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What Happened to Kiki on General Hospital


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Kiki Jerome on General Hospital went through an awful lot in her young life, but the beleaguered heroine ultimately met a tragic fate. The character was introduced in May of 2013 and was originally played by Kristen Alderson, but in February 2015, Hayley Erin took over the role until the character was killed off in November 2018. Though the actress did return as Kiki’s ghost for one episode in August 2019.

Kiki first appeared as Morgan Corinthos’ new girlfriend and followed him to Port Charles when his brother, Michael Corinthos, brought him back. She was surprised when her mother, Ava Jerome, revealed that her father, Franco Baldwin, is very much alive. Kiki grew closer to Michael, but after they shared a kiss, were horrified to suspect they might be cousins. Morgan pressured Kiki into marrying him instead and didn’t tell her the truth that her father was really Dr. Silas Clay. When she learned what he’d been keeping from her, their marriage came to a swift end. And later, despite the fact that she was now dating Michael, Kiki was not happy to find out that her mother was having an affair with Morgan.

GH Michael, Kiki, and Morgan - JPI
Kiki found herself torn between two brothers. Could be worse!Howard Wise/

Eventually, Kiki reconciled with Ava, who was afraid Sonny would have her killed after she gave birth to his child because she knew Sonny killed A.J. Quartermaine. Kiki confided in Morgan, and they agreed to keep Michael in the dark about the truth of his father’s death. But when the secret came out, Michael was furious and dumped her. Kiki was then enraged to learn that Ava had tricked Sonny into killing A.J. in retaliation for murdering Connie when it was Ava herself who had killed Sonny’s girlfriend!

After Ava gave birth, the baby was kidnapped by Nina Reeves, and after being rescued, Avery was placed in Kiki’s care when Ava was sent to prison. Kiki was devastated to hear that her mother had been killed trying to escape, and when Sonny was granted a pardon, gave him back his daughter. But when an angry Michael sued for custody, Kiki teamed up with Morgan to drug Michael into acting erratically so he would lose the custody battle. Kiki rekindled her relationship with Morgan as she also grew closer to a mysterious woman named Denise DeMuccio, who claimed to be Ava’s long-lost twin but was really Ava in disguise!

General Hospital Kiki Dillon
After Morgan’s death, Kiki and Dillon’s friendship grew into something more.ChrisD/

Kiki was stunned to learn her mother was really alive, but crushed to also find out she and Morgan had reignited their affair. Upset, Kiki turned to the bottle and began acting belligerent to everyone around her. She also caused a car accident while driving drunk and later learned she had run Carly off the road. Kiki was utterly devastated when Morgan spiraled out of control and was then killed in a car bombing.

She slowly grew closer to Dillon Quartermaine, who helped give her a shoulder to cry on, and then they made their relationship official. But he left town for work and never returned. Kiki threw herself into her new job as a medical student, working at General Hospital. But she encountered a roadblock when she was sexually harassed by Dr. Bensch. Kiki also had her ups and downs with her mother, and though she forgave her for her sins after Ava was nearly burned alive in a fire, things took a turn when Kiki slept with her mom’s boyfriend, Griffin Monroe, after the 2018 Nurses Ball!

General Hospital Ava Griffin Kiki
Ava’s quest for revenge against Kiki and Griffin had deadly consequences!XJJohnson/

Kiki won her sexual harassment suit against Dr. Bensch, but her tryst with Griffin was exposed in court and Ava cut her daughter out of her life. As Kiki tentatively started a relationship with Griffin, Ava vowed revenge on the pair. And after Ava confided her thirst for vengeance to Ryan Chamberlain, believing him to be Dr. Kevin Collins, the serial killer decided to help her get rid of Kiki… permanently!

Ava was devastated by Kiki’s brutal murder, and the horror only intensified when she learned that the man she’d been sleeping with wasn’t Kevin but her daughter’s killer! Although Ryan was brought to justice, Ava was still haunted by the guilt and hired a couple of different psychics in the hopes of reaching her daughter’s spirit to make peace. Unfortunately, when a grieving Ava was visited by her daughter’s ghost, Kiki told her mother she would never forgive her!

Although Kiki’s story has come to an end, her death continues to affect the canvas and Ava will never forget her beloved daughter.

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