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What Happened to Shiloh on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Shiloh had GENERAL HOSPITAL fans buzzing from his very first appearance. Especially since he originally introduced himself as Hank, and his real name was actually David! While the character was new, the actor may have looked familiar to viewers since Coby Ryan McLaughlin has appeared in numerous primetime series over the years as well as another soap. The actor made his debut in December 2018 but admitted in a podcast interview in September 2019 that his stint as the diabolical villain was coming to an end.

Hank first appeared when he saw Jason Morgan shooting pool at The Floating Rib and assumed he was Drew Cain. Jason explained to the stranger that he is actually Drew’s twin brother and Hank admitted that Drew had never mentioned he had a brother before. Hank said he was a friend of Drew’s from Afghanistan, and learning that he was now living in Port Charles, asked Jason for his information. Naturally suspicious, Jason hedged his bets and instead offered to take Hank’s information to give to Drew to contact him.

General Hospital Shiloh Jason
Shiloh originally introduced himself as Hank, although neither of those is his real name!ABC

Jason then located Drew and passed along the info, suspecting Hank had an agenda because he was a little too eager to tell his story to a complete stranger. Drew ran into his “old friend” at the hospital, and admitted he didn’t remember anything about him, so Hank revealed that he’d saved his life after an explosion and was happy to finally be able to say thank you.

But things took an even more interesting turn when Sam McCall and Jason went to visit the new place Kristina Davis had moved into and discovered that the leader of Dawn of Day, Shiloh, was none other than Hank himself! The guy insisted that he changed his name to Shiloh when he changed his life and that his group does charity and volunteer work. But as Jason and Sam continued to dig, they discovered that his real name was David Henry Archer and Sam realized he was the estranged son of Henry Archer, one of the former husbands she had conned out of their money. Naturally, Jason and Sam suspected Shiloh of being behind the threatening E-mails Sam had been receiving, and when Spinelli traced them back to the Dawn of Day compound, they confronted him. However, Daisy took the blame, and Shiloh easily got Kristina back on his side.

As Sam infiltrated the cult, Jason investigated and encountered Harmony, who later assured Shiloh she’d kept his secrets. Kristina’s family grew more and more concerned as she fell deeper and deeper into Shiloh’s clutches, and he continued to lure Sam into the group. Meanwhile, it was later revealed that Willow Tait also used to be a member of Dawn of Day, and Shiloh is the father of the baby she gave up for adoption! Shiloh got Kristina to divulge a family secret to become part of the trust, but before he could drug her and sleep with her to make it official, Jason abducted her. Kristina finally seemed to have come to her senses about the group, so the cult leader turned his attention to Sam and tried to “initiate” her instead. But again, Jason saved her and beat Shiloh to a pulp.

General Hospital Kristina Shiloh
Shiloh had Kristina wrapped around his little finger.ABC

It was revealed that during his time with Drew in Afghanistan, Hank had committed treason by selling fuel to terrorists and making money off the black market. But since Drew didn’t have any of those memories anymore, Shiloh got his hands on the flash drive containing the memories and abducted Sam using her as leverage to force Jason into letting him transplant Drew’s memories into his head to find out what he knew. Jason rescued Sam and they escaped, so Shiloh turned his attention to Cameron Webber, kidnapping him and ordering Dr. Cabot to do the procedure on the teen. Franco Baldwin came to his rescue and offered himself as a guinea pig, having Drew’s old memories take the place of his own personality. Shiloh was quickly arrested, but the damage was done.

Locked up in Pentonville, Shiloh contacted Peter August and threatened to reveal his part in Drew’s kidnapping years ago in Afghanistan where they delivered him to Helena Cassadine. He ordered Peter to get him out of jail, and sure enough, as the cult leader’s trial began, he escaped on his way back to his cell!

General Hospital Helena Shiloh Drew
Shiloh’s so evil, of course he’d have a connection to Helena Cassdine!XJJohnson/

Shiloh made his way to the Haunted Star where he held Sam, Dev, and Wiley hostage before Sam got him to agree to set the younger prisoners free. Jason made his way to the boat and tried to rescue the woman he loves, but it was Sam who fired the flare gun that hit Shiloh and sent him tumbling overboard! Later, at the hospital, Shiloh’s body was brought in and Willow positively identified his corpse for the police. 

It certainly looks as though Shiloh has met a pretty final fate, but in soaps, you never know! (Just look at Helena, who has been dead for years!) Stay tuned to GH to see if the villain remains six feet under!

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