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Elizabeth Webber has quite a few kids, and they each have their own fathers, so it can be a little confusing remembering who belongs to whom. But what about Cameron on GENERAL HOSPITAL? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re happy to fill you in on the details of the boy’s life in Port Charles!

Cameron was born in May of 2004, and was originally played by Ashwyn Bagga for a year before being aged and portrayed by Braeden Walkes from 2006-12. In 2013, Michael Leone took over the role, although he was temporarily replaced by Anthony Saliba for a few episodes in June and August of 2013. Now, Cameron has been recast again and aged into a teen as Josslyn Jacks was in 2015, with the character being played by Cade McWatt for only a couple episodes before being replaced with William Lipton.

General Hospital Cameron, Liz, and Aiden

Cameron (then Braeden Walkes) loved his baby brother. (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Zander Smith is Cameron’s father, but due to his dangerous lifestyle, he agreed to let Liz and Ric raise his child. But she divorced Ric and then Zander died in a shootout with the police. Liz left town to give birth and returned with baby Cameron, named after Zander’s father, Cameron Lewis. She reconciled with Lucky Spencer, so he became the father figure in Cameron’s life. Even as Liz and Lucky’s marriage had its ups and downs, he remained a part of Cameron’s life.

In 2008, Cameron was playing with matches and set the house on fire, and Liz was able to rescue his little brother, Jake, before the whole place burned down. A couple years later, Cam’s youngest brother, Aiden, was born. In 2011, Jake was believed to have been killed in a hit-and-run, and Cameron had a hard time dealing with the loss of his brother. He also blamed his mother for Lucky breaking up with her and leaving town.

As Cameron got older, he became interested in girls, specifically Emma Scorpio-Drake. But his cousin, Spencer Cassadine, also had a crush on Emma, and schemed to come between them. Eventually, Cameron and Emma “broke up” and he started “dating” Josslyn for a while. At Spencer’s birthday party at Wyndemere, Cam accidentally started a fire that seriously injured his cousin. He also had a little trouble adjusting to the idea that his brother, Jake, hadn’t really died, especially when Jake began acting kind of strangely.

General Hospital Spencer Cameron food fight

Will Spencer and Cameron (then Michael Leone) ever get along? (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

He and Spencer continued to clash, having a massive food fight at the coffee shop with Hayden that their grandmother, Laura had to stop. The last we saw of young Cam was back in March when he was all dressed up for Liz and Franco’s wedding that didn’t happen, because when he appeared around the Fourth of July, he was looking a bit older as he made an attempt to get back together with Josslyn.

But Joss was dating Oscar Nero, and her boyfriend wasn’t happy to learn that Cam had stolen a kiss from his girl. The two boys had a fight, but quickly made up and Cameron agreed to back off. However, things got complicated when Cameron eavesdropped on his mother and Franco and realized that Oscar had cancer. Worse, Cam was the one who ended up spilling the secret to Oscar, believing the teen already knew and was just keeping it from Joss. Oops!

General Hospital Oscar Josslyn Cameron

Poor Josslyn found herself caught in the middle! (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/

Although Cam has been slow to accept Franco as his new stepfather, he as proven to be a loyal big brother to Aiden, who has been on the receiving end of some nasty bullying. And as Oscar faced the reality that he was going to die, Cam was there at his friend’s side until the very end. He even helped him record a final message to Joss to be played after his death.

Cameron wasn’t Franco’s biggest fan, but came around by the time the guy married his mom and even performed at their reception with his siblings. And when Cameron was abducted by Shiloh in the hopes of implanting Drew’s stolen memories into the teen, Franco came to his rescue and took his place in the twisted experiment! When Franco had no memories other than Drew’s from 2012, Cam and Liz tried to get through to the guy, to no avail. He even testified in court hoping to get his stepfather committed until they could restore his real memories, but that plan also failed.

Stay tuned to see what happens to Cameron next, and for more GH news, keep reading the ABC edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!

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