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What Happened to Morgan on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Every time anyone on GENERAL HOSPITAL mentions his tragic end, some viewers wonder what happened to Morgan and more specifically, how did Morgan die? After a series of child actors, Aaron Refvem debuted as a pre-teen Morgan in 2009, but was replaced a year later with Aaron Sanders. In May of 2013, the character was aged into a young adult and was portrayed by Bryan Craig. And as soon as Morgan was killed off, GH fans hoped he would return. While Craig did make a special appearance in one episode, the character remains so popular that viewers are still hoping he’ll come back for a longer run.

Morgan was born to parents Sonny Corinthos and Carly Corinthos in 2003, and even his entrance into the world was traumatic. Ric kidnapped Carly and locked her in a panic room where she went into labor. And when Sonny tried to rescue her he shot at Ric and accidentally hit his wife! Then, as a toddler, Morgan and siblings Kristina and Michael were kidnapped by A.J. Quartermaine.

GH Bus Crash
Even the kids can’t escape the drama in Port Charles!Sean Smith/

Things settled down as Morgan befriended his father’s new bodyguard, Dominic Pirelli, but that got complicated when he was revealed to be an undercover cop and Sonny’s son, Dante Falconeri! Morgan and some other Port Charles kids were caught in a bus crash on the way to a ski resort, but luckily he escaped with only a broken leg. Later, hoping to reunite Carly and Jax, Morgan and Molly tried kidnapping their daughter, Josslyn. After Jax was presumed dead in a plane crash, Carly enrolled Morgan in military school.

Morgan was next seen as a young adult in serious trouble from gambling debts and living with Kiki Jerome and her mother, Ava Jerome, in New York City. After he returned to Port Charles with Michael, Kiki followed, and Morgan noticed the spark between his girlfriend and his brother. When everyone thought Kiki was a Quartermaine, Morgan was relieved because it meant she and Michael were cousins. But after discovering that was a lie, he hid the truth and rushed Kiki into marriage.

GH Michael, Kiki, and Morgan - JPI
Morgan felt a little overdressed and out of place with Michael and Kiki.Howard Wise/

After Kiki learned the truth, she cut her mother out of her life, so Ava blackmailed Morgan into helping repair their relationship, threatening to tell Kiki he knew about her paternity and kept quiet. But it was actually an angry Sonny who revealed the truth at a party while off his medication. Furious, Kiki broke up with him and a heartbroken Morgan found comfort in Ava’s bed, even moving in with her after annulling his marriage.

Still bitter, Morgan began working with Julian Jerome to help him take down Sonny. When things escalated into a gunfight, Morgan fired a shot that hit Sonny’s bodyguard, Max! Distraught, Morgan wanted out, but Julian forced him to continue working as a mole in Sonny’s organization. In the end, though, Morgan returned to his own family and cut ties with Ava as they requested. Morgan and Ava still had unresolved feelings for each other, but he immediately ended things when he found out she’d slept with Sonny.

GH Silas, Ava, and Morgan - JPI
Poor Morgan thought Ava’s baby could be his.Howard Wise/

Morgan moved into the Brownstone with Kiki and they let a pregnant Ava hide out there, but after Avery’s birth, he was devastated to learn she wasn’t his child, but Sonny’s. After holding Julian and Alexis at gunpoint, blaming him for shooting Sonny, Morgan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When he went off his meds, he stole a gun and shot at some drug dealers, so Sonny and Carly had him committed to the Freedman Clinic for treatment (and to avoid prison time).

Upon his release, Morgan continued seeing Dr. Andre Maddox, but his moods continued to swing wildly because Ava had stolen his meds and replaced them with placebos in the hopes of keeping him and Kiki apart. During this time he experienced the highs of being in love with Kiki to the lows of trying to end his life by jumping off the hospital roof. And ultimately, Ava’s actions led to Morgan stealing Julian’s car which exploded, killing him!

GH Dante and Sonny at Morgan's Death - JPI
Sonny was devastated he couldn’t save his son.ChrisD/

His death nearly caused Sonny and Carly to split up, and Ava was overwhelmed with grief and guilt. In fact, she later hallucinated a visit by Morgan from beyond the grave while under anesthesia. While everyone continues to mourn Morgan, technically no body was ever found, so it’s entirely possible that he could still be alive out there somewhere as some fans continue to hope.

Stay tuned to see if Morgan ever returns!

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