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The mysterious Mason on GENERAL HOSPITAL has viewers wondering exactly who the guy is and what he’s after in Port Charles! The character first appeared in the June 15, 2022, episode, although his face was not seen. When Mason resurfaced in the July 20 show, he was played by actor Nathanyael Grey, who has had roles in the films Dead South and A Machete Killer. While Mason remains quite the mystery, here’s what we know so far!

When Mason first appeared, his name wasn’t even mentioned, but his back was seen in the woods at Pautauk State Park when Austin Holt confronted him. Austin warned that the next time he wanted to contact him, he needs to do it when he’s alone and leave Maxie Jones and her friends out of it.  A few weeks later, while watching the Fourth of July fireworks with Maxie, Austin got a call and told the person he wasn’t in Pautauk and they needed to live up to their end of the bargain.

GH Austin mystery man
Austin refused to be intimidated by Mason’s threats.ABC

Mason was first seen at the end of July when he texted Austin to come out to the deck of The Haunted Star or he’d come in and get him. Mason warned Austin he had become unresponsive and forced their hand. His time is up and he needs to return to Pautauk. Austin protested that he doesn’t report to him, but Mason reminded the doctor that he does report to his boss. He then relayed a message from her that said Austin’s mission in Port Charles had failed and he had to return to the fold. As Mason grew threatening, Britt Westbourne interrupted their conversation and he quickly excused himself. 

But after another call from Mason, Austin informed Maxie that he had to back out of a weekend with her kids because he had to go to Pautauk on business to deal with his rental properties. He later called Mason to assure him that he is going home to talk to “her.” Once back in Port Charles, Austin encountered Mason at the Metro Court pool and introduced him to Maxie and Damian Spinelli as his cousin. Hearing of the upcoming Quartermaine charity picnic, Mason was intrigued, but Austin didn’t want him there.

Eventually, Mason informed Austin that he would be seeing some special patients at the hospital that he would be keeping off the books. And these patients were clearly shady characters who had been shot and injured in the line of duty. But when Austin tried to back out of the arrangement, Mason threatened to hurt Maxie and Georgie if he didn’t comply with their boss’ wishes. And after Nikolas Cassadine went missing, it turned out that he was being kept alive on life support by Mason at an unknown location!

What does Mason want from Austin and who is his mysterious boss? Stay tuned to GH to find out!

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