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Dex on General Hospital— Everything You Need To Know


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Dex has been on General Hospital for a while now, but the character is still a bit of a mystery! Dex made his debut in the May 5, 2022, episode and is played by actor Evan Hofer, who made his daytime debut after appearing in primetime shows like KICKIN’ IT, MODERN FAMILY, and LETHAL WEAPON.

Dex was introduced as Chet Driscoll’s temporary replacement managing Volonino’s Gym for Sonny Corinthos while Chet was taking time off to deliver supplies to troops in the Middle East. Chet was pleased when Sonny reported Dex did a fine job, and said he assumed he would, as he is also a fellow vet with gym management experience.

Dex thanked Sonny for the opportunity and would love to stay on, though Chet explained the gym is fully staffed. He declared that he was open to any job, big or small and Sonny liked his attitude, telling him not to be a stranger. Shortly after, a fight broke out in the ring and Dex stepped in to break it up. An impressed Sonny invited Dex to come by his office later to discuss his future.

Gh Dex Sonny
Dex was eager to continue working for Sonny.ABC

Brando Corbin grew suspicious of Dex and followed him to the Quartermaine estate where he found him confronting Michael Corinthos. When he brought Dex back to the boss, Sonny blasted Dex and warned if he hurt his children, he’d kill him himself! Dante Falconeri was also concerned about the new guy but Sonny promised he was under control and would follow orders. However, what they didn’t know was that Dex was secretly working for Michael to help take down Sonny from the inside!

Looking to help Brando, Sonny ordered Dex to pick up Felty, the photographer who had been harassing Sasha Gilmore and providing her with drugs. Josslyn Jacks caught Dex and Sonny beating up Felty and recorded the crime on her phone but Dex managed to persuade her to delete the footage. Sonny also sent Dex to pressure one of the jurors in Trina Robinson’s trial to ensure she wouldn’t be found guilty.

Sonny was furious when Brick discovered that Dex had been discharged from the military for assaulting a superior officer. Dex confessed that he had been abused by his older brothers as a child and in the military, his superior officer was abusive to his soldiers and his own family. He agreed to the discharge in exchange for keeping quiet about the whole thing. Sonny understood, but warned Dex to watch his step and not keep secrets.

GH Dex Josslyn
Joss couldn’t resist Dex’s charms!Craig Sjodin/ABC

At a charity picnic on the Quartermaine estate, Dex helped Josslyn save Ava Jerome’s life after she was violently attacked. He later helped Joss dig through a dumpster to find Avery’s missing bracelet and more sparks flew between the pair. They also later teamed up to help save Ava’s life after she was attacked by someone wielding a giant hook. He was also part of the next attack when Josslyn went after him to return his sunglasses and Brando tried to stop The Hook and became their second victim!

After Diane was hooked and left for dead, Dex was found over her body trying to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, his connections to the three attacks led him to become a prime suspect and when Sonny took Dex out of the police station, he swung by his restaurant to force a confession out of the guy! As Sonny’s guys worked Dex over in the freezer, Michael and Josslyn both tried to persuade Sonny he was innocent. When Dante Falconeri questioned him, Dex refused to incriminate Sonny, and later made a new plan with Michael to bring Sonny down. However, Michael insisted that Dex keep his distance from Joss!

That proved easier said than done as Dex was clearly intrigued by Carly’s daughter. And after an attempted prison break went wrong and Dex was shot, he found his way to Josslyn and she patched him up. And when he later popped a stitch and his wound got infected, she hid him out in her dorm room to nurse him back to health. The two finally gave in to passion and Joss was forced to break up with Cameron Webber after he caught them together in her room.

GH Dex Michael
Dex couldn’t tell Michael he was dating Joss, and couldn’t tell Joss he was working for Michael!ABC

After Sonny promoted him within the organization, Dex shared information with Michael about a deal he was planning to make with Pikeman to run arms through Port Charles, and they decided this was the perfect opportunity to bring the mob boss down. He and Joss continued to keep their relationship a secret from everyone, though he did admit to her that he was secretly working to take down Sonny, though he didn’t reveal who he was working for.

After Dex was shot saving Sonny from an assassin’s bullet, Michael learned that Dex and Joss were seeing each other, and she discovered that Dex was working with Michael. Then later, Sonny informed Josslyn and Dex that he was also aware of their relationship. Dex planted a camera in the warehouse to record Sonny and the Pikeman shipment of explosives, but later Michael changed his mind about using it against his father.

Dex worried his life would be in danger if Sonny found out about him and Michael urged him to skip town first. But Dex didn’t want to leave and told Josslyn that he loved her. She was upset when he decided to remain in Sonny’s employ as his bodyguard. When one of Sonny’s Pikeman shipments was raided by the feds, Dex managed to avoid being arrested and then felt guilty that it could have been his evidence that got Sonny in trouble. Thankfully, the feds dropped the charges after they discovered they’d been set up with false information.

GH Dex Sonny
Dex became Sonny’s new right-hand man.Christine Bartolucci/Disney

When Ava was abducted, Dex tracked her down and managed to save her before Mason Gatlin killed her. He and Josslyn continued growing closer, and during Christmastime, he opened up to her about how he never liked the holidays because his father was awful and his brothers would bully him. So as soon as he graduated high school, he enlisted to get away from them. 

Sonny ordered Dex to kill Cyrus, and although he initially hesitated, was at the hospital about to inject something into the villain’s IV when Sonny changed his mind and stopped him in time. But then Brick discovered Dex’s secret bank account and told Sonny about it which made the mobster think Dex was the one who had betrayed him and was trying to kill him! Sonny had Dex driven to the Pine Barrens where he confronted him and was about to shoot him before Carly intervened. She explained the whole situation with Michael and a furious Sonny ordered Dex to leave town. Josslyn tracked down her beau and convinced him to return to Port Charles but after the pair helped save Dante’s life after finding him shot on the docks, Dex remained determined to leave. 

After Josslyn found out that Dex had nearly killed Cyrus on Sonny’s orders, she broke up with him. Dex then went to Anna Devane to make a full confession about Sonny, and the police commissioner offered him a job as an officer. Wanting to make amends for the bad things he’d done, Dex began his training and Josslyn worried that becoming a cop would make him an even bigger target for Sonny. Although he got a cold shoulder from the cops at Chase’s bachelor party, Dex went ahead and joined the police academy. 

Stay tuned to GH to see what happens next!

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