore is a completely different character from Sasha Donev, who was played by Sandra Hess back in 2008. Donev was the lawyer for Russian crime lord Andre Karpov, who had Jake Spencer kidnapped and was shot and killed by a sniper. Totally different person!

Sasha Gilmore was introduced in September of 2018 when Curtis Ashford met with the young lady to inform her that he believed she may be the daughter of his friend, Nina Reeves, who was taken away from her and put up for adoption. Sasha argued that she wasn’t adopted, and in fact had heard the story of her birth during a snowstorm many times over the course of her life. She reluctantly agreed to a DNA test, and when the results came back positive, Valentin Cassadine happily informed Nina that he had hired Curtis and they’d found her long-lost daughter!

General Hospital Sasha Nina
Sasha and Nina’s first encounter was awkward, to say the least!ABC

Nina and Sasha’s initial meeting did not go well. After making small talk, Nina was disappointed that Sasha didn’t have the other half of the heart pendant her daughter was supposed to have, then came on a little too strong wanting to spend time with her. Sasha put up walls, not wanting another mother in her life, but Nina pled her case and begged for a chance to get to know her.

Although she turned down job offers from Valentin and Nina, Sasha agreed to stay in Port Charles, and moved in with her new sister, Kiki Jerome. Noting Sasha checking out Griffin Monroe, Ava stirred the pot by suggesting to her that Griffin and Kiki weren’t that serious, so she could totally make a move on him. Naturally, that didn’t work out, but Sasha turned out to be even more trouble because it was revealed that Valentin had paid her to lie about being Nina’s daughter! Although Sasha reluctantly bonded with Nina and urged her to reconcile with Valentin (his plan all along), the guilt — as well as Kiki’s shocking murder — inspired Sasha to get out of Port Charles before she got found out… or became the killer’s next victim!

General Hospital Sasha Michael
Sasha enjoyed her first GH Nurses Ball as Michael’s date.ABC/Michael Yada

Sasha soon returned and decided to make a life for herself in Port Charles, though Valentin continued to worry that the longer she remained in town the more likely it would be their lie would be exposed. Still, Sasha continued to settle down, even striking up a relationship with Michael Corinthos. They enjoyed a romantic getaway in Puerto Rico, but after an encounter with Cassandra Pierce, Sasha was drugged, and upon her return to Port Charles, suddenly collapsed! She was diagnosed with a virulent strain of bird flu and lay near death before doctors were able to cure her. However, this brush with death inspired Sasha to come clean to Michael about not being Nina’s daughter, and although he was upset, he soon forgave her. Lucy Coe also approached Sasha to offer her a job working for her relaunch of Deception.

Although the guilt weighed upon her, the responsibility was lifted when Lulu overheard Sasha talking about her secret to Obrecht and exposed the lie at Nina and Valentin’s wedding! Sasha tearfully tried to explain, but Nina was furious. Eventually, Nina came to accept Sasha’s apology and even Carly came around to approving of her dating Michael. When a dangerous mob war was brewing in Port Charles and the Corinthos family came under literal fire, Michael tried to push Sasha away for her own protection, but that inspired the pair to confess their love for each other and they instead moved in together. Although their relationship hit a bit of a snag when Sasha urged him to marry Willow Tait in order to keep custody of Wiley away from Nelle!

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