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What Happened to Kristina on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Kristina Davis on GENERAL HOSPITAL is the daughter of attorney Alexis Davis and mob boss Sonny Corinthos, and with parents like that, it’s no surprise that the young woman has led quite the dramatic life! But for fans who might not be up on the character’s entire history in Port Charles, that’s where we come in.

Who plays Kristina?

Born in 2002, Kristina was played by a series of child actors before being aged into a teenager in 2009 with Lexi Ainsworth taking the role. After her 2011 exit, the character was brought back in 2012 with Lindsey Morgan in the role, lasting a year. Ainsworth reprised her role in September of 2015, but exited again in October of 2017. However, Ainsworth returned to GH once more in the summer of 2018 and continued to appear on a recurring basis until May 2023 when the role was recast with DAYS OF OUR LIVES alum Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail).

Who are Kristina’s parents?

Originally, Alexis claimed Ned Ashton was Kristina’s father to protect her from Sonny’s dangerous lifestyle, but when the little girl fell ill, the truth was revealed. As a tot, Kristina was abducted, along with Michael and Morgan, by A.J. Quartermaine, and later was paralyzed with fear after witnessing Sam shoot Diego. When Michael was shot by a killer aiming for Sonny, Alexis reinforced her desire to protect Kristina from her father’s world.

General Hospital Kristina and Alexis
Kristina can’t keep secrets from her mother!Carol Kaelson/ABC via Getty Images

In 2009, Kristina returned as a rebellious teenager. While driving home upset and crying, Kristina caused Claudia Zacchara to crash her car and miscarry her child. She ran away and was taken hostage by Jerry Jacks, but rescued by Sam and Jason. Alexis confessed to the crash to protect her daughter and agreed to let her see Sonny hoping it would help her heal.

Who abused Kristina?

When her boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer, became emotionally and physically abusive towards her, Kristina landed in the hospital and blamed Ethan Lovett, afraid Sonny would kill Keifer. But it was Alexis who actually offed him when she ran over the guy with her car rushing Kristina to the hospital after another beating. Kiefer’s grief-stricken father tried to get Kristina to accuse Ethan again and when she refused, he opened fire in the hospital and tried to kill her!

Kristina developed a crush on Ethan, but he never returned her affection. Furious with her father, she pretended to date Johnny Zacchara, but was nearly killed again when Sonny planted a bomb in Johnny’s car. Sonny consoled Kristina after she was in a bus crash that killed her friend, Ali, and they reconciled. She became a nanny for Emma Drake and Lisa Niles tried to get her hooked on drugs! After Ethan helped her get clean, Kristina left town to attend Yale.

General Hospital Joe, Trey, and Kristina
Trey had to save Kristina from his father!Paul Skipper/

Who did Kristina marry?

Returning to Port Charles upset at being nicknamed a mob princess, she launched a reality show with producer Trey Mitchell appropriately called MOB PRINCESS to get back at her parents. Trey tricked Kristina into marrying her in Vegas on camera for the show, and she planned on annulling it afterward, but having fallen for him, changed her mind. Trey turned out to be the son of Joe Scully, who kidnapped Kristina but was stopped by his son. After ending their marriage, Kristina and Trey decided to stay together and move to Los Angeles, but Trey was killed in a car accident. Blaming Kate, Kristina attacked her and was arrested. After serving community service, she enrolled at Wesleyan University.

What happened between Kristina and Parker?

In 2015, Kristina came home and it was revealed she was suspended for offering sex to a professor in exchange for a better grade. And the teacher, Parker Forsyth, turned out to be a woman! Kristina confessed she was questioning her sexuality and wanted to pursue a relationship with Parker. But the professor didn’t want to ruin her marriage or career. Kristina tried to distract herself with a new boyfriend, Aaron, but when Parker admitted her marriage was over, Kristina made her move.

General Hospital Kristina and Parker
Kristina was hot for teacher!XJJohnson/

Alexis pressured Parker into splitting up with Kristina, leaving her daughter with a broken heart. But later, when Parker was teaching at Port Charles University, Kristina tried to rekindle things. Parker was reluctant to date a student, so Kristina dropped out of PCU and they began seeing each other. Unfortunately, Parker was still fired. Furious that Alexis wouldn’t accept her relationship with Parker, Kristina decided to leave town and move to Oregon with her girlfriend.

How did Kristina get involved with Dawn of Day?

Kristina came home for what she claimed was just a visit, but it turned out things with Parker had fallen apart and she was feeling aimless. While working at her new job as a bartender at Charlie’s Pub, Kristina was approached by a young woman named Daisy, who introduced her to a group called Dawn of Day. Kristina felt that she finally had some direction in her life, but as she spent more and more time with the group her friends and family realized she had joined a dangerous cult!

Sam infiltrated Dawn of Day to try and protect her sister and bring down Shiloh, the group leader, and Kristina borrowed money from Michael to help pay for her membership in the cult. As part of joining the trust, Kristina shared a dark secret from her past, and with plenty to choose from, she revealed that she knew Keifer’s death was no accident — Alexis had deliberately run him down. However, before Shiloh could drug Kristina and bring her into the fold, so to speak, Jason abducted her and took her to a safehouse where her family staged an intervention and successfully rescued her from the cult’s clutches.

GH Daisy Kristina Alexis
Kristina got dragged into a dangerous cult!ABC

Why is Kristina working at Charlie’s Pub?

Kristina mostly kept to herself afterward, putting her life back together. But she joined her family to celebrate Sonny and Carly’s wedding in 2019 and in October 2020 she was there to mourn the passing of her grandfather, Mike Corbin. And although Molly and Sam didn’t want to involve their sister in Alexis’ intervention, Kristina did reappear to join her siblings in trying to get Alexis to attend Sonny’s memorial in February 2021. And in September of that year, Ava Jerome put Kristina in charge of Charlie’s Pub until it was sold. But when Sonny bought it, he hired Phyllis Caulfied to run the bar. That Christmas, Kristina spent the holiday with the rest of the Davis clan, exchanging presents. And in February 2022, Kristina helped Sonny plan a romantic evening for Carly that backfired in a big way!

Later that year, Kristina was promoted to manager at Charlie’s Pub, and helped stop The Hook from murdering Brando Corbin outside. Sadly, he later died of his injuries due to the poison used by the serial killer. At Christmas, Kristina joined her family and revealed she’d started a charity to help LGBT+ youth and appreciated her job giving her time to pursue her interests.

During a family gathering in February 2023, Kristina found a pregnancy test and initially suspected it belonged to Sam, but everyone was surprised when Molly confessed it was hers. Kristina and Sam both supported their sister as she worried about starting a family with TJ. When Dex Heller delivered some papers from Sonny to Kristina at the pub, she revealed they were listings for properties she hoped to use as housing for homeless youth and praised her father’s generosity and kindness.

GH Molly Sam Kristina
Nobody could make Molly and Kristina see eye to eye.ABC

Why Were Molly and Kristina fighting?

Kristina was very excited about her plans for the new shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ youth she was developing but clashed with Sam, who felt that her sister was going about things in the wrong order and didn’t expect her to follow through on any of it as that’s typically what she does. However, things were even more tense between her and Molly after she found out her sister wanted to hire a surrogate to carry her and TJ’s baby. Kristina offered to be their surrogate to keep it in the family, but Molly felt that would be too complicated.

Sam tried to make peace between her sisters and it almost seemed to work, but Kristina and Molly remained at odds and things got heated as Kristina felt left out of her sister’s life. Still, work on her charity was coming along nicely as she got some support from Michael and Alexis.

Kristina and Blaze

Kristina hit it off with Blaze, and she quickly became close with the singer. They opened up with each other and began a relationship that began just as Molly and TJ agreed to let Kristina be their surrogate. Although Kristina was a little upset that Blaze wasn’t fully out with her family and friends, they agreed to see where things went. Of course, then she found out the fertilization was a success and she was carrying Molly and TJ’s baby!

Stay tuned to see how Kristina’s story continues!

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