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What Happened to Michael on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Michael Corinthos on GENERAL HOSPITAL never seems to have much happiness in his life, and that drama goes all the way back to his birth! Born on-screen on Dec. 29, 1997, Michael was played by a series of child actors, including Dylan Cash, who made his debut in 2002. In 2009, GH aged the character into a teenager played by Drew Garrett. However, nearly a year later, the role was recast with Chad Duell, who made his debut in April of 2010 and continues to play the part to this day. Although in the spring and summer of 2022, the role was recast temporarily with THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS alum Robert Adamson for some episodes.

When Carly Benson learned she was pregnant, she felt A.J. Quartermaine was unfit to be a father so she named Jason Morgan as her babydaddy. Upon his birth, Michael was raised by Jason and Robin as Carly was suffering from postpartum depression. Carly’s ex-fiancé, Tony Jones, kidnapped Michael and Robin told A.J. the truth about the baby’s paternity. After a failed attempt to raise Michael with A.J., Carly married Sonny Corinthos, who threatened A.J. into giving up all rights to his son and adopted Michael as his own.

General Hospital Dylan Cash Laura Wright
Carly loved her little boy.Jill Johnson/

In 2005, Michael was kidnapped again, along with siblings Morgan and Kristina, by Faith Rosco. Later, Michael was suspected of murdering A.J., but he had actually witnessed Dr. Asher Thomas commit the crime. After accidentally shooting Sonny’s girlfriend, Kate Howard, with a gun, Michael ran away from home and when Carly finally found him in a warehouse, they were nearly killed in an explosion! Then, Michael was shot in the head by a sniper aiming for Sonny and fell into a coma!

Michael awoke with anger management issues and slowly began to remember missing pieces of his past, such as Claudia Zacchara’s involvement in his shooting. When he discovered Claudia holding a pregnant Carly hostage intending to steal her daughter, Josslyn, Michael killed her! Sonny attempted to cover for the crime, but Michael landed in prison where he was brutally assaulted by another inmate. After Dante got Michael released on parole, he began dating stripper Abby Haver and eventually confessed that Carter had raped him behind bars. To protect Abby from an abusive ex, Michael tried to send her out of town, but she was tragically killed in an accident, leaving him gutted.

General Hospital Sonny Michael
Sonny barely recognized Michael when he came out of his coma.Greg Zabilski/ABC via Getty Images

Michael started dating Starr Manning, but she eventually broke up with him over the phone. Stunned to discover that A.J. was still alive, he bonded with his dad and they worked together to take over ELQ. Michael clashed with Morgan’s new girlfriend, Kiki Jerome, but they eventually fell for each other, despite a brief hurdle where they thought they could be cousins. After Kate was murdered, A.J. was the prime suspect, but Michael was convinced of his father’s innocence and devastated when he was murdered himself. After learning that Sonny was the one who shot A.J., and Carly helped him cover it up, an enraged Michael held him at gunpoint and Dante and Morgan had to talk him down.

As Sonny was shipped off to prison, Michael decided to change his last name to Quartermaine and distanced himself from the Corinthos family. After Sonny was paroled for saving Michael and others (including the governor’s daughter) from a bomb, an angry Michael sued him for custody of his daughter, Avery, bringing up Sonny’s dangerous lifestyle. He hired Sabrina Santiago to work as his nanny, and after they eventually fell for each other, she convinced Michael to reconcile with his family and return Avery to Sonny.

General Hospital Michael Sabrina
Michael and Sabrina’s happiness was tragically cut short.Howard Wise/

When Sabrina got pregnant, Michael was excited to be a father, but upset to learn the baby was really Carlos Rivera’s. She left town with Carlos, and Michael teamed up with Sonny to go to Puerto Rico and bring her home. But Michael’s happiness with her and newborn Teddy was destroyed when Sabrina was murdered by Paul Hornsby and he allowed the baby to be raised by Carlos’ brother, Joe Rivera. Michael was further crushed when Morgan was suddenly killed in a car explosion.

Michael grew close to Nelle Hayes, but broke it off when it was revealed she was Carly’s adopted sister and out for revenge. After a time, he gave her another chance and things looked good for the pair as she announced her pregnancy. But Michael soon came to realize that Nelle had still been plotting to get Carly out of her life and would stop at nothing to make it happen!

General Hospital Nelle Michael
Realizing Nelle was scamming him, Michael turned the tables on her!XJJohnson/

Working with officer Harrison Chase to record Nelle’s confession that she’d set up Carly to be arrested and locked up in Ferncliff, Michael got exactly the evidence he needed but then crashed their car! Nelle left Michael for dead, and when he was rescued by Sonny and brought to the hospital, Nelle presented him with the baby she’d just given birth to, which had died. Michael was devastated, not realizing that Nelle had run into Brad Cooper and switched her living infant with Wiley, his adopted son who had suddenly passed away. 

As Nelle was locked up in prison, Michael attended a grief support group at the hospital where he met and befriended Willow Tait, who turned out to be Wiley’s birth mother. He also lent money to Kristina which he later regretted when he found out she was using it to get deeper into Dawn of Day, a dangerous cult. Michael fell for Sasha Gilmore, but their romance hit a snag when it was revealed that she had been lying about being Nina’s long-lost daughter. He eventually came around and forgave Sasha, and the pair eventually professed their love for each other.

GH Sasha Michael Brad Carly Lucas
Michael was stunned when Brad confessed the awful truth.XJJohnson/

Then Michael’s world was turned upside-down yet again when the baby switch was finally revealed and he learned that Wiley was actually his son! Adjusting to raising the boy at the Quartermaine mansion became even more complicated when Nelle got out on parole and announced she was going to fight for custody of their son. Michael hired Diane to help him win the custody battle and when told marrying Sasha wouldn’t help because of her sketchy past, he married Willow instead!

Despite Nelle’s marrying Julian to compete, Michael and Willow were granted custody of Wiley. Nelle attempted to abduct her son, but Michael tracked her down and saved Wiley as Carly watched Nelle fall from a cliff. Back home and safe with his son, Michael found himself drawn to Willow in spite of their plan. After learning that Chase and Sasha had lied about having sex to push them together, Michael and Willow reconsidered and signed annulment papers, though he invited her to stay in the Quartermaine gatehouse so she would be close by.

Michael decided not to reunite with Sasha because he’d fallen in love with Willow, and they finally admitted their feelings to each other. Michael had decided to cut Nina out of Wiley’s life after she told the kid she was his grandmother, but when Jax caught him with Willow, he used that as leverage to force Michael to allow Nina a visit. Then, Michael agreed with Willow that she should marry Chase because he was on his deathbed. So after he pulled through, the couple had to sneak around behind his back! Naturally, Chase caught them together and things got ugly before he and Willow agreed to an amicable split. Michael was also concerned about Austin Holt‘s attempts to get his share of the Quartermaine fortune, but he allowed Chase to give Austin the evidence he’d found in the house.

GH Michael Sonny
Michael decided to cut his father out of his life.Craig Sjodin/ABC

Michael and Willow moved into the gatehouse together but when he tried to pop the question, she admitted she wasn’t ready for marriage. She was also upset when he secretly took action to make Nina pay for her crimes against his family. Sonny tried to make peace but Michael was unable to forgive his father for choosing Nina and ultimately cut him out of his life. When Nina sued for visitation rights to Wiley, Michael arranged for Smoltz, the reporter he’d previously punched out, to write a tell-all exposing all of her dirty laundry. He also plotted an ELQ/Aurora Media merger with Drew Cain to help force Valentin Cassadine out of the family business.

As the visitation hearing began, Michael remained upset at Sonny for taking Nina’s side and was happy to let Diane tear into them both on the stand during testimony. And even after his own criminal past was brought up by Scott, Michael remained determined to keep Nina away from Wiley. Ultimately, the judge decided in his favor, and Michael felt vindicated. It was also revealed that Sonny’s new employee, Dex, was secretly working for Michael to help bring his father down! And while Ned and Valentin joined forces to squash the ELQ/Aurora merger, leaving Michael frustrated, he was later overjoyed to learn that Willow was pregnant! However, he was unaware that she wasn’t telling him everything…

Michael was heartbroken when Willow finally confessed she had leukemia and had waited to receive treatment until their baby would be safe but promised to support her no matter what. Michael popped the question, and she happily accepted. He was stunned when Drew revealed that Nina was Willow’s birth mother, and he struggled to forgive Carly for keeping that secret. When Willow nearly died during childbirth, Michael’s pleas for her to come back to him kept her from going into the light. The couple named their newborn daughter Amelia Grace.

GH Willow Sam Michael
Despite Willow’s illness, she and Michael had a beautiful wedding.Christine Bartolucci/ABC

As Michael and Willow planned their wedding, he was surprised to learn that Dex and Josslyn were romantically involved. At Willow’s urging, he allowed Sonny to attend the ceremony but not Nina. After the beautiful nuptials, the reception was spoiled when Carly was taken in for questioning by the SEC for insider trading. Michael confided to a worried Willow about his plan to bring down Sonny and she persuaded him not to use the evidence that he and Dex had collected. Joss accused Michael of endangering Dex’s life by not bringing Sonny down but he stood firm. He also confessed to Carly and gave her the flash drive with the evidence, which she destroyed.

After Willow’s bone marrow transplant was successful, Michael brought her home to recover and they slowly began to resume their life together. Although he was still wary of Nina, Michael had a heart-to-heart with Sonny to try and make peace with his father.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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