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What Happened to Chase on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Port Charles got a new top cop when Josh Swickard made his debut as Detective Harrison Chase on GENERAL HOSPITAL in February of 2018. He started off as Dante’s new partner at the PCPD but has cemented his place in Port Charles and even expanded his family!

Following the tragic death of Nathan West, police commissioner Jordan Ashford brought Detective Chase to partner with Dante Falconeri at the PCPD, and the two cops immediately rubbed each other the wrong way.  Chase agreed to join Dante and the other cops on stage performing at the Nurses Ball benefit, but it was just a trick to strand him on stage by himself. But Chase performed solo and Dante eventually came to respect the guy. It also turned out that Chase is Dr. Hamilton Finn’s half brother, although the two siblings didn’t get along at all. Eventually, however, Chase was able to get Finn to let down some of his defenses and work on repairing their relationship.

Things got complicated when it turned out he was an ex-boyfriend of Nelle Benson and he agreed to help Michael set her up in a sting to confess to her multiple crimes. Unfortunately, their plan resulted in a car crash that gave Nelle the opportunity to give birth and swap her baby with Brad’s dead child, leaving everyone else in the dark. Chase felt terrible, but he and Michael have continued to have a strong friendship.

General Hospital Willow Chase
Willow found a knight in shining armor in Chase.Howard Wise/

Chase grew smitten with schoolteacher Willow Tait, and they started a relationship that soon became serious. She confided to him that she had escaped the Dawn of Day, and the cop stood up to protect her from the cult and its leader, Shiloh. And when the opportunity arose to issue an arrest warrant, Chase was more than happy to announce the news to Shiloh face-to-face. (Though ultimately, the villain was taken care of outside the law!)

With all the crime in Port Charles, Chase has been kept pretty busy dealing with keeping the streets safe, especially with notorious drug runner Cyrus Renault having been let out of prison and making moves to take over the town. And on the personal front, Chase found himself pretending to sleep with Sasha Gilmore so that Willow would feel free to marry Michael Corinthos and help him get custody of his son away from Nelle. Then things got even more complicated when his mother, Jackie Templeton, returned to town!

Chase was stunned to learn that his father wasn’t actually Gregory Chase, but Finn, who had had an affair with Jackie the night before her wedding to Gregory! Although the family dynamic changed drastically, Chase agreed to try and make it work. When the truth about his and Sasha’s lie came out, Chase thought he could go back to Willow, but it turned out that while pretending to be married, she and Michael had developed genuine feelings for each other! Then, during a family dinner, Chase drank the poisoned coffee that Peter August had meant for Finn, and found himself falling dangerously ill!

GH Jackie Liz Finn Chase

Chase’s condition worsened and Finn attempted to find a cure while keeping his son/brother in the dark about exactly what had happened to him. Chase was allowed to leave the hospital and stay at the Quartermaine mansion where Monica could keep an eye on him (which put the kibosh on Michael and Willow’s budding relationship, not that he was aware of that). But Chase soon wound up back in the hospital and fighting for his life. Finn thought he’d finally found a cure, but it only seemed to make things worse!

Willow reluctantly agreed to marry Chase on what she thought was his death bed, but he recovered when Finn discovered that Gregory was actually Chase’s father after all so he was able to adjust the cure so it would work. As he finally recovered, Chase found he couldn’t walk, but was determined to get well again so he could marry Willow properly.

Chase soon began walking again but when he went to surprise Willow with his progress, he discovered that Willow had cheated on him with Michael! Since Austin Gatlin Holt had been helping him recover, Chase agreed to help him prove that he was a rightful Quartermaine heir. Willow confessed her feelings for Michael to Chase, who then revealed that he could walk. They agreed on an annulment and Chase gave the document proving Austin was a Quartermaine to Michael, who surprisingly passed it along to Austin.

GH Brook Lynn Chase
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Chase struck up a friendship with Brook Lynn Quartermaine and soon realized that she was lying about her new baby, Bailey. When Brook Lynn admitted that she wasn’t Valenin’s baby as she’d claimed, Chase then stepped up to claim paternity. Unfortunately, this led to a fight between the two men that got Chase suspended from the police force! Chase continued with the charade of being Bailey’s father and grew closer with Brook Lynn in the process. But Brook Lynn was later crushed when she overheard Chase telling Dante how he couldn’t see them as a couple. And once Maxie was able to claim Bailey as her own, there was nothing keeping Brook Lynn and Chase together.

Chase agreed to help his brother figure out who was stalking Elizabeth Webber, and was knocked unconscious while surveilling her home. After Chase showed up to support Leo as he read a poem at a school fair, Brook Lynn was touched. But when she tried to enlist his help in taking down her sleazy former manager, Linc, he turned her down. But he still defended her honor when Linc insulted her publicly, engaging in another fight that got him arrested. Although the charges were dropped, Chase was suspended without pay until his case went before a review board.

Brook Lynn suggested Chase pursue a career in music with her as his manager, and a video Leo took of him singing went viral. Chase agreed to the arrangement to help Brook Lynn bring down Linc. Chase and Brook Lynn kissed and things began heating up between the pair. She got him a gig singing at The Savoy and they finally slept together. Unfortunately, when Chase learned that Brook Lynn had declined to write a letter of recommendation to help him be reinstated as a cop, he broke up with her. Although she later submitted a letter and the review board agreed to consider his case in the spring, Chase made it clear she was only going to be his manager.

Stay tuned to GH to see how his story continues!

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