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Dante Falconeri on GENERAL HOSPITAL quickly became a fan favorite character soon after his introduction in June of 2009. Portrayer Dominic Zamprogna has also earned himself two Daytime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his work over the years. While Zamprogna left GH in 2018, he has made it clear he’s happy to return and did so in March of 2019 for a brief stint. And although it took a bit longer, the actor eventually returned to GH in August 2020!

Introduced as Dominic Pirelli, Dante quickly became part of Sonny Corinthos’ life when he saved the mob boss from an ambush and rescued his son, Morgan Corinthos. He also became smitten with Lulu Spencer, and it was revealed that he was actually an undercover cop named Dante after he was arrested and tipped the Port Charles Police that he was investigating Sonny. But when he attempted to arrest the mobster, Sonny shot him just as Olivia Falconeri arrived to announce he’d shot his own son!

General Hospital Sonny Olivia Steven Dante
Sonny probably wouldn’t have shot Dante if he’d known he was his son!Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty Images

Dante was stunned to learn that Sonny was his father, and was upset at his mother, Olivia, for not telling him the truth. But he agreed to lie that he’d accidentally shot himself so Sonny wouldn’t be charged. When Dante was fired from the NYPD, Mac Scorpio offered him a job on the PCPD. Dante decided to send Sonny to jail for the murder of Claudia Zacchara, but was surprised to learn that he was actually covering for Michael Corinthos.

His relationship with Lulu hit a snag when Brenda Barrett returned to Port Charles and it was revealed that the pair shared a romantic past together. But they soon reconciled, and Dante proposed. However, when he was shot on the job, Lulu had second thoughts about becoming a policeman’s wife. She eventually overcame her fear and the pair were married in a private ceremony in Brooklyn by his cousin, Tommy, with only Olivia in attendance.

General Hospital Lulu Dante
Lulu and Dante overcame many obstacles to find true love.Howard Wise/

Dante and Lulu wanted desperately to have a child, but she found she was unable to carry a baby. Maxie Jones offered to be their surrogate, but in the end, the baby she gave birth to was her own from a one-night stand with Damian Spinelli. Meanwhile, Dante also had to rescue a kidnapped Lulu from an obsessed Stavros Cassadine, and she temporarily lost her memories of him! Although heartbroken to learn that their daughter was really Maxie’s, Dante and Lulu then discovered that Dr. Britt Westbourne‘s baby she claimed was Patrick Drake’s had actually been grown from their other embryo! Dante and Lulu brought the boy home and named him Rocco.

After all that, Lulu continued to want another child and Dante supported her as she had surgery that would allow her to carry her own baby. But then he had to team up with his partner, Nathan West, to rescue Maxie and Lulu from Levi Dunkleman who had kidnapped them! This led to Dante having to save Lulu from Stavros again, this time because the guy wanted to have a baby with her! Once that ordeal was over and Stavros was dispatched, Lulu assured Dante she would be happy with just him and Rocco for now.

Dante got jealous when Dillon Quartermaine returned and joined Lulu on an adventure to save her brothers. Believing that his wife was cheating on him, Dante had a one-night stand with her cousin, Valerie Spencer, who had a big crush on him. This led to Dante and Lulu divorcing, but they had second thoughts and gave their relationship another try, re-marrying in their living room on Thanksgiving, 2016.

General Hospital Lulu Dante Charlotte Rocco
Dante and Lulu had their hands full!ChrisD/

Things got complicated when Lulu discovered that Charlotte Cassadine was her daughter with Valentin, and an ugly custody battle ensued. Dante and Lulu received custody of the girl for a while, but she was ultimately returned to her father. Dante was devastated when Nathan was murdered in cold blood by Cesar Faison, and struggled to accept his new partner on the force, Detective Harrison Chase. But ultimately, Dante joined a special WSB task force to hunt down the criminal who had tried to kill Lulu a couple of years earlier, and left Port Charles with his wife fearing for his safety.

After Lulu was nearly murdered by the serial killer stalking Port Charles, Sonny was determined to bring his son home and with the help of Robert Scorpio, tracked Dante to Turkey where he had gone undercover working for his target, the villainous Raj. Sonny managed to help Dante escape and with Raj dead, return to Port Charles. Unfortunately, Dante’s ordeal left some scars that go much deeper than the ones on his back, and he admitted to Lulu that he had to leave again to deal with his PTSD.

Maxie worried about Lulu being alone and missing her husband so she roped Peter August into helping her bring Dante home but when they went to visit him in a WSB facility in Ithaca, Dante grabbed a guard’s gun and shot Peter! After that, Lulu was stunned when she received divorce papers in the mail and it appeared that Dante was trying to cut everyone out of his life and give her the chance to move on. Later, Olivia was heartbroken when all the letters she’d been writing to her son were returned to her, unopened. Eventually, Lulu decided to move on with her life and began dating schoolteacher Dustin Phillips.

But in August 2020, Dante was seen in his room at the WSB facility in Geneva, writing a letter home he would never send. It’s only a matter of time before he comes home to Port Charles, so stay tuned to see what happens next!

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